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Graphic Novel Suggestions

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My 10 year old is a struggling reader with some learning disabilities we're still sorting out.   He just started, this last year to let me read chapter books to him, but doesn't read them himself.   The only books he's WANTED to read himself (and only with me reading with him) were Piggie and Elephant books so far.   BUT, his older brother got the graphic novel version of Wings of fire and lent it to him.  I suggested he take the boy dragon parts and he LOVED reading that with me.   

I need more graphic novels!    I got him a "How to Train Your Dragon" comic book and he liked it ok (he likes the show, so I thought he would), but I can tell it's not engaging him like the Wings of Fire story did.

What else do you suggest that's engaging, that has a good plot and is appropriate for  a 10 year old? 

(Helpful notes:   He's also interested in marine biology, and likes science in I think a sci-fi might work well too, or another adventure book.    Wouldn't have to be about dragons.)  

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DD is in the same place, but a little younger.   The library had book compilations of Tin-Tin comic books.  Three comics in each books.   A boy and his dog solving little mysteries.  
I got one at a library sale, then DD wanted to read the rest.  

Also, what about Captain Underpants?   That was a hit.  

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Maybe the Warrior series by Erin Hunter?  There are graphic novels with them.

Maybe Jeffrey Brown? 

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Seconding Amulet


Zita the Spacegirl

Astronaut Academy

Calvin and Hobbes, which isn't a "graphic novel", but whatever

The Far Side, same as above

Chad and Mal


Compass South

The Unsinkable Walker Bean


Rapunzel's Revenge



Lowriders in Space

Dragonbreath (not a graphic novel per se, but illustrated. Ursula Vernon is a genius)

The Last Kids on Earth (also not a graphic novel per se)

Secret Coders

Witch Boy

Anything written by Doug TenNapel

Fake Blood

Cardboard Kingdom

This is just off the top of my head, mind.

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Sorry, couldn't type this all out on my phone. This is a list from when my son started reading graphic novels two years ago. Several of these series have added more volumes since then...


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I second those already said but would like to add:


Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales

Asterix and Obelisk

Along with Tin Tin and Wings of Fire these are my DS's favorite graphic novels.

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My library has a huge section for kids graphic novels and I'm always finding new and great things there.

My DS liked Tin Tin (they are almost 100 yrs old now, so watch out for questionable themes that were common in that era- misogyny, smoking, racism, swearing - seemed common in the books we found, so I pre-read and chose to either not let DS read those ones or explain why that was written into the story, depending on what it was exactly.

He's enjoyed a graphic novel version of Sherlock Holmes.

We've got a MaxAxiom book right now that is a hit - it's called Science and Engineering Activities. He liked the other MaxAxiom books too.

I try to stay away from super hero books, but have been pleasantly surprised with the # of graphic novels that aren't super hero themed. I recently found a My Little Pony comic book that he enjoyed a lot.

He also liked the Beast Academy guide books, just for reading on his own for fun.

Last time I was at the library, I saw a graphic novel version of The City of Ember, and contemplated getting it, but decided against it in the hopes that he will soon read the original version on his own (he's getting into reading small/larger font chapter books on his own and want to "save" something that I hope he'll love for when he's ready - I the series as an adult and enjoyed it)

They aren't graphic novels, but share a lot of the same characteristics. I found that my DS also really gravitated towards picture-rich non-fiction (eg. eyewitness books, single topic encyclopedias, etc.) He wont read a full magic treehouse book in one sitting like I would have at his age, but he will sit for hours with non-fiction sci/hist books or a book about lego building, etc.




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