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  1. I should get the full eval report for the SLP next week. She really stressed that she wants us to work together so I'm hoping she will be more helpful than the last SLP. I wasn't with her for the eval because I was at my other daughters PT. It is Neuropsych I don't know if they are doing all of the testing at this apt or not. They weren't super clear. I will be up there for cardiology in Nov and will find out then what to expect at the Dec NeuroPhych apt then. Our Social Worker and Coordinator up there are super helpful. Once I told them we were having trouble locally I got a call with an appointment date up there. It's just trying to see anyone within a 2-hour drive that's a nightmare.
  2. The wait lists in my area are crazy. From the time of referral it took us over a year to get into therapy then her SLP moved and its been several months since then to get into a new one. (My other daughter is on 3 waitlists for OT and has been for 16 months). Getting into Nuropsych has been a similar struggle. That's where we are going in Dec. The schools here are slower. A TON of places around here won't see kids over 10. We had to go through her transplant clinic to get into a nurophych clinic over 3 hours away.
  3. Background: My 13-year-old daughter had a heart transplant at 9 and we suspect some brain damage from the bypass machine. Apt in Dec with a specialist for that. Today we FINALLY were able to get an evaluation done by a SLP who listened to what we said. Her verbal scores are normal but she is reading at a third-grade instructional level, writing is worse. She remembers almost no details about what she reads. We have done both phonics and sight words instruction and have made almost no progress in the past 3 years. I feel like we have tried everything under the sun for reading, writing, and spelling. I'm at a loss as to what to do now.
  4. I'm looking for recommendations for my daughter. She wants a career in the arts and has forever. I'm looking for something secular to guide her in developing her drawing, painting and sculpting skills. She is in 6th grade.
  5. I was talking to the children's librarian in my medium-sized town and he asked me what books would be good to buy for the library to have for homeschoolers. They JUST ordered the newest edition of The Well Trained Mind. I mentioned to him to flip through it for ideas but he also asked for more places to look. What sources or books do you wish your library had? Books about homeschooling and books for your kids.
  6. WWE starts with basic questions about the story then asks them to say one thing they remember from the story. The passage was from Little house in the big woods.
  7. The lesson we did was one paragraph (about 6 sentences). Next time I'll try sentence by sentence.
  8. I'll bring that up to his mom. We have been focusing on reading and math up until now. He's reading at about a 1st-grade level and his math was about there as well. (By common core standards which is what his school follows)
  9. I'm helping a friend over the summer. Their son will be 8 next week and just failed 2nd grade. I'm good helping with most things but I'm stuck on one problem. I've started WWE 1 with him. On day 2 is the first narration. He could not answer a single question about the story. I reread it to him and nothing. His answers were completely unrelated to what I had just read to him. Any Ideas on how I can help with this?
  10. First a bit of background. My girls are 8 (9 in a month) and 7. I also have a four year old boy. The last 5 years have been... just rough. We moved across country, my husband got sick, passed away, we moved back across country, were homeless for a month, have moved 4 times, I remarried (an old friend that we have known for years), and my oldest daughter has been put on the heart transplant list. Though my oldest hasn't had her transplant yet she is stable enough to wait at home and things have FINALLY settled down. Some how during this time the girls have learned to read, add and subtract, very basic multiplication and division, and they have become quite good at narration and copy-work. We have not been "doing school" regularly but I think it is time. I am looking for advice on how to ease into a more structured education. I'm hopping to spend the summer easing into school, focusing on reading, writing (REALLY lacking in this department), and math. So we can start up "for real" in the Fall. Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you
  11. I think mines a 2010... Week 21 Starts reading Treasure Island in the literature section and gets up through chapter 34. Does that line up?
  12. My 7 year old is doing FLL, WWE, A Reason for Handwriting, AAS, and lots of reading.
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