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  1. No personal experience but I think this company has been around for a while. It looks like they may have repackaged their older course called Teen Coder for Java for AP. Here's a thread on the Teen Coder course and AP but it's a few years old. There's also Edhesive if you're looking for an option with more current reviews/users.
  2. After reading acceptance threads on College Confidential, I really do think the current admissions system seems very obscure and capricious for the more selective schools. Because of the seemingly random results, students are having to apply to more schools to ensure that they might "get lucky" at one of them. Of course, increasing applications will just end up exacerbating the problem over time. Here's a TED talk that's relevant. The speaker suggests applying widely and not getting attached to any one school.
  3. My ds is currently self studying AP Bio without either prior Chem or Bio. He's not really interested in Biology but just wanted to get it done. It is a lot of content and it would certainly be easier if some of the concepts were not brand new; however, I think a diligent student could do it with focused studying. It is a relatively time intensive course. If you do decide to do the course, here are a few recommendations: Review the AP course outline - The outline is essential to narrow down your scope of coverage as it specifically indicates certain areas that do not need to be memori
  4. Following. Would also like to hear any generalizations about differences in the culture/vibe and academic strengths/weaknesses at these schools. They all seem to be good smaller LAC but it does seem hard to identify specific differences and what kind of student would be a good fit.
  5. Chalkdust videos and texts: DVDs (same videos as for Larson just ordered for Aufmann textbook) Aufmann Intro Algebra text Larson Elementary Algebra related thread on Larson math Some of the videos are available on Larson's website here. Thinkwell videos and texts: Holt Algebra I dvds, website for textbook also features videos. select Homework Help and then the Chapter. Here's an example, click on the Video icons to see the videos.
  6. 2008 Latin Vergil Practice Exam 2005 Latin Vergil Exam (MC only) 2012 AP Latin Practice Exam and Notes
  7. My ds took the SAT US History test right after taking the AP test. He did well on both. According to him, the AP is good preparation for the SAT although the SAT sometimes gets more detailed about specific things. The SAT is simpler in that it's all multiple choice and no essays and only 1 hour. He felt the best preparation for the AP was Amsco's US history text. For the SAT, he recommends a much slimmer review book called the No Bull Review over the other standard review books.
  8. I just wanted to add my son in 6th grade is taking the WriteShop class with Wendi Reed. I would recommend her as well. She creates a warm, engaging online class atmosphere and has timely feedback. It's a good gentle introduction to middle school essay writing.
  9. Looking for online math options for next year. Has anyone used the math classes at CLRC taught by Lisa Angle, the ones at Open Tent taught by Jennifer Tubbs, or those at HS Math Live taught by Regina London or Brenda Barnett?
  10. Arcadia - How much of a stretch do you think the SAT would be after Clover Creek? I'd like my ds to take an SAT science test but he probably won't be taking AP Physics until senior year. I know APs would be better prep but I understand the SAT is supposed to be high school level physics.
  11. Murrayshire - It looks like you are currently using this Chemistry program. Do you have any feedback on it so far?
  12. If you could pm me as well, would appreciate it. Last semester, we had a similar problem - waited 6 weeks for a paper. Barring major emergencies, I think over 2 weeks is unacceptable.
  13. I don't think there is anything wrong with Alpha Omega math per se however it is different than the revised CLE Light Units. So, if someone is used to CLE light units, they might be surprised by the differences. CLE seems more student friendly than the AO versions including mixed review in each lesson and clear daily lessons.
  14. For those who are taking or have taken the course, how much time would you say was required each week?
  15. Wow, that was super fast. I hadn't checked since I first saw it this morning.
  16. I noticed that Clover Creek has opened up registration for their online Physics class.There are 2 sections open. Last year, the class filled up very quickly. This seems to be a highly regarded class based on the reviews I've read here. Here's another thread regarding workload and student age that may be of interest.
  17. i've had a kidney stone and the onset of pain was pretty rapid and intense. I've also had what sounds like similar symptoms in your back and it was a urinary tract infection. The pains persisted for a number of days before I had other signs of UTI and went to the doctor.
  18. Derek Owens (AP Calculus) Lukeion (AP Latin & English Lit) Florida Virtual School (many APs)
  19. I was hoping to sign ds up for a math class but this looks expensive. So, if he's a new student with WHA, we have to pay a $250 student fee and then about $700 for the actual class or $950 in total for 1 class? If this is correct, it seems like a good way of discouraging people from trying one of their courses.
  20. A few other possibilities: Washington & Lee (VA), Hendrix (AR), Centre (KY), University of Tulsa (OK)
  21. Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas might fit your criteria. They have some full tuition merit scholarships and other partial ones based on stats. They also have a relatively low COA of $56,880.. Also, University of Richmond in VA has some full-ride scholarships.
  22. Finally, got all the missing grades! 8 weeks to get a grade on one of the papers.
  23. The Air Force has a summer internship program similar to the Navy's mentioned above. Locations in NM, FL & HI. Deadline January 16.
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