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Children's Librarian asked me for Recs.

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I was talking to the children's librarian in my medium-sized town and he asked me what books would be good to buy for the library to have for homeschoolers. They JUST ordered the newest edition of The Well Trained Mind. I mentioned to him to flip through it for ideas but he also asked for more places to look. What sources or books do you wish your library had? Books about homeschooling and books for your kids. 

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SOTW activity guide, along with the comment that it is a 4 year cycle, so don't cull by use every year. (Oops, I guess I need to bring that up with my own library.)

The Mike Venezia books are great, but they must be getting old because I have had to inter-library loan every president this go-round, except the lame one who was born in our state and John Tyler who got dropped in a puddle on our way to the library 5 years ago and so we own.

My dc seem to enjoy the plethora of historical choose-your-own adventure books.

Books for Poetry Tea? There is a library program wrapped right into that suggestion. 

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All of the recommended literature in the SOTW activity guides. That's primarily what I'm putting on hold every week.

MY library doesn't have but one or two Horrible Histories. That's what we need!!

The "You wouldn't want to..." books.

Little Einsteins videos.

Jim Weiss audio CDs.

Trailblazer books by Dave and Neta Jackson

These are things my library has, but not a complete collection.

One of my friends told me she's been talking to our library about setting up a microscope lab with slides. Sounds awesome; too bad we'll be done with bio before that ever happens.

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Things I've really wished my library had: Life of Fred, BOB books, Story of the World books

Things I'm glad my library has: A set of the History of US books by Joy Hakim, many Dear America novels, many classic Newberry titles, lots of the "Who was...?" series of biographies, the "What Does Your  ___ Grader Need to Know?" series, Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner (checked out more than once), books and historical novels on the history of my state

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