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  1. I thought the same thing - this must be the same class - but actually our dc are in diff. classes at CLRC. Ds has 3 papers ungraded (6, 3, and 2 wks respectively since submitted). Only 5 students in the class.
  2. This might not be applicable in your situation but Dwayne Thomas offers live or recorded lessons based on Lingua Latina as well.
  3. Ditto here :mad: . Very frustrated with turnaround - over a month and a half for one paper yet very small class. Without extenuating circumstances, I really feel anything over two weeks is too long especially if there are other papers due in the interim.
  4. Home School Connections has some live classes for the Spring.
  5. My ds is in this class. It's more of a history class with a strong writing component. The student should be a strong writer to begin with as there isn't any writing instruction per se and the feedback is limited.
  6. Big River Academy has Intermediate Composition, Advanced Composition and Research Paper classes.
  7. Ditto, I'd like to know as well. Considering this for next year.
  8. Excelsior and Big River both offer a 1 year class that uses BJU's Worlde History text. Potters School also has one that uses Ways of the World.
  9. If you want to expand your list, here's a thread from CollegeConfidential on full tuition/full ride scholarships.
  10. Alas, all good things must end. They are increasing rates this year for the first time since 2013. Still a good deal vs. some other states. I am waiting for a paradigm shift in education but the pace of change in education is slow. I think the whole idea of 4 year college needs to be reconsidered but it won't happen before my kids get there.
  11. Has anyone had a dc attend the BYU French Summer Camp? If so, did they enjoy the experience and did they stay in the dorms? Would there be any issue if a student was agnostic?
  12. Chapman University has automatic merit based on GPA & scores up to about $30,000. Check out their NPC and it will give you an estimate.
  13. I think the best values for those in the donut hole or full pay are in Texas, the Midwest or South. Private LACs in those regions have lower starting COA and often offer significant merit which can bring the net COA under $40,000.
  14. There's also Math XL (you can purchase an indiv. student license for $25) or Aleks.
  15. This thread from College Confidential has a lot of awards/competitions ranked by level of prestige.
  16. I'm looking for a creative writing class for ds 14. Definitely, not my strength so I'm hoping to outsource this. I've looked at Bravewriter and they seem to have some short course offerings. Has anyone used Bravewriter or another online course for creative writing?
  17. Did he use any special prep books or does he have any other tips for taking the test?
  18. Here's a previous thread on Favorite online courses which may have some good recommendations.
  19. Laura - I know this veers somewhat from the current direction of this thread, but can you tell me more about the Tutorial Method that is used at Oxford. Is this method exclusive to Oxford or is it used elsewhere? Does it completely supplant traditional class lectures or is it a supplement? I've also read that it is very writing intensive - requiring weekly papers/essays be prepared for each tutor. Any insight would be appreciated.
  20. I have a short attention span and little time so I try to break things down into more bite size assignments - 15-30 minutes long. So, I can usually find 15 or 20 minutes at many points throughout the day. If I have a long chapter to read, I'm more likely to put it off but I figure I can read just one section at a time instead. On the other hand, my ds is the opposite and would rather sit down and do 2-3 hours of intense work, knock out a few big things and then relax. Just two alternative approaches. Personality really comes into play with the best way to study. My dh is more structured an
  21. Foreign universities tend to be very statistics driven and not holistic. They also tend to focus on only those test scores relevant to the subject. This can be a boon for students: who don't have great extracurriculars but test well, have a lower GPA but test well, or have asymmetrical test scores as long as their chosen subject corresponds with their strong test scores.
  22. For comparison, here are some tuition/fees for Canadian and UK universities. Some of these unis vary the fees by subject with the sciences generally requiring higher tuition. Living costs also vary but don't seem too far off from US costs. By contrast, most selective US private unis have tuition in the high 40's or low 50's. ETA: Some of the British University degrees are only 3 years so that should be factored as well when comparing costs. On the other hand, no AP credit is given which can be a savings at US unis. Victoria - $ 14,844 ($18,836 CAD) McGill
  23. I'm encouraging my ds to consider universities in the UK or Canada. He prefers a colder climate and would rather focus on his area of interest than taking a lot of distribution requirements. Also, they tend to be relatively affordable vs. full pay at US schools, and they don't put much emphasis on extracurricular activities. My biggest concern beside the distance would be employment opportunities post-college. I've been following the Canada and UK forums on College Confidential. There's also the Student Room website geared to British universities.
  24. You might also look at doing something like Logic over the summer. The summer classes are usually more intense but cheaper than a full year course.
  25. I agree it's hard to find online classes for less than $500 but here are few that are a bit more affordable and still offer accountability to an outside teacher. Funda Funda Biology - $360/yr Clover Creek Physics - $380/yr Big River Academy (Writing) - $175/sem or $350/yr Homeschool Connections - Live classes are $500 plus but they also have unlimited access to recorded classes for a flat monthly fee. You can also add teacher feedback to recorded classes. Virtual Homeschool Academy - Free My Homeschool Math Class (Jann in Tx) - $50/mth or $400/yr For Great Books
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