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  1. Ok, let me be as clear as possible here. My CHILDREN CAN WRITE A PARAGRAPH. I didn't start this thread to ask if I'm a sucky teacher. Just because I haven't taught the 5 paragraph essay doesn't mean my kids couldn't do one if I told them what the heck it was and what it should have in it. The only place I've noticed it was really a big deal was on the writing portion of standardized tests. They don't plan to do those. My question was about whether the very formulaic version was absolutely essential or if general essay writing was sufficient. I have now remembered why I stopped asking questions here, and have gone to other sources.
  2. Thank you 8FillTheHeart, I appreciate all you've had to say on the subject. Daria, I'm not sure what your problem is with me, but I'm wondering if it's because of the perspective you're coming from. I'm not trying to recreate public school at home. If I wanted my kids to have a public school education I'd send them to Public School.
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    What I really want is this one, or a similar one, so I may just sell the U-Nitt one to get this. http://www.fiberartistsupply.com/maple-jumbo-yarn-ball-winder/
  4. i wasn't a fan of them for a long time due to them never having a pattern I liked. I have had 2 in the last few years. I used one until the straps fell apart. I'm not a fan of fashion so I don't really care if they are in or out, I finally found a bag that has enough pockets and holds all my stuff the way I want.
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    I guess I should have quantified that it is really loud compared to the Royal, because it has metal gears and metal gears and just going to be loud. So you may find that it's just as loud. Sorry I wasn't more specific.
  6. Part of my curiosity is because many of us follow WTM some loosely some strictly, but I noticed that the 5 paragraph essay isn't in WWS.
  7. I said I planned to have them take certain tests. She also would be taking the tests in her JUNIOR year, not senior, but whatever. Just because I say I have a plan doesn't mean I'm some cruel person that will never allow her to change her mind and or adjust that plan. I've been homeschooling my kids for 8 years, this isn't my first rodeo, I know that things don't always go the way you plan and that sometimes you have to change the plan, which is why I'm asking this question in the first place.
  8. Just wanted to add that The states my kids would want to go to school in only have a handful of colleges that would "recommend" the ACT with writing, but none actually REQUIRE it. They are not interested in college in states where the SAT is the preferred test. I don't see this as restricting them. This is their choice not mine. They both have very clear ideas of which parts of the country they want to go to school in if at all.
  9. My kids are 15 (9th grade) 13 (7th grade) and 9 (3rd grade) This question is more geared toward the older two for now. We plan to have our kids take the ACT because that's what the colleges they would choose want them to take. We DO NOT plan on taking the writing portion of said test (my kids don't enjoy writing and LA is not their strong subject area) Neither of them have learned the 5 paragraph essay, and I'm wondering if it's really worth it to teach it. We've struggled with writing so, have been playing catch up this year with them (especially the high schooler) and will get back to WWS 1 (we tried it and had to step back due to frustrations) starting in Jan, but I don't know if I want to take some time to work on the 5 paragraph essay first. I'm not sure if it's really needed or if it would hinder my kids in some way. I don't remember being taught anything about writing in school, it's like we were just expected to know what to do. Clarifying my wording on "hindering" my kids. My kids although pretty NT, are very black and white type thinkers, If I teach them the 5PE, they are very likely to consider it the be all and end all no matter what I tell them, which is why I'm hesitating. Clarifying again. I really need to make sure I'm clear in my posts, sorry for any confusion. I will teach them essay writing, I'm not asking "should I teach essay writing or not teach essay writing" I'm asking if the 5PE is really that important of a formula or not.
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    That's looks just like the U-Nitt one I have but the U-NItt was only $49
  11. I have one audible account and books from said account on 3 iPhones, 5 iPods, and 4 iPads. This is why I use idevices. I have only downloaded it once from audible onto my computer in my iTunes account, from there I can put it on as many iPads, iPhones, or iPods as I want that are linked to my account. Now some of the things listed above have pretty much become dust collectors in a drawer, but the stuff is still on there and I can still load new stuff from audible on them if I want.
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    I have a Royal and just got a U-Nitt from amazon. The U-nitt if freaking LOUD but the thing is a beast. I've found winding sock yarn on the Royal works much better than the U-Nitt but the U-Nitt works great for worsted or bulky yarn.
  13. I raised a bunch of lazy slugs, in fact only one of them is up today so far and it's almost noon. It's not an issue because we did presents on Sunday since we celebrate Solstice instead.
  14. Maybe I never had to worry about kids and gifts because my kids have never in their lives gotten up before me.
  15. I do this too. In fact I'm making a standing rib roast today which will sit on the counter for at least an hour to come to room temp before it even goes in the oven. I have yet to make anyone sick and/or kill anyone.
