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  1. What sort of time per week did your dc invest in Clover Creek physics? I'm trying to plan for the upcoming year so I can balance out the workload for my ds. He is a Junior this year and has had plenty of Algebra so I don't see math being a problem but he's had no prior physics exposure.
  2. NY & Company for less expensive items and Talbots for more expensive classic items. You might also take a look at styling subscription services like: Dia & Co. and Stitch Fix or Gwynnie Bee for clothing rental.
  3. Here's a blog post from Princeton Review explaining the June scoring.
  4. It looks like the long-awaited June SAT results have been released and the students are not happy. Apparently, the SAT test was unusually easy and the resulting curve has been brutal. 1 question wrong on the Math results in a 770. Some students have launched an appeal to get the College Board to rescale the scores (#RescoreJuneSat). Good luck with that. This reddit/sat thread provides insight into the reactions to the recent test among highly motivated students. It does seem like the College Board makes a lot more misteps than the ACT organization.
  5. Trevor Packer (@ap_trevor) has started tweeting the preliminary score distributions and analysis for the ap tests. You can also find a complete list of all tweets here.
  6. Date Film Notes Time 1492 1492:The Conquest of Paradise (1992) Ridley Scott Christopher Columbus, looks great, slow in parts 145 m 1526 Anne of a Thousand Days (1969) Charles Jarrott Political conniving, England, Henry VIII with wife trouble, girls like this one 145 m 1534 A Man For All Seasons (1966) Fred Zinnemann
  7. Good news for anyone considering self-studying for this course, the College Board has reduced the time span significantly. They have eliminated the ancient and classical periods so the course now covers only 1450 to the present. See the official announcement from CB.
  8. Here is a sample syllabus from AP which uses the Making of the West text. Also, you can find a series of lectures given by the author for History1C at UCLA which may be helpful.
  9. My son took the Expository Writing class at Bravewriter. I had read many positive reviews and thought I would give it a try. We seem to be in the minority however, as ds did not care for the course and he's usually not too picky. While the teacher did provide quite a lot of feedback, he felt the feedback was rather formulaic and overly rigid. He also wasn't fond of the overall structure of the course and thought the written instruction was sometimes contradictory and not all that clear. My understanding was that Bravewriter tries to bring out each student's unique voice but in ds' case it seem
  10. I posted a similar query twice over the last two years and got no replies. At one time, they were a popular option but not so much anymore. The last reviews I read were probably about 5 years ago. The Literature courses were well regarded but mixed reviews on the Sciences. I don't think there was any mention of overt religion in the classes but I could be wrong.
  11. DS also took Stats and thought it was more difficult than most of the previous tests especially the FRQs.
  12. Open Tent Academy doesn't have AOPS Algebra but they do have Pre-Algebra and Beast Academy if others happen to be looking for AOPS options.
  13. I would suggest AP Psychology. It has fairly wide appeal in general and many topics are very relevant to teens. It does not require any specific math or science ability. While broad in scope, the content is more manageable than other AP science or history classes since it's normally a one semester course. The greatest challenge is remembering all the technical terms, psychologists, and methods. The exam is 2/3 multiple choice (100 questions) and 1/3 FRQ (2 multi-part free response questions) which require only fairly straightforward descriptive answers not essays. The score distribution i
  14. How many hours per week did your dc spend on Chem? Looking at reviews on the website, it seems like the average was 8-10 but some people reported much more.
  15. Links to summer classes for enrichment or review: AIM Academy - Writing, SAT Prep, Spanish, Medical Microbiolgy, Wonders of Water, Secrets of Success, Books in French - Le Petit Nicholas AOPS - Math Classes, Math Contest Prep, and Computer programming Bravewriter - Writing and Literature Center for Lit - Free Summer Classes: Banner in the SKy (Middle School) or King Lear (High School) CLRC - Latin, Literature, Logic, Photography, Mathematics, Christian Studies, Modern Languages, Mythology, History, Programming Coram Deo - Summer Writing Workshops Harvey Cen
  16. DS14 is taking APs for the first time but lucked into the ideal schedule. Psych on the very 1st day and Microeconomics on the very last day of APs - giving him 2 full weeks to study for Micro exclusively. DS16 is taking 4 total (Bio, Comp Sci A, Psych, and Stats). The Bio seems to be sucking up all his study time - I hope not to the detriment of the others. In previous years, we did 3 tests and I think that's the sweet spot for him - 4 is stressing him out much more.
  17. Here's a link to the class. Has anyone taken the class this year?
  18. We are doing that right now. I won't know until July when AP scores come out whether we have been successful. It's a lot of content so any prior knowledge would be helpful to reduce the load. The chemistry background will certainly help in the molecular biology sections. Unfortunately, my ds did not have that advantage so that was a struggle. We have been using Campell's Biology with Thinkwell lectures for self study. I'll post back in the summer with more reflections.
  19. Here is a helpful resource for students reviewing for the AP CSA exam. Developed by students at Georgia Tech, it has a comprehensive review of topics plus some online exam practice.
  20. What about a floral like this? Is it very warm or do you need a light jacket or sweater where you live? - if so, maybe something like this or this with a flowy jacket? The pretty sleeves and lace detail on this dress would help to hide any tummy issues? They also have something similar in a black. With the right accessories, I think black is fine for spring although lighter colors and more pattern are probably more seasonal. Some other choices that would be flattering: Floral or Solid, floral, floral (very flattering) Less expensive: Wrap dress in multiple colors, shift dress with
  21. Interesting. We have been using Univ. of Washington's CS 142 (Computer Prog I) course and materials to prepare for the AP CS exam. It seems to parallel the AP course very closely with the exception of recursion and searching and sorting which are covered in the subsequent CS143 class. However, UW's on the quarter system so maybe that makes a difference in how much they cover.
  22. Mr. D Math offers an 11 week summer Precalculus class from June 4 - Aug 15 if you could fit that in.
  23. You could also try Rent the Runway where you rent the dress for a few days. They have a few green options that go from size 4 to 20 under $100. Check out the customer photos on the dress to see what it looks like on different shapes and sizes. (Use code FIRSTRTR to get 20% off first order). https://www.renttherunway.com/shop/designers/badgley_mischka/flora_chiffon_gown https://www.renttherunway.com/shop/designers/badgley_mischka/sequin_ruffle_gown Other green dresses at Rent the Runway up to size 20., Here's an affordable gown on Amazon with good reviews that would proba
  24. Honestly, for larger schools, I think a random selection of any student who meets certain minimum academic criteria would produce just as well rounded and diverse a school as the current process. Take Oxford University for example; they clearly state they do not care about ECs only academic ability in a specific discipline and yet they have plenty of students that participate in music, drama, clubs and sports. The current admissions process reminds a bit of the typical unstructured interview process which psychologists have found doesn't really do a great job of selecting the best applican
  25. You might consider Teaching Textbooks. They do have some spiral review built in to each lesson if I remember correctly although not to the degree of CLE perhaps. Just make sure you keep tabs on the online problem sets to make sure the student is completing them successfully and not just clicking through.
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