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  1. I'm a fan of Donors Choose - every month or so I go down and pick a few schools local to me, or I buy books for a classroom. Otherwise, we regularly donate to City Harvest and to a few different organizations that help refugees.
  2. This is your spare screwdriver and measuring tape etc? Do you use those things regularly? If not, if it's really junk, why not toss it?
  3. Definitely I would've done more schooling the first two years we homeschooled instead of thinking we'd take it easy! Pretty much no schooling happened that year, and given that I never was going to homeschool for high school that gave me a lot of stress for the older kid. No chance of making up that year at all. I would've done so much more work earlier. It worked out, I mean. Both the kids were on grade level entering 9th grade, which is exactly what I cared about, but I worried *so much* about it. And honestly, I might well have just put more effort into simply getting them into a decent middle school. We homeschooled because our local middle school is the seventh pit of hell, both socially and academically, and the middle school application process in NYC is even worse than the high school application process (which ate my brain - I actually spent more time on high school admissions during October and November of that year than my mother's cancer). But if I'd seen this coming down the pike I might have found some middle school that was amenable to all of us that they could go to. Downside: They would've had to get up early in the morning. Upside: At least I would not have worried about that school year.
  4. Shopping trips? Around 8 or so - the kids really, really hated going to the store with me, and I hated taking them. That's the same age they started walking to school alone, a trip of about 10 - 20 minutes. By 10 they were going into the city to dance and swim class alone, and to the free Saturday sketching at the Met, and at 11 I sent them places they hadn't been before alone as well. However, they didn't really stay home alone for longer than a shopping trip until they were in the 8th and 6th grades. That's the year my mother had cancer, and boy, that year was awful, and there was a limit to how much they were willing to be dragged around to sit in waiting rooms. I don't blame them! If I'd known that would happen, though, let me say we would've made very different educational decisions the previous two years.
  5. I don't know if you're engaging in hyperbole, but if they really can't vacuum because there is stuff over all the floor, and they've stopped making the beds simply because they can't handle the stuff that's all over, then you're almost certainly looking at what is, at the least, the beginnings of a hoarding situation. Even if it's all toys, that signifies nothing. I've seen this dynamic actually not in my family but in another family that used to live on my block. The mom was keeping mail and papers in the microwave because there was no space for them, and this she chalked up to the four year old's things being all over. Not her, not her husband - the four year old. They moved to a big house eventually and, sure enough, the house filled up within months. And she still blamed the kid. (And cycling back to the topic, no, the kid didn't have sheets on her bed. Honestly, the hoarding situation was the least of the problems with that family. They'd had child services called on them, and I can only imagine that they never actually entered the house because nothing ever happened. Maybe people waited too late to call - child services is a lot less likely to act after a certain age, but I feel like they would've done something if people had called and called and called when the kid was three and four and wandering all over the neighborhood all the time with no supervision and her parents didn't even know or care that she left the house. I was a kid then, but I should've told my mother and made her call, and keep calling until somebody listened.)
  6. Oh, good luck! Also, not a recipe but an idea: we've had great luck with frozen quesadillas. Prep them until the cheese has just melted, transfer to foil, let cool, pop in freezer. Presumably you could do this without melting the cheese as well, but then you can't microwave them after.
  7. You're supposed to replace the mattress every 7 - 10 years, so just toss it when he moves out?
  8. Definitely don't use glitter - it's really bad for the environment.
  9. ...or they could've all used condoms (or, um, gloves and face masks?) and been able to interact without getting infected.
  10. If there's no sheets because of a bad home situation, I promise you, that's the very least of your concerns. Like, it's not even on the list, and neither is the pillowcase question. Which all reminds me, I ought to do some serious laundry and get my sheets in there. There isn't "stuff" on my bed, but the dogs are usually there and they complain when I strip the sheet out from under them!
  11. It definitely is harassment, no question about it. Or, maybe not harassment per se, because it's not ongoing, but it's exactly as inappropriate as if a dude did it expecting a female delivery person. However, in our society we tend to have some really messed-up ideas about men and sex which lead us to have a bit of a double standard. It can be hard to even get people to take actual rape cases seriously if the perpetrator was female and the victim male, even if it ought to be obvious (like a teacher and a student).
  12. Can confirm, didn't use bottom sheets during my adolescence when my mother was full-on hoarding and we lived in varying states of squalor. Sheets have to be washed, they get shoved off the bed as you sleep, you have to find them in all the stuff, you have to shove stuff off the bed to replace the sheets... a lot of things fall apart or get destroyed when you have too much stuff to keep track of. Sheets are one of the easiest things to live without, and if nobody cares about putting the top sheet on the bed you're not going to wrangle it. With that said, if you're not living in a bad situation then it's a personal choice.
  13. Oh dear. That certainly is a lot of beanbag filler. I say you take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  14. I don't think it'll do any harm.
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