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  1. Annoyingly, Kindle purchases automatically deduct from the GC balance. You're safe.
  2. Without any context whatsoever other than my own experience, my first guess would be that this person likely has an autistic relative or three. And if that's the case, then they themselves are probably either autistic or on the broader autistic spectrum. Like, easily 90% of people who ask me openly or quietly ask my family if I'm autistic are in that position. (Most NTs never see it and seem to think it's polite to argue with me if I mention it. You're not being polite by saying I'm not autistic, you're being weirdly rude and dismissive and showing your ignorance at the same time. Don't do that.) It is, therefore, quite possible that this person doesn't have the most nuanced grasp of your concept of manners and was just stating a fact or perhaps attempting, a little awkwardly, to engage in some mutual sharing. Or, you know, they could just be a jerk. Only the OP has enough information to know for sure... and on that front, if you're not worried about your kid's development then you probably have nothing to worry about.
  3. I understand that and sympathize, but if (perhaps) nearly everybody is happy with the school and says these concerns are overblown then maybe her opinion is slightly askew no matter her inside position. (Alternatively, if lots of people express some doubts then you are on firmer ground when you tell your kid "Sorry, but no".)
  4. Quill, it seems to me that most of the parents must send their kids to the public school. Do you really only know one person who can give you any insight into the high school?
  5. Tanaqui

    Do I need to call an electrician?

    I'm scared of working with electricity, so I'd definitely call a professional - but if you're confident it's an easy fix, as others have said, then you can do it yourself.
  6. Tanaqui

    Cleaning chemicals and asthma--

    Oh, heck yeah.
  7. Tanaqui


    I'm as liberal as they come, and surely have no love for the HSLDA or Liberty University, but Think Progress is a biased site, and they don't always take the trouble to get their facts right: Do you have some other source?
  8. Tanaqui

    Homeschooling a strong willed child

    All this sounds very typical for this age, especially the fact that she doesn't have this trouble with other adults. Children never do, they save all their drama for their parents - and if one parent is around a lot more than the other, that's the one that gets it all. However, a few things do leap out at me that might merit a closer evaluation: First, you say you think her mood swings really are far from the norm, and you also emphasize that she has trouble focusing. Has she been evaluated for any form of learning disability that could possibly account for these two things?
  9. While I agree in principle, the OP did indicate that this young man is unhappy missing some group activities (like church, which I'm going to assume can't be scheduled later in the day) and is also keeping other people in the family awake at night. (And while it's easy enough for us to say "tell him not to walk around at night" it's not so easy to follow. I have trouble maintaining ANY sleep schedule, if I don't really work at it then my most common bedtime hovers between 2am and 4:30am, and it's extremely hard for me not to get up and walk around at night. I simply cannot think if I'm sitting still.) Now, with the context of my life I don't think his hours are that outre, but if they're causing him trouble it's easy enough to try some simple changes. I've culled my advice upthread from advice typically given to people with non-circadian rhythm disorders, on the grounds that these are surprisingly common among autistics. (Indeed, I am sitting in front of my lightbox RIGHT NOW, because I do need to be on a schedule, even a sub-optimal one.) One more thing for the OP, and off-topic a bit: You may wish to speak to your son about the fact that blurting out that he never needed accommodations is a bit impolite. I tell my kids (and sometimes their friends as it comes up) that you never know who is listening. If you finish a test early and go "Wow, that was easy!" then your classmates who are struggling may be made to feel stupid. If you make a disparaging joke about a certain group of people, then you're making somebody in that group feel bad. And if you feel the need to pipe up that YOU never needed accommodations every time your disability comes up then you're potentially making people who did need accommodations feel like they can't ever talk about that or like they are weak and shouldn't ask for help or whatever. Nobody is judging him, but by jumping in like that he sounds like he's judging other people. I had skimmed over that line the first time, but upon re-read I thought I should bring it up.
  10. Also, question: How does his humming songs make you doubt that classical music helps him relax or think that he doesn't know what it means?
  11. He's got a consistent rhythm, which is better than some people have, and it's only a little later than the norm. Can he wake up 15 minutes earlier than his usual? Is it possible to start him on a 15 minute earlier wake-up time, and then gradually move it back, in quarter-hour increments, as his bedtime moves back? Gradually means GRADUAL - no more than once a week. Does he use a sunrise simulator and/or a light box to help reset his circadian rhythm during the day? How much time does he spend outside in the sunlight?
  12. Tanaqui

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    Have you brought this up with your counselor? What did they say? (And I hate to have to ask this, but by "counselor" you mean somebody licensed, right?)
  13. Tanaqui

    favorite games for grades 3-5

    HUGE IMPORTANT PIECE OF ADVICE: Never, ever open up a game for the first time at the session. Instead, whoever is presenting the game should read the rules beforehand. It is a good idea if more than one person does this and they play a sample game or two together first - often, rules look incredibly complex until you actually play the game. It may even help to watch a YouTube video. Never, ever, ever open a game for the first time when the kids are there and fidgeting. NEVER. I also strongly suggest that you invest in some of the following: Card sleeves (to protect cards), dice trays (to prevent wayward throws), chit trays (exactly the same as dice trays, but you use them to hold stray components during the game) Do all kids have to play the same game at the same time, or is it acceptable to have two groups?
  14. Tanaqui

    Post Holiday Family drama, updated

    I'm also glad you have a good, solid, workable plan for the future.
  15. Tanaqui

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    OP, does his discomfort or fear often cause you to curtail plans and not do things you'd like to do, or is it really only hiking and camping?
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