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  1. Thank you. I needed to hear this. I was really over the top and a mess last night, all over this one stupid class. I wasn't just angry at this situation, but angry at myself for not doing a better job at supervising this class. I just apologized to her and we plan to talk as soon as we have both had coffee. :laugh:
  2. Looking for some guidance or parenting advice, please. My daughter has been making poor choices in one of her outsourced classes, and I discovered last night that she is close to failing it. My husband and I have talked with her, yelled at her (not optimal, but we're human), asked her what she needs to be more successful, reached out to the instructor to try to understand, all with very little insight into why she chooses this one class to neglect. She is not doing poorly in her other classes, and in fact is doing very well with completing other assignments. She has actually finished one class early and jumped ahead to begin what we had planned for next year. There have been changes to the structure of this class mid-year which threw her off-kilter, but her slow decline started even prior to the changes being announced. I would guess that she is no longer as interested in the subject as she once was, but she still talks about it with enthusiasm (just not quite as much as she did when she first started). When she does complete the work, her grades are consistently above average, so it's not a matter of needing tutoring. It's more of a study skills issues, but just with this one class. Aside from my concern about this particular class, I'm worried about her readiness for the DE classes that she has planned in the summer and fall. Academically there is no doubt that she is ready, but there is something in her maturity level that makes me question if she should go forward at this point. We are at a point where she needs more outside instruction and I need to maintain my role of facilitator rather than teacher. I'm burned out and frankly, I'm tired. The teen years are kicking my butt and I have relatively easy kids! Open to thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for reading if you got this far.
  3. When my daughter read the email, she immediately began to cry. She loves Ms. K and LP. We only went to convention last year, but my daughter enjoyed herself so much that one would have thought she knew the other kids for ages. That's saying something since my daughter is an extreme introvert. It's so sad. :(
  4. There's another thread here -- I'd love to chat with any other parents with kids who take classes at Lone Pine to see where y'all end up. I've been researching to find alternatives going forward, as we had planned to stick with LP through 400 and AP Latin. (My daughter is in 300 and has done 100 & 200 w/Ms. K.)
  5. I was waiting to see if someone would post about this here, so I'm glad you did. My daughter is in 300 and she cried when she read the email from Ms. K. Lone Pine has been a good fit for her, and we were hoping to go through 400 and AP Latin through them. It's sad and reminds me of when Landry closed. It seems a bit premature to close due to the net neutrality ruling, however, I know very little (ok, nothing) about how that affects small businesses. I replied to her email asking about that, but I haven't received a reply yet. I'd love to chat with other Lone Pine parents about this, not only to understand what's going on, but to see where other kids who have been with Ms. K for a few years end up. Anyone plan on going to convention this year?
  6. Also, the teachers have very brief bios on the website. It wouldn't have occurred to me to ask if the teachers are college students, but that was revealed during the first week of class when the instructor for the class I purchased emailed a more detailed bio. Perhaps this all is my fault because I didn't do my homework. Live and learn, I guess.
  7. The teachers are listed on the website, but they do not specify which instructors teach each class, if that makes sense. I (stupidly) assumed that since the director told me that the extra fee for the additional work was for "her extra time", that perhaps she was going to teach the class. My mistake was not confirming she would be the instructor, but making an assumption.
  8. I am still trying to make a decision if I should stick with this class for my daughter. Unfortunately, most classes have started already, and money is a major issue. I'm quite hesitant to teach English on my own after a pretty disappointing year last year when I attempted to 'wing it'. To give a little more background, I found this class after quite a bit of searching for something affordable that would work for my daughter. I liked what this provider had to offer, but since I was seeking slightly more challenge, I approached the director about offering an honors or more accelerated class. After some discussion, the provider agreed to this and sent back an adjusted syllabus which I agreed would be a better fit. This was all decided prior to the start of class, and after a few weeks (vacation, general summer stuff happening), I confirmed enrollment. In the first feedback from the completed assignments, the instructor mentioned that she thought the book sounded interesting, but that she (the instructor) had not read the book. When I addressed this with the director, I was told that the instructors are expected to read the main books, but since I had requested additional literature, it may not be possible for this instructor to read all of those extra books. This was surprising to me since we had agreed on this syllabus several weeks in advance. And to be perfectly honest, I assumed that the director would be the instructor since she is the one who selected the additional literature. The instructor is actually a college student, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but already I see signs in the feedback that perhaps she is not quite ready to teach this type of class. This obviously isn't a good fit, but I am unsure of what providers would be able to take my daughter at this point (many classes are filled). I can afford to outsource to an extent, but I cannot afford the more tried-and-true providers without some sort of payment plan. I'm open to any suggestions.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. You all are saying exactly what I thought, but I momentarily second guessed my expectations. I want to give the provider the benefit of the doubt before saying anything further.
  10. If you have outsourced English or a literature class, would you expect that the instructor has read the required literature? Would basic familiarity with the book/readings be considered good enough?
  11. Following this, because we are in nearly the same boat. My rising sophomore did badly on both the SAT subject test and the AP test she took this year. I am thinking of having her retake the SAT subject test; the AP test is just a lost cause. We are also looking at dual enrollment as a plan B, but that truly wasn't a route I wanted for this child.
  12. Best of luck with finding something that suits your family! We were in this position last year when we moved to North Carolina. We hadn't rented since we were newlyweds, over 17 years ago. We had sold our home and decided to relocate to a new state for my husband's job, and figured renting would be good until we get our footing here. I hope it works out well for you, also. :)
  13. Yes, my daughter mentioned this, but the proctor at her location told everyone to write it in as 7C0. I hope it doesn't create any issues...
  14. My daughter took the Biology-M. She had time to spare to go back and review her answers, but she says it was challenging. She said there wasn't as much anatomy and physiology as she would have thought would be on it, which disappointed her. Overall, her feeling is that she "did ok". My thoughts were that the test center should have had better signage and more helpful staff to direct the students and the few parents who stayed to help their child (ahem, me and 2 other parents). I attempted to ask a staff member where the line was for SAT subject test takers, since he had just finished yelling at the kids that there was 1 line for SAT w/essay and another line for SAT w/o essay, and he rudely told me he couldn't help me before I could even ask the question! We figured it out on our own, but not before being very turned off by his rudeness and the overall unhelpful and disorganized feeling of the location. I expected more since this is the top high school in my area.
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