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  1. Well, you can make blintzes with cottage cheese or ricotta and blueberries or strawberries or apples instead.
  2. What a coward that man was, so scared of a few harmless words.
  3. Recognizing that there's a problem, and that acknowledging the problem doesn't harm you as a white person is an important first step. Like, you are already well ahead of a lot of people. Don't rest on your laurels, but you're already moving ahead. The second thing is to recognize that while individual bigotry is definitely a thing, and not one we've remotely licked yet, structural issues play a part too. It's like we're all caught in this web of inequality, and we can't quite see the threads that tie us all down. If everything is just slightly tilted in favor of white people, and slightly tilted against black people, then sooner or later all those little imbalances add up, even without you or anybody actually going out to be a bigot. Or maybe it's more like climate change - we can't say for sure that THIS storm was caused by climate change, that THIS day is five degrees warmer than it would've been without it - but we know that it's having a huge cumulative effect. We can't say for sure that THIS cop stopped this black driver because the driver was black - and if that's the case, if the cop did it because he's a bigot or if he did it because of implicit bias that he's not wholly aware affects his thought processes - but we can know that if you take a whole bunch of black drivers and white drivers in identical cars, driving identically, the black drivers are more likely to be stopped by the cops. The third thing is to listen to people when they tell you things. If somebody tells you that they're often followed around in the store, and you're thinking "I've been to that store, they're nice people" - stop. They can be nice people and still follow your black friend around in the store "just in case". Or maybe your friend IS mistaken, but that's because years of experience have taught her that this is a thing that happens all the time so it's probably happening now and isn't just a weird coincidence where the store owner is always going down the same aisle she is. Of course, you might not have a ton of black friends who are willing and eager to tell you stuff like this, so I suggest google. Search terms like "anti-racism 101" or "intersectionality faq" will work wonders.
  4. Hm. Also, isn't strep a bacteria? Time to toss out all the toothbrushes and all.
  5. I know what you mean, but as always I feel the need to remind everybody that often we say somebody "just doesn't want to take responsibility" (or is lazy, or is a deadbeat, or just needs a push) as a way to ignore the fact that they really can't do what everybody else does for whatever reason. A shockingly large number of people, even today, struggle on for years or decades with invisible disabilities such as ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety - or visible but highly stigmatized disabilities like addiction - and often never get diagnosed or helped in any useful way.
  6. I'm glad the tide seems to have turned.
  7. He should've been born white if he cared so much.
  8. Seriously? That's a joke. That's complete garbage.
  9. If they make the experience bad enough, maybe you'll hang up.
  10. You know, I'd like to say that I'd live a totally different life with totally different experiences, like getting a do-over on an open world video game... but in practical terms, probably the only difference is I'd win a major lottery and watch different TV shows. Oh, and I'd sure stock up a heck of a lot more for this year, geez.
  11. Well, Arctic Mama, only you know what you mean, but we all know what you said. You might want to step back and consider that the problem is not that EVERYBODY on this thread is not listening to you, or making things up, or adding new meaning, but that instead you are just not expressing yourself very well. I have quoted the words that, to me, in plain english, mean the exact same thing as "give them the benefit of the doubt". If you don't mean that, and many people think you do based on the words you keep saying, then you ought to choose different words and say different things that mean what you intend. Meanwhile, you've also talked a lot about not wanting to "string them up" or "build gallows" or whatever, which is all well and good but surely implies that somebody else does want to do those things. And if you don't think anybody wants to do those things then I just don't know why you keep saying it.
  12. The words I've bolded in the following quotes by you mean the same thing as 'giving the benefit of the doubt'. It's not mind reading, it's English reading. (Bonus here for your disgusting comparison of people caught doing murder on camera to people accused in a racist way with no evidence at all of committing rape.) Those words say the same thing as "give the benefit of the doubt". Also, please, stop repeating that nonsense about "a fair trial". Nobody wants them NOT to have a trial. We all want them to have a trial. Nobody is advocating that they not be tried. Continuing to attack the strawman about how some people don't want a trial is tantamount to lying.
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