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  1. If you are looking for AP Calc AB, someone on another thread recommended Regina London at High School Math Live.
  2. Arcadia - What has been your kids experience with the time commitment for AP Chem as a first course in Chem?
  3. Thanks for the continuing suggestions. This has been really helpful as most of these colleges have not been on my radar. Adding Fordham, Alleghany, Ursinus, St. Norbert, Norwich, Knox, Loyola Chicago, Miami Univ of Ohio, Gonzaga, and Whitworth to my research list.
  4. Definitely not ruling out any colleges with religious affiliation as long as they don't require a faith code or something similar. DS is not crazy about urban schools would prefer suburban or rural but I'm not sure it's a dealbreaker. It seems like Fordham has a lot to offer for IR.
  5. He thinks he might prefer small but honestly we haven't visited any schools yet so I don't think we should eliminate based on size just yet. I'll take a look at Miami Univ in Ohio. I've seen the name before and it always confuses me.
  6. I'm not hopeful about financial aid but will definitely fill out the forms - as you experienced, you just never know. DS is politically conservative but not religious so he was attracted to Hillsdale's more conservative philosophy. They also have a low COA. DS would prefer a more politically balanced campus and not one that is uber liberal or activist but this is not a priority since we live in a very liberal area and he's used to being in the minority in that regard.
  7. Yes, I read through CTCL about a year or so ago and noted a few colleges from it but priorities change and I'll definitely have to reread it with fresh eyes. I will take a closer look at University of Maine - was not aware of their Flagship Match or NM program.
  8. Thanks for this data point. I will have to take a second look at Macalester. Previously I had read it was very stingy on merit (non-need based) aid even for top students so I ruled it out. We are trying to get the total COA in the mid $40s ideally so aiming for merit over $20000 if possible or a low base COA. Also, thanks for the suggestions of Grinnell, Cornell College, Truman State, Clark and Westminster. Will look more closely at those.
  9. DS is currently a junior and we are starting to formulate a college list. We are currently considering the colleges listed below but would like suggestions for additional ones. DS would prefer: smaller more academic, liberal arts school but is open to larger schools as well. merit aid as we are not eligible for financial aid i.e "Full pay" history, computer science or International relations as major colder climate - We live in the Seattle area and DS loves the overcast, mild to cold weather, likes rain or snow but HATES hot weather This last criteria seems
  10. Srtepe -Do any of your local districts have alternative high schools? They might be more amenable to proctoring the exam as they tend to have more students taking online classes/credit recovery and needing individually proctored exams. As someone mentioned above, definitely double-check to see if high schools will offer an exam that is not taught at the school. My local high school will do this but it doesn't seem to be prevalent practice unfortunately. Also check with private schools if you haven't already sometimes for a fee they may help out. Have you checked out the AP Course Ledger?
  11. My dc took the Analyze This class at Athena's and I wasn't too impressed. The class has potential as the material presented was good but the overall organization/pacing was off and the website is confusing. Despite the teacher's efforts, there didn't seem to be much student discussion in the class. While some teacher feedback was provided, I felt it could have been more extensive. The essay format is a bit too formulaic for my taste and the peer feedback I found to be a waste of time. However, my dc was older (15) and probably had more experience than most of the students in class, so maybe I
  12. While Human Geography has a reputation as an easy AP, only 13% of the students get a 5. It is easier in that it is equivalent to a one semester course in college vs. some AP's such as the sciences or Calculus which can be equivalent to two semesters of college work. If your student is interested, I would definitely take the exam. My ds took the AP Human Geography course and in researching AP credit for potential colleges, I have found the majority of selective private and public colleges do give credit for this exam. If you are looking at Ivies and top 20 that may be a different story as they
  13. Make sure to check with your individual school as policies do vary and some have earlier deadlines. For example,in my school district, the last day to register is February 27 and even then you have to pay a $30 late fee if you register after February 15.
  14. Definitely, get Preparing for the Biology AP. It's a study guide designed to accompany Campbell that is focused on the AP. It really helps highlight the most important concepts in Campbell's. Also, Bozeman Science has good videos specifically for the AP Bio exam. Some other videos include Crash Course Biology, GetaFive AP Bio, Mr. J
  15. Teaching Textbooks has a video component and is similar in flavor to CLE in having built in review each lesson and introducing new concepts in smaller chunks. Saxon is another program that is similar in style - spiral, incremental - people seem to either love it or hate it. However, there are a few programs that offer video instruction to support Saxon. (Look for Saxon on this Math thread).
  16. I think this might be pertinent to the Agriculture, Food Production and Rural Land Use topic (Section V) within the AP Course Description possibly as a historical example of a semi-nomadic hunter/gatherer type society. I wouldn't expect a deep dive on the history but the course does look at hunter/gatherers, pastoral societies, and early agrarian societies such as in North or South America. Most of these would probably be historical examples although there are still some contemporary examples of these types of societies. AP Human Geog. is definitely not a history course but in explaining some
  17. Thanks for the heads up on this. Looks like the College Board may have plans to roll this out to all schools next year. (see this note). This is such a blatant money grab to boost enrollment and fees. What rationale is there to sign up almost 6 months in advance for an exam? The current 2-3 months is sufficient for administrative purposes. Allegedly, the College Board is testing this because they believe students will be more committed to taking the test for their AP classes if they sign up early and face a financial penalty for cancelling or registering late. I suspect they just want to lock
  18. For comprehensive videos, agree Thinkwell is good but not free. For free resources, I can recommend the following: Marginal Revolution University - This is one of my favorite resources. Concise and engaging videos on Micro/Macro and other econ topics. These are great for getting an overview. They do spend time on graphing but not in tremendous detail. Recommend watching this before reading the economics textbook. Only caveat: missing some topics covered in std courses. Reffonomics - Videos and powerpoint type presentations that review the major points. Nice way to review and assimil
  19. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on Lawrence and St. Olaf.
  20. Try doing a search in the search box on this site for "textword" - that's the publisher. You should find a number of relevant posts with that search.
  21. I don't think I would report it. The consequences for plagiarism can be quite severe depending on the university. While I don't condone plagiarism, I also wouldn't want to end someone's academic career by reporting it.
  22. I think it's done. There haven't been any classes since 2016 but previously she did offer an editing service on her website - looks like that's not there anymore and she reverted to the old website. It's too bad, she was a great teacher for my 2 sons and brought out their best writing. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anyone close since then despite several attempts with other writing teachers.
  23. I've only used the free version - haven't used any of the power ups although some of them look really helpful. Trello is amazingly flexible. They have some demo Trellos that feature much more innovative and sophisticated uses of the app.
  24. We've tried a lot of organizational systems from Excel spreadsheets to printed weekly checklists but have had the most success with Trello. It's a very flexible, user friendly program based on the idea of virtual index cards and to do lists. You can access it seamlessly from your phone or pc. You can create separate lists by day or by subject, put links in, and add due dates. It can also be used collaboratively. For example, I can add or update tasks on my son's Trello and see the status of items. This has really helped because ds hates it when I follow up and inquire if something has been com
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