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  1. There's also Rent the Runway where you rent the dress for a special occasion or Gwynnie Bee which is a subscription service for size 10+ . You can try it free for 30 days.
  2. Dress Barn and then Kohls and JcPenney are good too. They have a wider variety of dresses online but just wait for a sale. Lord&Taylor has some surprisingly good buys as well if you check out their sale section.
  3. Similar situation here. Over $20,000 a year to cover 5 of us with $7.500 deductible per person. Earlier this year, went to the ER for a kidney stone, stayed there about 2 hours for pain killers and MRI and it cost us $6,000 out of pocket out of $10,000 bill. These costs are ridiculous. I think we probably would have paid less by saying we had no insurance and paying cash directly. We're going to look into short term health care plans now. I looked at them last year and they seemed cheaper but they were just about to implement a new rule to cap the number of times you could renew the plan. I
  4. Assuming you're in the Bay Area and looking for AP Latin, have you tried St. Ignatius. They offer AP Latin.
  5. Have you looked at Southwestern (Georgetown, TX) or Trinity University (San Antonio)? They are both small liberal arts school, fairly selective, and offer merit.
  6. I appreciate all the responses. This is only our second foray into outside courses so I wasn't sure what typical expectations are these days. This was the first long paper he had to do, so definitely he needs some guidance. It's an online class with a small number of students and the papers/grades/feedback are posted on the class portal so I don't think we've missed anything. I'll have him contact the instructor.
  7. DS is taking a writing course and it's been about 3 weeks since he submitted a paper and no grade or feedback yet. Would you consider that reasonable? The instructor said they would have it graded last week but nothing so far. The issue I have is he has to write another long paper shortly and has no feedback on the first one so it's difficult to know if he's going in the right direction. Should he bother contacting the instructor or is that not appropriate?
  8. Hmmm. I'm not sure how she was legally working full-time from 13/14 unless she was doing so under the table or through some online job. Not to take away from her accomplishments, but I do think there may be some revisionist history/hyperbole going on in her background.
  9. Profrobbob says on his website he uses AP Statistics: The Practice of Statistics by Yates, Moore and Starnes.
  10. I have some suggestions from my research for AP Stats. There are loads of courses out there but I found these to be some of the most accessible for a high school student. I think these should work even if you don't want to take the AP exam. These are all free or very inexpensive($10). Udacity has two free courses Intro to Descriptive Statistics and Introduction to Inferential Statistics. These were once used by San Jose State for their intro. stat course. Personally, I'm not crazy about the way they split up the videos into tiny mini-clips but the content is good and it comes with quizzes
  11. For world history at the early high school level, I might suggest World History: Our Human Story. It is a somewhat condensed, single volume version of the 3 K12 Human Odyssey books. It is secular and has a very similar feel to the CLE American textbook. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with any workbooks etc. but maybe you could use it in conjunction with Oak Meadow's course which is textbook independent or pair it with something like World History Detective. Oak Meadow suggests the Glencoe text but Holt and Pearson are also options. Paradigm Accelerated does have a world history course as
  12. As mentioned, those courses are still the old format. CLE does have a great course on Latin American history and geography that is very similar to the American History textbook but it's only Latin America. It's designed for 6th grade but very in-depth and would work for any middle school grade. If you're looking for something somewhat similar (work text approach) at a high school level, there is Paradigm Accelerated. They have a secular World Geography course and some other courses that might work for civics. Not quite as rigorous as CLE but would work well especially for a younger student
  13. No experience with any of these but they seem to meet your criteria: CLRC, Scholars Online, Potters School, Big River Academy, Aim Academy
  14. Here's a thread that discusses some textbook and online options
  15. I have not actually booked through Costco but my bil uses it quite a bit and has been happy with it. I use Cruisecompete and have gotten some deals at lower prices than Costco. You enter details on the specific cruise you are interested in and then travel agents submit bids with their best price. Usually they simply offer better onboard credit but sometimes they also offer discounted prices due to a group buy or other special offer (e.g. nonrefundable rates etc.). Of course, you should do your research on the individual agency and any reviews to see if they have good customer service in t
  16. A few more options: Elegant alternatives with flowing jackets: Navy Lace, Burgundy Dress (only in 14+). More fitted but with flattering ruching. illusion waist, or little black dress On the sexier side but still flattering: Ruched dress. high low dress , cold shoulder (watch videos below pictures) More florals: Blue floral, popover floral, floral jacket, jazzy floral (scroll down to see actual customer in dress)
  17. What about something like a shift dress that glides over the midsection. These floral ones would be appropriate and the pattern helps to reduce the focus on any one area of your body; floral short sleeve, long sleeve, with jacket. If this is too much pattern, you could also go with a black dress and some jewelry.
  18. Ridiculous! Once again confusing correlation with causation. Those who commit early to APs are probably the ones who know they are capable of doing well in the exam or already academically motivated. This is only going to penalize or discourage those who aren't sure if they want to take a course or will do well at it. I think this is a self serving move by the College Board to make more money in fees and to force more students to sign up for APs so they can then tout what a wonderful job they are doing in increasing AP enrollment while disregarding the fact that almost 50% of these new e
  19. You can add Wasko Lit for Literature. They offer a 4 year Great Books type program. The same organization WriteatHome also offers writing instruction online.
  20. If you're visiting Goucher, you might drive a little further and check out St. Mary's College of Maryland. According to their web site, they are considered the honors college of the U of MD system and function as a small liberal arts focused college. The COA is about $29,000 instate and $44,000 out of state but they do offer merit to both in and out of state applicants. No idea about the culture on campus.
  21. Posted Today, 11:45 AM 3andme, on 17 Jul 2017 - 9:21 PM, said: St. Andrews is a 4 year program. According to their brochure, it's about $34,000 a year (26,000 GBP) for tuition and room and board in the Arts & Sciences. Of course, there would be additional expense for foreign travel etc. but still a good deal when compared with many American universities at $60,000 plus. I'm keeping this in mind for oldest ds who hates cities and likes cooler climates. They have a well regarded International Relations program. Admissions for Americans seem to be fairly straight forward as long
  22. You might also consider some of the small Canadian liberal arts colleges like Mount Allison, St. Francis Xavier, Bishops Univ. The total COA in US dollars for international students is $30,000 or less. Also, St. Andrews in Scotland is a popular alternative for US students.
  23. If you need merit, take a look at Trinity University and Southwestern. They both have very generous merit and also relatively low total COA (in the low 50's). Trinity has a matrix showing gpa and scores and how much merit a student will receive. For Southwestern, you can use their NPC to determine expected merit. I'm not sure about Trinity but "Chill & Hipster" were the two most common adjectives for Southwestern on Niche.com.
  24. Some other possibilities across US: South Trinity Univ (TX), Southwestern (TX), University of Dallas (TX - Private), College of Charleston (SC), Hendrix (AR), Rhodes (TN), Centre (KY), Oglethorpe (GA), Sewanee (TN), Agnes Scott (GA) NE/Mid Goucher (MD), St. Lawrence Univ (NY), Clark (MD), Sarah Lawrence (NY) Midwest St. Olaf (MN), Gustavus Adolphus (MN), Knox (IL), Ohio Wesleyan (OH), Kalamazoo (MI) West University of Puget Sound (WA), University of Redlands (CA), Willamette (OR)
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