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  1. my temporary new fave.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QujA8YYgTWU
  2. Chocolate, MSG, and blinding sunlight are my triggers that I know of for sure. On a positive note, quitting chocolate helped me lose 10 pounds.:)
  3. We eat as organically as we can afford. Some weeks are much better than others depending on our financial situation. If MIL wants you to eat and clean like her, then she'll have to pay for it.
  4. Write the letter. It certainly couldn't hurt and it might even help.
  5. We pay $25 for an hour private drum lesson that is given at our home. Ds has one every week.
  6. Many, many here send their children to high school. My ds will attend high school over my dead body.
  7. I don't have one as a pet myself, but we do have one as an education animal at the zoo where I'm a docent. They are primarily nocturnal so tend to sleep all day. They are easy to care for, however. Ours eat insectivore diet plus cut up produce. You can see a picture of Bonnie and Clyde here. http://ourfamilythelooneybin.blogspot.com/2007/06/meet-education-animals-part-2.html Clyde has since died. He was pretty high-strung and we think he had a heart attack.
  8. Oh, Oh, I remember the marker in the purse story! Wasn't it when someone from the boards was at Whole Foods and needed a marker to write on a self-serve baggie? It just so happened that another homeschooler there had a marker in her purse.
  9. My son was in school through 3rd grade and homeschooled ever since. He is 14 now. I am much nicer and more relaxed since we started homeschooling, BUT and this is a big BUT, I was working full-time outside the home when he was in PS. Ironically, I was teaching public school. Being more relaxed and nicer may be as much from working at home as from homeschooling.
  10. Shoes? Ick! I can barely stand to wear clothes much less shoes. I am ALWAYS barefoot in the house. Unfortunately, I have to wear shoes in our yard due to an overbundance of fire ants, spiders, and the rare scorpion or snake.
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