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  1. Still working this one out. I wasn't expecting to have the kids, so I was going to make Swedish meatballs which all the adults love but the kids don't, but now it looks like we'll have them after all.
  2. I mostly use the recipe off the Ocean Spray bag, except I use orange or apple juice instead of water, and I usually grate some ginger into it.
  3. Oh, I see. It definitely makes sense to go all library all the way, then.
  4. I'm sorry, Scarlett. I meant that in a more "gentle friendly teasing" way than a mean way, but I can see I missed that mark.
  5. The bundle is basic hulu with ads. If you decide to upgrade to some other form of hulu then the bundle just automatically subtracts $6 from your total monthly bill.
  6. Ah, yes. Something by Carus publishing for each kid is where I'd go - Cricket and all that.
  7. You always give the clarifying information so far down the thread. Not that it matters in this case. Drop in friends should not have invited themselves in when they saw you weren't home, workers - even if they're mutual friends with both you and the drop in friends - should have said that it wasn't worth their job to do this tour without your presence.
  8. I went to the library during middle school for lunch. Always me, often two other kids who also were bullied and didn't want to be anywhere near the lunchroom ever.
  9. This would bother me a great deal.
  10. Nnedi Okorafor is always awesome and always recommended. But you know, Ottakee, you ought to be diversifying the books in your classroom overall, for all the students. Would you also like some books featuring non-white protagonists who aren't African-American?
  11. Man, if I ask parents for help picking presents for their kids, and they say "surprise me", the kids are getting a drum set, a big bag of candy, and copious amounts of glitter. I'm just saying. (I admit it, I'm not always that nice.) How much are you looking to spend per child? Or do you think you'd rather get one gift for the group?
  12. My social-justice friends who like sf/f and also classics like: The Goblin Emperor, The Imperial Radch Trilogy, and everything by Becky Chambers. Not classics, but other people seem to have those covered. Also, Murderbot.
  13. You want mostly realistic books, yes? How about The Mighty Miss Malone, The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street (with a caveat that the nyc high school application process is misrepresented - there are no zoned high schools in Manhattan, so the odds of both twins and their neighbors going to the same high school next year are definitely not 100%, yes I care about this deeply), The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond, The Parker Inheritance (warning - Jim Crow era violence), Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything In It (male protagonist), Full Cicada Moon, Like Vanessa, A Good Kind of Trouble, Flygirl, Celeste's Harlem Renaissance. That's just off the top of my head.
  14. Do you have WHOLE cumin or GROUND cumin, Sheryl? If you have WHOLE cumin, with that recipe I'd toss the cumin in to the oil before adding in the onion and celery, perhaps a tablespoon worth. With GROUND cumin I'd use perhaps a teaspoon or a half tablespoon and add it in after the lentils.
  15. Without any context, I'd guess it's simply a variation on the more familiar "between the devil and the deep blue sea", which roughly means, as expected, "between a rock and a hard place".
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