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  1. It got pretty rough in our vicinity, I think. My sister, who lives about 10-15 miles away from us, was out at 3 am surveying the damage in her neighborhood. She said she thought the windows in the back of her house were going to blow out. It was straight line winds, though, as far as I know. Did you shop at the botanical garden sale? We used to join every year because it was hands down my favorite place to take my kids when they were younger. Now with teens we’ve somewhat outgrown it, so we no longer get a membership, but I do like to visit on occasion and also to attend the sale.
  2. I finished lunch (which wasn’t as simple as just warming up the pork for sandwiches) and also roasted some sweet potato slices for snacking this week. I’m skipping the next six items on my list and going straight for the nap! 🤣
  3. I have the same issue! The warm setting on my crockpot keeps things boiling. I can’t leave mine all day, really, unless it’s something dense and tough.
  4. I’m in a reading slump (& a writing slump). I did finally finish The Chosen by Potok (a reread) at about 1 am this morning while waiting for the all clear during a tornado warning. This week, I plan to do more reading aloud (Penderwicks in Spring and Year of Impossible Goodbyes). Also, to keep up with my girls’ lessons, Night by Wiesel for dd13’s history, and something undecided as yet for dd14’s lit. Sometimes all I can do is keep up with the homeschool.
  5. Now I’m sitting in the van in the church parking lot waiting for my hair to dry a bit more. 🤨. Dd13 had to be here early to serve in the 2-3 yo class. I’m enjoying the silence after listening to ds8 read Calvin & Hobbes aloud all the way to church. 🤣
  6. I thought I read somewhere here that this is an option, but I can’t find it on the website. Does anyone know?
  7. I see this, too. I’ve always wanted to do “better than” my local ps in terms of content and instruction, though this time I’m trying for just “as good as.” I know dd was going to read How to Read Literature Like a Professor (our parts of it) and Animal Farm. I think that’s it as far as books and novels go. I have to say that I was most impressed with her English teacher out of all the teachers she had, but that might’ve been my own natural bias. To clarify: Three books: To Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm, and parts of How to Read Lit Like a Professor, plus documents and I’m sure (surely
  8. Because of my kids’ age span (9 years from top to bottom), I have kept almost everything. I’ve just about decided what you decided: keep the books, sell most of the curriculum.
  9. I Sleepy this morning thanks to the tornado warning that kept us up until 1 am. Welcome to springtime (really, anytime) in AL! Deep condition hair ✅ coffee/read✅ shower✅ dry hair and finish getting ready✅ church✅ pick up items I didn’t buy at grocery Friday 🙄—bread, shredded cheese, milk, bananas, what else? ✅ lunch: pulled pork sandwiches ✅ bag extra pork for freezer✅ finish assembling lasagna for Monday night’s supper✅ Send SAT email !!!!✅ (1 of 2 sent, but will probably wait a few days for the other one) CC prep homeschool prep
  10. It’s technically Sunday morning, but there’s no thread yet, so here I am. . .snuggled up in the basement with my family under mounds of blankets and pillows, waiting out a tornado watch. I did finally finish The Chosen, which I’ve been reading for a couple of weeks, thanks to this “extra” time. I do not like tornado season.
  11. Interesting! And I love that you gained a new scout!
  12. We have pulled pork for tomorrow’s lunch or supper. I have homemade pasta sauce in the crockpot for lasagna assembly tomorrow. We might watch a movie with the girls when the boys go to bed, if I can talk them into something besides superhero action/adventure (they love them, but this HSP doesnt like them at all). But first: one last round of kitchen cleaning. ‘Night, all!
  13. RightStart Math is a hit for us here.
  14. I’ll add this one even though a pp shared a pulled pork recipe already: https://goodcheapeats.com/best-ever-slow-cooker-pulled-pork/ I think it’s the cloves that make it so good!
  15. We have some teenage chicks right now! (Well, dd13 does.)
  16. My favorite porkchop recipe is this one: https://www.allrecipes.com/video/3969/slow-cooker-pork-chops-ii/ I don’t think it would hold up for 10 hours, though.
  17. I am happy to report that not only did I get the research papers graded and the grades posted, I also got some journals graded and posted. AND I am semi-ready to teach Monday night. This is quite an accomplishment! Woo hoo!
  18. "We would've finished it if it had been better!" 🤣
  19. Dd, usually quite pessimistic, didn’t have much good to say about her experience. She DID, however, manage to leave nothing blank. I have no idea what to expect from her score.
  20. Yes, she already has one credit each for biology, Algebra I, world history, and Spanish I from first semester. At home we’re just focusing on finishing what she started second semester in ps: English, geometry, and Spanish II. She also had a career prep elective which we’re not attempting to duplicate.
  21. Thanks for this! I am actually an English teacher (oh, the irony!), and all of my children read fairly voraciously. For some reason this unexpected hitch in our plans has semi-paralyzed me. DD has done a fair amount of analysis already (a lit analysis class at co-op in middle school taught by me; lots of reading aloud over the years and informal discussion; etc.) I own the first book of EIL already and was planning to use that with her this year before we opted for her to go to school. Maybe I should look into using parts of that. I think my main area of concern is just lack of time on
  22. I’m knee deep in research papers so dh is going to pick up dd13 so I can finish this.
  23. I’ll play. Nailing it down this early in the game is probably pointless. Nevertheless. . Lit/language: Lit Analysis at co op (I’m teaching) with WttW + ? Math: Algebra II with DO Science: chemistry (honors or non honors?) with Clover Valley self-grading History: ancient history (?) Electives: health at co op (LifePacs); world religions (co op); robotics (co op); physical Ed at home somehow
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