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  1. The way that doggie flops backwards to howl!
  2. Because of that stupid journal, the kid was so incredibly resistant to writing that we did NO WRITING when we homeschooled for grades 6-8. It took a long time for her to start writing just for herself.
  3. Yeah, half of all kids are below the 50th percentile, that's how percentiles freaking work. The younger kiddo's first grade teacher used to expect worksheets, scads of worksheets, that didn't just have to be done but DECORATED. Yeah, that wasn't happening. Or she'd assign "optional" homework and then get snippy with me when I said we took the optional and left the homework. Which is still nothing on the older kid's elementary. Every single day, starting in kindy, they were supposed to write a journal entry about their day at school. It's school! One day is very much like the next! And of course, the teacher would leave a little note if the kid wrote that, or wrote about anything that wasn't school, or wasn't interesting enough in the journal entries. "We want the kids to share their days with you!" Well, if my kid wants to TELL ME about school then I'm sure it'll happen more easily without that journal. That stupid assignment was the source of so much angst and frustration to so many kids. And I asked around teacher friends and they all agreed there was no benefit to assigning the same writing assignment every day for six solid years of school.
  4. Hydration and rest and plenty of both. *hugs* Hang in there!
  5. I'm glad you found the dog.
  6. Put up posters like with a lost pet? "Reward, no questions asked", that sort of thing? The older kiddo once lost their favorite stuffed animal - this was actually the replacement after losing the first on the train - and three days later whoever had found it placed it on a fire hydrant for us to find, neatly washed. Man, I'd forgotten about that. The kids used to laugh at my diligence in carefully picking up all mislaid keys and scarves and hats and such I found on the sidewalk and placing them over the nearest fence or branch or hydrant so they were more visible couldn't get kicked into the curb, but for the first time they realized that this wasn't my weird quirk!
  7. Well, I'd definitely bring it up with the counselor, but I'm sure you already plan to. I hope you find it too.
  8. I feel that way about so many shows. Season one is great, season two is fine, but by season three it's not worth it. It's like I have a later season curse.
  9. Your kid has a very logical mind.
  10. I see that point, yeah. What's really sucky, then, is that Medicaid covers so little. But let's not let me derail this into that.
  11. All you folks who like Firefly might also like to try Killjoys.
  12. What FuzzyCatz suggested makes sense to me. As for pay - is it possible that you could "top off" the base pay to something a little less chintzy? I mean, I 100% understand that you don't want to suddenly say "Here you go, you're sleeping with a stranger now!" to your kid, especially after all his upheavals and with your anxiety. But you need your sleep to be the best possible mom for him. There might not be any great solutions.
  13. You mean the new BSG? Yeah, but it's too bad they couldn't stick the landing. I'm actually up for a rewatch of Babylon 5 soon, but I want to wait until after the election. The first time I watched it was during Dubya's administration and that was a bad, bad combination. I don't think watching it during Trump would be a good idea.
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