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  1. Have one person coordinate, and everybody gives their cash to that person.
  2. I'd say that it's fine so long as both children are okay with it. (Or if you legitimately have no spare bedrooms and there just isn't any other way to do it, but that doesn't sound like the case here.) In our culture I suspect most brother/sister pairs, assuming they have a choice, will want separate bedrooms by the double digits or, at latest, early teens.
  3. All mammals have urinary bladders. All rats are mammals, ergo, all rats have urinary bladders. That documentary was wrong if it said otherwise.
  4. The image is very funny, but of course they all chose seats in that row when they bought their tickets for the same reason you did when you entered the theater!
  5. Or any one of you posters, rather than wasting police time or wondering if you ought to have done so, could've just waved the car over and asked them if they were lost. Which they probably were, nothing nefarious at all. Even if they were doing something criminal, they're probably not planning to escalate it right here, right now into murder.
  6. Of course not. If your ticket says 8A, and some random person is sitting in 8A so you sit in 10A instead, then when the person whose ticket says 10A comes in you'll have to be the one hopping around from seat to seat. Are you certain that the kiosk that doesn't require you to pick a seat didn't assign you a seat at random? I find it hard to believe the system is that convoluted that it really allows both systems for the same theater at the same time. If so, you need to complain to the managers and have them fix this situation... and until they do, you really ought to assume that in a mixed system, all the "good" seats are going to be taken by reserved tickets when the movie actually starts.
  7. Tanaqui


    I don't hate the dog, but I hate the disease that makes them suffer and the virus that causes the disease.
  8. For many species, young birds are safer out of the nest. If it has feathers and is mobile, even it if can't fly, it's probably fine. If that's not the case, then you can return the bird safely to the nest if you can find it, or place it in a safe place - Mom will find it later. If you really think it is in danger, contact your local wildlife rehabilitator and ask their advice. Firstly, they are legally allowed to handraise baby birds - you aren't. Secondly, they know what they're doing. They know what to feed the bird and how, so the animal is not at risk of either malnourishment or aspiration. They know how to handle the bird minimally so it will return to the wild as a wild animal instead of a half-tame pet.
  9. Yeah, but unless there's a building-wide effort or the infestation is much smaller than it sounds like, one person working in her own office isn't going to make a dent in it. You gotta get the entire building 😞
  10. Then your domestic animals will continue to kill native songbirds. Edit: That sounds snarky, but that's just the way it is. I don't know of any way to prevent unsupervised cats and dogs, left outside, from killing insects and small animals such as songbirds and rodents.
  11. Then, Dawn, you must resign yourself to your fate.
  12. Then you should strive to keep them inside unless they're leashed or they're in an enclosure they can't leave.
  13. Tanaqui


    Loathing is endless. Hate is a bottomless cup. I will pour and pour. No, seriously, I try not to dwell on it, but yes, there are people I utterly despise. I wouldn't trouble myself to spit on them if they were dying of thirst. When they finally do drop dead, I'm gonna throw a big party, with champagne and confetti and balloon animals, and we'll all ceremoniously dance about singing hallelujah. Happily, I don't know any of these people personally. That'd be super awkward, amirite?
  14. Tanaqui


    Cycling back to "they're all awful people, seriously"
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