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  1. I agree with kand. You want to be able to see (and smell!) the living conditions, the mother dogs, and so on.
  2. Skipping to the end, the existence of water isn't the concern - indeed, as the ice caps melt we're going to have more liquid water than we know what to do with! The concern is the usability of water. To be useful, water needs to be freshwater (not salt or brackish), without contamination, and in the places we need it to be. Right now, lots of farms and lots of people are situated either in places that are very sunny and rely on water from resevoirs or rivers, or places that are near rivers. Or coastal areas - most of the world's population lives near a coast. With climate change, one thing we can count on is the weather getting out of whack. If the snowpack fails in Colorado, and 10x the population is trying to tap the river for their farms and pools, the people at the furthest end of the river are going to have nothing to drink and no way to water their crops. If there is an enormous hurricane and my neighbor's pig farm gets drenched, I'll have entirely too much water and it'll all be full of fecal matter. If the factory next door keeps on putting their waste into the water because that's how they've saved pennies every year since regulations were introduced, my children will all suffer from lead poisoning and I'll probably get cancer. Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.
  3. I always love iZombie. I'm just saying.
  4. StellaM, when you're right, you're right - mental health issues in a whole family of children is not a coincidence. However, unless you're actually abusive or something traumatic happened to all of them I'm going to say that the not-a-coincidence part is probably genetics. Which you probably know intellectually even if it's hard to feel it inside. Caedmyn, if you think your kids probably qualify for an ADHD diagnosis, is there a reason you haven't pursued it? (And if they're all "mouth breathers" is it possible that they're chronically congested, have sleep apnea, and are tired all the time? The effect of disrupted sleep can look an awful lot like ADHD in children, and I don't even want to imagine how it looks if your child has disrupted sleep AND is also, coincidentally, ADHD. It's not fair that unrested children should get hyper and inattentive rather than look sleepy and droopy all the time, but there it is.)
  5. You have six kids, four of whom have learning disabilities. You're not a failure! That's hard work! Of course, my saying so can't help enough, but it's true. You're doing a harder job than most parents.
  6. Omishev, what you need to do is important too. Sucking up your needs and desires and trying to be content is ultimately bad for you and your children. Even if you can't get your husband to go to counseling, you might want to consider it for your own well-being.
  7. The Melendy books have some casual racism. I was surprised to open one and, within the first few pages, see an outright racial slur. (Alas, The Treasure Seekers by Nesbit has the same slur.) It's possible newer editions have been edited - this was an older edition I picked up used at The Strand.
  8. 😄 Lori, you're a doll, thanks! She's exiting 8th this year and next year - off to high school and adolescence! (Gonna boast again that she got into an improbably good high school. I really had thought her lack of grades and statewide test scores (oops) was going to be a dealbreaker, but I guess her portfolio and interview wowed them. I WANT YOU ALL TO BE IMPRESSED.) For reference, in case you're thinking of making a second list, I trust everybody's judgment implicitly and don't mind R rated movies so long as they're not actually gore-fests with no redeeming value. But no animal abuse or death without a warning - she was sanguine about Sweeney Todd, but that one episode of Futurama, Jurassic Bark? Waterworks, people. For a day and a half.
  9. We have a chihuahua and a toy poodle, both around 7 or 8 pounds. (The chi isn't fat, she's just large and may be a mix.) Temperatures in NYC in the winter don't get TOO cold, but they definitely dip below freezing, and the dogs go out on a walk unless the weather is truly inclement. (Which means rain, snow, sleet, or really really cold.) Plus, as a money saving measure, I make everybody wear sweaters all the time rather than ever touching the thermostat. This includes the doggies. Those sweaters go on in fall and only come off at bathtime. The dogs don't get to be naked again until spring. Sometimes they wiggle out of their sweaters at night, and in the morning I say "Look at you! If dogs were supposed to be naked, you'd have been born that way!" In the summer they wear clothes too, but then it's because they look really cute all dressed up. And on Halloween they have their costumes. My cats look at me funny if I try to put clothes on them, so if it gets cold I guess they just have to shiver.
  10. 1. Lieutenant 2. These are all good ideas everybody, and I'm making a list even as I type!
  11. We've got only a few months left of our homeschooling life. (Hurrah! The kiddo is literally counting the days until she starts high school - aaaaaaand on that note let me just say that she got into a really good school so we're super excited!) I want to fill up a few hours in a fun way every week, so I'm thinking classic or ought-to-be-classic or will-be-classic movies. Something we can talk about, preferably things available on Netflix or Amazon prime. The must sees, just like we all have our ideas of what books are must reads. (And this will fill a gap in my own education too! My family was never big on watching movies growing up, and now I read TvTropes for funzies and they're constantly referencing movies I haven't watched or heard of.) Content wise, if you all think something is appropriate on the sex/violence front for your kids, I probably agree. I'm a bit more liberal about those than a lot of you! However, I'd appreciate a warning if you know for a fact that a movie includes the death of an animal (especially a pet). Any genre is okay, though I'm probably not going to watch more than one or two really super sad movies about the Holocaust or the Titanic or whatevs.
  12. People say that, but other than the testing requirement it's mostly just busywork. I literally write "I intend to educate my child in all required subjects" for the IHIP and "My child has completed her coursework for this quarter" for three out of four quarterly reports. Then she takes a standardized test... which I'm allowed to choose, and also proctor myself, which actually scares me! At her grade level we only need to take a test every other year, but it's easier for me to do it yearly. Maybe other districts do it differently from NYC, though. OP, I hope you can find just one or two other families who would like to meet up at the park once a week or for board games monthly or whatever. There's got to be somebody else just as frustrated.
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