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We have a new kitty :)


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Her name is Anne Bonny, after the famous pirate. Two young ladies found her with an injured eye and brought her to the vet clinic my son works at. They had only $27 dollars, and the cat needs her eye surgical removed....so the vet took pity and said the cat could stay at the clinic and they'd find it a home. 

Well, no one wants a cat with a gross bulging eye, it turns out. And as the eye is better than it was they put off surgery a bit. I felt bad knowing it was sitting in a cage all weekend, so told DS he could bring it home over the weekend. 

And, predictably, we all love her. ESPECIALLY my dd4 and dd11. I can't remember when my DD11 last smiled this much. But we were not sure if our existing cats would be okay with the new one. "Tiny Cat", who is now a big fat cat, in particular was bent out of shape. He is DS22's cat, and refused to go in his bedroom, was acting all grumpy...but within 24 hours of the pheremone stuff he chilled out. Now he and the kitten are even playing together. So.....she's staying!

The clinic will cover the cost of her eye surgery and spay, which was DH's stipulation. But she's ours! DD4 is SO excited - she kept checking with DH all day asking if the kitty was REALLY staying? Really?!?  It was adorable. So, meet Anne Bonny, a kitten every bit as fierce and sassy as her namesake. 



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