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  1. Thank you. I needed to hear this. I was really over the top and a mess last night, all over this one stupid class. I wasn't just angry at this situation, but angry at myself for not doing a better job at supervising this class. I just apologized to her and we plan to talk as soon as we have both had coffee. :laugh:
  2. Looking for some guidance or parenting advice, please. My daughter has been making poor choices in one of her outsourced classes, and I discovered last night that she is close to failing it. My husband and I have talked with her, yelled at her (not optimal, but we're human), asked her what she needs to be more successful, reached out to the instructor to try to understand, all with very little insight into why she chooses this one class to neglect. She is not doing poorly in her other classes, and in fact is doing very well with completing other assignments. She has actually finished on
  3. When my daughter read the email, she immediately began to cry. She loves Ms. K and LP. We only went to convention last year, but my daughter enjoyed herself so much that one would have thought she knew the other kids for ages. That's saying something since my daughter is an extreme introvert. It's so sad. :(
  4. There's another thread here -- http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/665567-wow-lone-pine-latin-is-closing-anyone-know-the-scoop/ I'd love to chat with any other parents with kids who take classes at Lone Pine to see where y'all end up. I've been researching to find alternatives going forward, as we had planned to stick with LP through 400 and AP Latin. (My daughter is in 300 and has done 100 & 200 w/Ms. K.)
  5. I was waiting to see if someone would post about this here, so I'm glad you did. My daughter is in 300 and she cried when she read the email from Ms. K. Lone Pine has been a good fit for her, and we were hoping to go through 400 and AP Latin through them. It's sad and reminds me of when Landry closed. It seems a bit premature to close due to the net neutrality ruling, however, I know very little (ok, nothing) about how that affects small businesses. I replied to her email asking about that, but I haven't received a reply yet. I'd love to chat with other Lone Pine parents about th
  6. I was searching for something and came across this post, and subsequently this great resource. Thank you and your husband for sharing and creating this. :)
  7. Nobody? I've searched here and other places, but can't seem to find something that would be the right fit. For this child, the more rigorous science programs have not worked.
  8. I'm looking for something that is similar to Oak Meadow 6th grade life science, but comes at a cheaper price. This would be for this year's use, not for the fall, so I'd like to fill this gap ASAP. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks, Janeway. (Cool username, btw!) I always start threads like this and then have an 'aha' moment afterward, which makes me feel kind of too stupid to be posting here. :o We'll continue on with it at regular speed.
  10. I have very few people to ask IRL, so please bear with me. This year, the plan was for my 8th grader to use the Kolbe Biology syllabus to self-study, adding in a few wet labs instead of using the virtual lab CD that is recommended and sold by Kolbe. We chose to go with a high school level science because she was definitely ready for the challenge, and she has shown interest in pursuing Biology as a major in college. Well, I dropped the ball with scheduling the readings and online components so she has only completed a few chapters or the equivalent of about 9 weeks of the course.
  11. Thanks for adding me as friend (I'm giraffe). You have great recipes that I can't wait to try! :)
  12. I don't post here often, but I bought a subscription to Plan to Eat after reading a thread here. :o I have a few recipes there, not necessarily healthy (not really unhealthy, either) and my username is giraffe.
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