  16. In my and dh's families growing up all gifts came from Santa the ones you got from family (like Aunts or Uncles and Grandparents) were given at their houses on Christmas Eve. All our gifts from Santa were always wrapped, because mom and dad never gave us gifts until we didn't believe anymore. All gifts came from Santa before that. My dh's family never did stockings at all, in my family stockings were always given on St. Nicholas's Day not on christmas. So there were not stocking to open before or after presents.
  17. Funny you say that. I have an Uncle Mel, His legal name is not Melvin or anything you would get Mel from. My dad called him Melon Head as a kid because he had a rather large head for his body and well being an older brother my dad felt it was his job to tease him. Even my grandparents have called him Mel. His legal name is Robert.
  18. I agree with those that didn't care for the choice of the word Humor in the first choice. That's not what I would have considered myself doing if it was my 3 year old in that situation. To me the word Humor would be fine if we're asking about the example where someone's child wanted to be a cat, because not matter what that child can never be a cat, even if they got whisker implants and had their ears pointed, etc, they would still be a human who had surgery to add cat features, this does not make them a cat. Gender doesn't fall into those parameters though.
  19. Um, I put up a Solstice Tree and decorate it and send Solstice Cards and give my kids Stockings on St. Nicholas Day (but only because it's tradition) We also exchange gifts and have a massive family dinner on Solstice. Those celebrating Christmas don't have the market cornered on trees and celebration. The view of "Oh Come on, what is really more important than Christmas" is what plays a big roll in this who kerfuffle over the 'war on Christmas' Forgot to say, in my book, the only proper response to anyone saying Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa, etc is "Thank you and to you too." Period!
  20. I think people need to get over themselves if they have an issue with it. If they think people with shortened names sound like their parents were uneducated or whatever that's on them. Name your child what you want to name her. One of my best friends named her daughter Abby because she hates the name Abigail, nobody questions it they just call her Abby. You can't always save your kid from people trying to change their name. My daughter is Annika Clare (AHN-ih-kuh) She gets called Annie or Ann all the time and hates it. Neither she nor I have ever introduced her as such but people think they have a right to just do it. You just can't win. My youngest son is Lucas, not Luke, People sure like to call him Luke, to which he has always said, "My name is Lucas, not Luke" I fight with my FIL about this all the time. My name is Kelly, I legally have no middle name, but I go by Kel because that's what my parents always called me unless I was I a huge heap of trouble. I've even had to deal with people telling me "You have a man's name" Yep, because my mom chose to spell it with just a y, not an ey, an i or an ie. So you just can't win in some people eyes.
  21. Because Mrs. Mungo and I tend to run in the same type of crowds I'll say, "What she said" I learned long ago not to bring nice dishes or spoons though. We also tend to bring our food back from these events because many times we're talking group of 40+ sailors and their spouses/families. It's A LOT of food and the hostess doesn't necessarily want 15 deserts, etc. I would totally find it rude if a hostess for potluck were to claim all the food that was leftover, that just seems greedy. The wine thing has been an issue for us because I've had to toss a lot of it over the years. My dh and I don't drink, but we're always fine if others want to bring something alcoholic with them, which means we've dumped a lot of stuff. In fact we had to buy a cork screw just to dispose of wine we didn't want and couldn't give away before moving.
  22. It's going to seem so basic that some will say, you can totally make that at home. Here we very few restaurants, with only one that's really a local place, most others are fast food and if not that you get Chili's, Applebee's, or IHOP. I love the one local restaurant we have. It's a burger and wing joint, kind of diner like, but they make the absolute best marinated grilled chicken I've ever eaten in my life. You can get it as a sandwich, on a salad, or as a dinner with a baked potato. I love it all ways. The salad one is my favorite though. I'm sure it's all in the marinade, I'll have to keep pushing to find out what that is. I seriously could eat at this place every day.
  23. I was convinced it had to be me for the longest time because it was my first serger. I realized it wasn't when I went a local Babylock shop and took the ones there for a test drive. It took me a long time to save up for the Babylock, as you can see, but it was totally worth it. Don't mean to derail the thread but Zoobie, which babylock do you have. Mine is an imagine. I went big!
  24. I had one and never had it work like it should. I tried and tried with that thing for 8 years. Every time I used it I wanted to chuck it out the window. I saved and saved and bought myself a Baby lock instead and it's such a world of difference. I wouldn't waste the money on the brother, that's what I felt I had done every time I pulled it out.
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