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  1. Also: two loaves of banana bread in the oven; watched an episode of Andy Griffith with kids over lunch; currently playing Carcassone with boys while waiting on girls to get ready to do some one-on-one)
  2. Morning all. I flaked yesterday because I was too busy and overwhelmed to post. Too many days of getting kids out the door AND doing school so me in. Does it ever end? Today: Coffee/reading/quiet time ✅ strip beds ✅ laundry running ✅ shower ✅ Spaghetti sauce x 2 in instant pot slow cooker ✅ bake brownies with little guys for later poetry tea time ✅ print dd13’s math test ✅ School with boys ✅ keep laundry going (decided to wait until after soccer to wash boys’ clothes) lunch✅ meatballs in spaghetti sauce✅ girls’ school stuff ✅ poetry tea time plus start our “poet tree” (forgot to do the poet-tree! 😑) ✅ Ds8 to soccer practice (this is a makeup because of all the rain!) (CANCELLED because of wet fields) home for supper✅ take spaghetti etc to my parents✅ grocery order/ ✅Aldi trip for stock up /Sam’s trip for stock up make beds work on (place?) Christian Book Distributors homeschool order for next year think through this very jam-packed weekend
  3. I'm seriously considering Old Western Culture The Greeks for my ninth and tenth grader next year. I've been poking around here at old threads and read somewhere that OWC Greeks counts as 1 lit credit, 1/2 history credit, and 1/2 philosophy credit. Both girls will have a pretty good literature credit for next year via a class I'm teaching at co-op, but compared to how much they're both accustomed to reading, they'll still have some time/brain power left for more literature. Having the (purportedly fabulous) lectures by Wes Callihan appeals to me as I'm pretty pressed for time in terms of preparing something out of my wheelhouse (which ancients definitely are). To hopefully make this clearer (ha!), what are some options to round this out as a full history credit OR what else is out there that would offer a bit more hand-holding (and some literature) for Ancients?
  4. I sent work with my boys to Nana’s. She’s a retired elementary teacher, so she enjoys it. My girls and I are out for dd13’s biweekly horseback riding lesson. I try to take them someplace fun (usually Starbucks) without the boys on these days where we can focus on school. We also have errands to do, so we’ll see how it goes.
  5. I’ve seen several creative variations on this (using real branches, etc.), but I just take some construction paper and make a tree trunk and put it up on the wall. I add branches, and then we write the names of the poems we read all month on leaves and attach them to the branches on the wall. I’m not very artistic so it’s not exactly beautiful, but the kids like to see the accumulation of leaves.
  6. Wow! That’s fantastic! I’m inspired by your new-found creative work!
  7. My day was most pleasantly derailed when a dear friend stopped by for a visit. This almost never happens, but I cant think of a better way for my day to be “upset.” ❣️
  8. Found it! Under a kid’s bed, but “{sibling} put it there.” 🙄 😩 😑
  9. And my great start to the day was derailed by a “discussion” with a teenager. 😩 I’ve been parenting for fifteen years, just about, and I’m still a rookie. That’s the “good” part about kids who insist on growing up. 😏
  10. Yesterday was co-op day, and we were gone about TWELVE hours, with all kinds of post co-op activities and appointments, and then celebrating our little guy's sixth birthday at Chick Fil A for supper (his choice). Today I'm TIRED. I got up fairly early to finish prepping for the class I teach tonight at the CC. It feels good to have that completely done, though, before plunging into the school day. To-dos today, school-wise: Read aloud a picture book to boys and add to our book caterpillars (stealth handwriting practice--ha!)✅ Math with both boys ✅ Read aloud from our chapter book✅ Reading lesson with ds6✅ Spelling lesson with ds8 Listen to ds8 read to me, practice fluency and diction Handwriting practice for both✅ Anything else with them is gravy at this point. Remind all kids they need to pick out a poem to memorize by Friday. Girls' school: Make sure both girls attend to their online classes (dd13 math; dd14 writing)✅ Make sure they're both working on their other "slog" classes (dd13--history; dd14-geometry)✅ Generally keep an eye on their progress Read one of dd13's history novels with her Go over Spanish with dd14 and whatever else presents itself Well, up and at 'em! Have a great day, everyone!
  11. @CritterfixerWhat do you write? I'm glad you're having a better day so far!
  12. Also add to my list: help ds8 manage his behavior over ds6's new Legos. Good times! LOL
  13. One more thing to add to the positive column: yesterday I took a $10 coupon back to the locally-owned shoe store where I bought myself two new pairs of sandals last week (not frugal, but needed). They gave me a $10.xx refund for bringing the coupon in! That might make me a customer for life. Lol.
  14. It hit me this morning that I CAN’T use only cash if I’m ordering online. 🙄. Back to the mental drawing board. 😑
  15. ✅✅Good morning! coffee (cup number one, anyway) finish CC prep (this feels like a real accomplishment this early in the day!) shower✅ laundry✅ (In process with girls’ help) school with boys (almost done) lunch✅ one on one with girls(one girl done) take kids to Nana’s (dh got home early so I didn’t have to do this) CC class ✅ home to begin digging out from under the mess of the week
  16. I'm so glad! This is a courageous thing to do, and it is a good lesson for everyone in your life. ❤️
  17. I feel like such an on-again, off-again frugalista. LOL. I am always "trying" but not really making progress, KWIM? Anyway. Today is our baby boy's sixth birthday, so we've spent a good bit already for the month of April. The positive so far for the month is that I made $60 on homeschool curriculum and books I sold today at co-op. That's going back into the school fund. My BIG goal for the month is to do well with groceries. I'm using cash only for these purchases, and we're trying out ordering online at Walmart instead of buying the majority of our groceries at Publix. I'm really curious to see if this makes a difference. Also, we're attempting to eat up a lot of the snack foods we have in the pantry before buying more.
  18. We worked in a short trip to Nana's for ds6 (!) to open his birthday present from her (which was no surprise since he put in his order with her a month or more ago--FIVE Lego sets!) Now I'm working on my CC class and plan to finish that, try to make a bit of order out of the post-co op chaos, and GO TO BED.
  19. I have about ten minutes to catch my breath as I wait for one child’s therapy appt to end. Whew! We have one regular week left of co op, then a few more activities and that commitment is over until August. I’m ready for a break, though everyone will miss it. Next year I’m ONLY teaching two classes. 🎉 Next it’s odd to Target or somewhere to buy the birthday boy a bicycle.
  20. Keep going, keep going, keep going. . . I think I can. . .I think I can. . . I think I can. . .
  21. Thanks, @Selkie! It's been a fast six years! "The days are long, but the years are short." Sniff, sniff.
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