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  1. Tanaqui

    Boys & Ballet: Advice? BTDT?

    No, you can't, but you can control yours. If you don't want people badmouthing your son, you can enforce that rule - especially when they are a. guests in your home b. minors who are presumed to still be learning manners (in which case it's your auntly duty to correct her when you hear her say mean things) or c. both. "Niece! I'm shocked! Why would you say that? That sounded really mean. We don't talk like that in this house."
  2. Tanaqui

    Weird question ... can I donate barely used underwear?

    I think it's not at all uncommon for many people to feel squicky and weird about other people's undies, but maybe this isn't quite the best place to share those feelings, since we don't know who is reading and where they got their panties?
  3. Tanaqui

    Logic of English?

    Thanks for that. I got completely mixed up, I see!
  4. Tanaqui

    How do you make flashcards fun?

    Don't get your hopes too far up. You can make flash cards more palatable, but unless your child is a rare bird, you can't make them "fun". Drill is sometimes necessary, but it's not exactly a laugh-a-minute, and it never will be.
  5. Tanaqui

    Logic of English?

    Well, it is an OG program, isn't it?
  6. Tanaqui

    Shoes and clothes for NYC weekend

    🙂 You'd be surprised how many people don't know how to act in public, though. Sadly, they're not all tourists. (Except for walking rules. We really do all move to the right at all times.)
  7. Tanaqui

    Shoes and clothes for NYC weekend

    Mostly just manners, most of which are really self-evident. Walk on the right, don't block traffic to take your selfie or tie your shoe (move to the side instead), don't stand in front of stairways or doorways, take off your backpack when you're on a crowded bus or train, let people off before you get on, that sort of thing.
  8. Tanaqui

    Boys & Ballet: Advice? BTDT?

    Many professional football players take ballet because it is excellent cross-training. With that said, I feel the best defense for so many little social pratfalls is to not even bring it up. When you discuss these issues, you send the message that your son's hobbies are up for discussion. And if they're not, they're not. If your son brings up ballet and somebody, of whatever age, makes a disparaging comment, reply "$NAME, I'm shocked to hear you say that! That was extremely unkind!" and if you don't get an immediate apology - leave. "Grandma, I can't stand here and listen to you insult/shame my child. If you can't be nice, we have to leave." If somebody brings it up out of earshot of your son, say "We've already decided to do this" and change the subject. "So, I was changing the subject the other day, and blahblahblah..." and if changing the subject doesn't work - leave! "I don't really want to discuss my son's hobbies right now. I don't understand why you're so obsessed with it. It's really weird. If you can't drop the subject, I guess it's time to leave. Call me when you're ready to discuss sports like normal people."
  9. Tanaqui

    Shoes and clothes for NYC weekend

    Lemme give you a few pro tip for the train, while I've got you: If you have trouble swiping, you probably went too slow. Slowing down won't help - you need to speed up. Have the stripe facing you, at the bottom of the card.
  10. The Great Brain is at the right historical time period too, and they're short - something you can't say about most LH books.
  11. Definitely not sorting this, these are all middle grade or upper elementary: Zahrah the Windseeker Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer (my fave!) Ambassador and Nomad (you really need both) Salvage (this is YA) A Time to Dance (also YA) I maaaaaay think fantasy is the most important thing ever.
  12. Yup, contact paper. If you wanted to keep the books for a very, very long time then you'd want to use specialty materials that are acid-free, but just for four kids for school? Contact paper!
  13. Well, we don't have to all love reading, though it sounds like lack of background knowledge is also a problem. Are you absolutely married to the history tie-in? It might be better to do something that's just plain fun, but I can't think of as many laugh-out-loud books that are set in the past.
  14. Tanaqui

    Pets-some family wants, some don't.

    If you are correct that your kids would not manage taking care of the pet - or wouldn't manage without a lot of oversight from you, which is effectively the same thing - then you're better off not getting one. It's not fair to you, and it's not fair to the pet. I would not consider a small animal a good compromise pet. They require just as much work, but it's slightly harder to find a competent vet. Not a good trade-off. Also, for them to be happy in a cage they either have to be fairly antisocial, like hamsters*, which isn't fun for the kid... or they have to be very social and have a companion or two, which at least doubles your care costs even if you're careful to get both the same sex. * Hamsters are also nocturnal. That means they're noisy right when everybody is trying to sleep. Don't get a hamster, seriously.
  15. Tanaqui

    Bits of US history you never heard of

    And lots of people didn't think it was okay, even at the time. It was the law in Pennsylvania that you couldn't own slaves. It was the law that if you visited with your slave, they were free after six months. It was the law that you couldn't send them home at five months then call them back, because even back then people understood loopholes. Washington knew he was breaking the law when he stayed there and kept sending his slaves home "to visit family" - he just didn't care. (And apparently his status meant nobody cared to stop him, either.)
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