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  1. This isn't LOST. Though I'm all about British period pieces, I was very reluctant to watch Downton Abbey. Even after it won all those Emmys. Then I thought I'd check out what the hype was all about and I simply loved it. I don't think you'll be disappointed, but as I've yet to see season 2, don't hold me to it.
  2. Yes! I've watched it twice on Netflix streaming. Love, love, love it!! I adore a good British period drama, and yes, Donna, you are missing something!
  3. My dh, ds and I took a quick Savannah tour on our way to Orlando 4.5 years ago. We didn't have time to do much at all, but did fit in a tour of the First African Baptist Church. I'd certainly like an opportunity to do more exploring there.
  4. My girlfriends and I visited the South Carolina coast two summers ago and loved it so much we want to go back this year. We stayed at the Litchfield Inn on Pawley's Island and were quite satisfied. It was a short walk to the beach and within reasonable driving distance to Charleston. While we are considering staying there again, we'd like to do a little more investigating. Somewhere between Charleston and Savannah might be an option, so we can take advantage of both cities. Budget is definitely a consideration, and our amenity requirements are pretty low. Thanks, y'all.
  5. Not particularly. The house is a 15 year old ranch. My dad has never been a glass-is-half-full kind of guy.
  6. I'm anticipating buying an Electrolux set and my dad (retired civil engineer) is making noises about the units being too heavy to stack unless the floor has some reinforcement. I appreciate his concern, but seems to me that consumers are stacking these things all the time and I've yet to hear of washers and drying breaking (or denting, or bowing, or cracking) through floors. My little house has 1429 square feet, and having a stacked set has always been one of my dreams. Every bit of space I can free is a great gift! Whaddya think?
  7. Chalkdust Algebra I Lightning Literature Rosetta Stone Spanish IEW SOTW IV/Veritas/other books for history BJU Space and Earth Science Some sort of logic/critical thinking Co-op for P.E., etc.
  8. It makes wonderful sausage balls. I just added about 1/3 cup of milk and they were fantastic.
  9. I heartily second Ann Budd's book. It's been wonderful! And I have to say that I'm a Knit Picks addict.
  10. Socks, socks, socks. I used Knit Picks worster superwash merino. I'm going to knit a pair for ME out of the leftover yarns. They should be pretty colorful.
  11. I am in my fifth month of being gluten-free. I have the professional 6 quart KitchenAid mixer and it is fantastic for gf baking. Cross contamination has not been a problem for me, but I am not celiac; just one step from it. I make gf bread dough, pizza crust dough, cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. When I make something with regular wheat flour, I just make sure things are washed and go for it. From what I've read, it varies from person to person as far as cross contamination sensitivity it concerned. If you get the KA, make sure you get the self-scraping beater. It's not a KA pr
  12. Netflix will send you a disc that, every time you want to stream, you put in your Wii and get it spinning. Netflix chooses selections in different genres, which can include very inappropriate (rated R, horror, sexual, etc.) choices. As far as I can tell, there's no way to delete these off the streaming. In spite of this, we have really enjoyed instant streaming. My ds has watched the Avatar series, Invader Zim (now there's a cartoon that'll drive you nuts), etc. There are lots of Travel, History, and Discovery Channel shows. We are currently watching all the Monk seasons and absolut
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