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  1. Well, consider me asking now. Fair's fair, Pen - I'm surely willing to speak to anybody over the phone. (This is a lie. I don't even like ordering pizza over the phone. But for this, I'll make an exception.)
  2. You walked right into that by bringing up your friend, you know. To be fair to Pen, that'd be my response if somebody said "I personally know somebody who will fess up to being part of this vast conspiracy".
  3. Worth noting: While it's easy to assume that people who ascribe to the absolutely batshoot conspiracy theories must be either crazy, stupid, or both - the truth is that there's not as strong a correlation as you think. Literally anybody can get sucked into conspiracy theories, just like literally anybody can get sucked into a cult or an abusive relationship. It makes us feel good to say "Wow, there is something wrong with that brain!" but neither sanity nor raw intelligence is a firm protection.
  4. Listen, I have advice to give you, but before I do I'm going to ask: Is this supposed to be a JAWM post? Or are you actively interested in advice? I'm asking that because I respect that you are an adult with your own opinions, feelings, and viewpoints, and that sometimes you might not want other people to give you blunt advice, no matter how much I might think you could benefit from having my opinion, feeling, or viewpoint instead of your own.
  5. Re: Timers - Thinking logically, it's not that difficult to set up a randomizer element so the lights go on and off at times that look organic and natural instead of "on a timer". Which I'd think anybody dedicated to maintaining an illusion would do. This is basic conspiracy theory reasoning. The powers that be are so strong and powerful that nobody can take them on, and so clever - but so very stupid that any idiot with a webpage can figure out their secrets and shadowy motives!
  6. Man, Niagara Falls is gonna be flipping jampacked, isn't it.
  7. Even when you're exclusively dating somebody it's not cheating to simply have friends of the same gender/sex as the person you're dating, or to text them, or to watch movies with them.
  8. If you're in pain, you gotta go, just like you have to go to urgent care if it's a non-dental medical matter.
  9. Do you have any neighbors who work in the same area he does, or coworkers who drive near to or through your area? Carpooling is a cheaper option than uber, and more environmentally responsible.
  10. Mmm, I might try the neighbor method again anyway if you don't have the oven coil. I know we're all covid cautious, but if it can survive a 350 oven I haven't heard it yet!
  11. Hey, twinsies! I guess it's true that great minds think alike 😄
  12. Do you have neighbors? Go outside, wait to see if a neighbor is in their yard, say "I know this is weird, but my oven died - can I borrow yours and share half these cookies with you?"
  13. Presumably seizures don't legally constitute a disability in this sense even if they are profoundly disabling. You have to remember that benefits programs in the US aren't generally designed to help people - they're designed to punish people for having the audacity to need help. This is as true for those who can't work due to disability as anything else, and so as many people are excluded as possible.
  14. And at 14, I'd say you're not. 14 is a very firmly average score.
  15. It wouldn't be fair for your husband to ask you to take over his brother's care mostly single-handedly, and honestly, it's not fair for him to implicitly ask you to do all the worrying and planning about this now. You need to speak with him honestly and remind him that whether he thinks about the future or not, it's thinking about him. If you don't make the plans now then one day you'll both look around and realize the future snuck up on you and became the present, and then what will you do? Nobody likes thinking about the future and planning for things like the care of a fragile elder or
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