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  1. LOL, how funny! You had me going! Of course, nobody, not even a really hardened bigot, would think that merely speaking another language is "aggressive" or possibly consider that anybody would use a public performance such as this to curse out the other party! HAHA! I almost thought you were serious, but nobody would honestly think something so silly. What's next? Signing during the pledge confused you because she might actually have been signing slurs? *giggles* That's really funny.
  2. That doesn't not sound like ADHD. From the outside, ADHD can look a lot like that. For that matter, so can autism and probably any other disability in that general cluster. I'm not saying that there's anything else going on but the dyslexia, but... well, it's very common for dyslexia to go hand-in-hand with one or more other learning disabilities that might affect focus, processing speed, the ability to hold a normal sleep schedule.... I'd assume, if he was formally diagnosed dyslexic, that they screened for at least the biggies at the same time, but....
  3. Here, have a zombie video. (Be sure to turn the captioning ON.)
  4. Yes, like I've been saying, whatever you or I may think of her, she is a professional and she knows what she's doing - and nothing about this inauguration was left to chance. I don't care if other people like it or dislike it - honestly, I think that's about the least interesting thing to say about anything! - but I'm surprised so many people (not just here) seem to think that she... idk, just decided to steal the show for no reason. We actually watched the Amazon Prime stream which turned out to be produced by the team responsible for putting the inauguration together - as I think I
  5. Are reusable bags really a vector for COVID, though? I mean, reusable clothes aren't, and god knows lots of people aren't rewashing their masks between uses....
  6. I do! But this is because I always include ALL the verses to ALL the songs and not because I'm so worked up about private property. (I mean, don't get me wrong, I am. But that's not why I sing the verses.)
  7. I promise you, just because you think that doesn't make it true. It was less than 30 years ago that the notoriously racist Prop 187 was passed in California. I live in NYC which is also a very very multicultural area. This is a question that comes up. This seems a very funny thing to say given that you don't seem interested in learning from other people explicitly telling you that this specific question, in all its variations, is inappropriate. Why don't you actually try walking in other people's shoes before you tell me how wonderful it is?
  8. Sure - but you don't seriously think she adlibbed, do you? The Bidens didn't just call up their three favorite singers who'd take their calls and ask them to show up. The performers were all chosen for their political value. (Well, we'll assume Lady Gaga was picked in no small part because she has the range to sing the anthem. That's not easy if you aren't going to switch octaves midway through!) Garth Brooks was picked to appeal to the country music demographic. Jennifer Lopez was picked to appeal to Hispanics, who did not support Biden (or the Democrat party generally) as much
  9. Most manners advice I've read suggests that, formally, you're not supposed to say excuse me. That's for burping. For farting you're supposed to pretend it didn't happen.
  10. LOL, I'm sure Woody Guthrie would've approved. Would you rather she'd gone on and sung the verses about abolishing private property? She didn't put her own lines in anyway. It was a medley - This Land is Your Land, a spoken bridge including an exhortation to join in + a few lines from the Pledge of Allegiance (in Spanish), then back to melody for America the Beautiful.
  11. ...we also all have to learn not to ask impolite and intrusive questions. I learned as a child not to ask every question that popped into my head.
  12. I think it's more an issue of familiarity - when they're more used to them, they're, well, more used to them. Though for me, it's only in the past year that I've had any cashiers* outside of Trader Joe's willing to use my bags. Previously, if I wasn't using their bags, I had to bag my own - often after rushing down to the end of the lane going "I HAVE MY OWN BAG! DON'T WORRY!" before they could forget and start bagging into plastic. Now that they charge for bags (and no more plastic) they're a lot less likely to forget! Not that I get to the grocery store much nowadays. It's all deli
  13. I'm also autistic, and like many autistics I have more than a touch of developmental foreign accent syndrome. Even as a white woman, hearing a million variations on "So, where are you really from?" is tiresome. I can only imagine it'd be more frustrating if I had to constantly wonder if the subtext was maybe "You don't really belong here, you're not a real American".
  14. Jennifer Lopez, whatever you think of her, isn't Kanye. This was scripted and no doubt approved in advance by the organizers. "Let's get loud" can be read as "Everybody join in" - same as Garth Brooks said - in a celebratory way.
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