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  1. No onions and garlic growing up!? What, were your parents vampires? (I am also making a sadface over the fact that you can't enjoy cilantro. Truly, that gene is a curse.)
  2. I'm suddenly reminded that I don't think I like your husband very much. I hope I'm confusing you with somebody else and this is a one-off for him. But putting him aside, just how restricted is your kid's diet? Is it possible that his increased "pickiness" (a term I despise, for reasons I'll get into if you ask) is due to any combination of puberty, anxiety, depression? Is this something that is best addressed by speaking to a specialist - usually an SLP?
  3. You don't need to read between the lines, people have been outright pointing to the ultra-Orthodox communities. And not without reason, because they're not really a community that's big on secular education or non-religious authorities in the first place. In this, they're not much different from many other isolated religious groups. Add in the High Holy Days, and anybody could've seen this coming. Many people did, in fact, see it coming - just like we all saw a rise in cases beforehand in areas that allowed large gatherings in churches around Easter, or in college towns that are still ins
  4. Weird terminology. Why do you keep referring to slaves? At any rate, where I live on Staten Island half the houses in my immediate neighborhood are filled with the same family that was there when we moved in in the early 1990s. You frequently have three or more generations in the same home. Even when people move, they don't go far. So... you don't know me and you don't know what you're talking about. But what we all know is this - when you're speaking to somebody about one subject, and they seem bound and determined to switch to another subject, ANY other subject, it's because t
  5. You're not making an observation, though. You're making a claim first about what other people are 'really' saying when they complain about SNAP (and I gotta say, your experience may be different from mine, but nobody I overhear is saying what you claim) and then about who really is receiving it. Your rudeness and defensiveness looks like you can't actually put your money where your mouth is.
  6. Well, you have everything you need there for salsa verde. Make the salsa verde, cook up some chicken and corn in a skillet, serve with tortillas as tacos.
  7. Oh, they all say that, but when you ask them to back up their assertion that those people are widespread and running rampant in society, ruining things for everybody else, they never can quite stick the landing. HeighHo, Scarlett is right. You're the one making that claim, you're the one with the burden of proof here. It's not unreasonable to ask you to show that a significant portion of SNAP recipients could actually do without. (Note - the fact that some percentage of SNAP recipients are working under the table is not sufficient, because cutoffs for all forms of welfare are so restricti
  8. I'm questioning this whole argument that somebody's physical appearance is sufficient reason to bar them from certain occupations. If this is the argument you're using, that some appearances are just so disturbing that it's not okay for them to work with kids, then that argument is inherently flawed. But let's go for a middle ground. This is France, it's relevant - what if it was a Muslim woman who wore a hijab, and some parents found that offensive? Obviously it's a personal choice to wear certain clothing. That's definitely the argument that's been consistently made in France about hija
  9. What if it wasn't tattoos? What if he had a "disturbing" appearance because he got into a car accident and had to have reconstructive surgery? What if he was born with a disfiguring disability that didn't affect his ability to teach but did affect his physical appearance? What if it wasn't a teacher? What if it was a classmate? If your argument is "he shouldn't teach because his appearance is scary", then at what point are you saying that some people should not be allowed to be in the classroom at all? Is it only some scary appearances that are bad and others are okay?
  10. I don't have advice to help with the nausea, but I implore you to not beat yourself up over this. You're not "ridiculous" - you're having a physical reaction to something viscerally disturbing. Not everybody has this particular reaction to this particular trigger, but it's certainly within the norm for human behavior. On the whole, humans feel disgust really very easily. I agree that you need to get this under control in order to help your husband, but this is not a character flaw. So please don't think of it as one.
  11. Do you realize that if you make $50k a year, only about $36 of your taxes goes to fund SNAP? Every time I hear some jerkface complaining about "people who spend other people's money" I want to hand them a $50, tell them it's a refund and to keep the change. (I'd rapidly run out of money if I did that, and those jerks still wouldn't shut up.)
  12. Originalists claim all of the above, but in practice many people notice that they tend to think that the Founders views, amazingly, happen to coincide perfectly with their own.
  13. Oh, I see. She's your mother and not a random person. I was not clear on that, and that definitely changes my view of the situation here. I think it's probable that you have a good idea of when your mother is and is not being honest with you about her health, especially as you are in close contact with her. However, while I understand that you're angry with her - and for good reason, given these facts stated! - I don't know that it doesn't do more harm than good to make any sort of formal complaint. Not for your mother, maybe, but perhaps for other people who might suffer if the people se
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