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Toys for kids who love pressing buttons


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My boy has loved pressing buttons right from when he was a baby! He likes snap circuits, but at age 4 there's a limited range of things he can do with it. I don't want to fork out $$ for littlebits yet (it is quite expensive in Australia).


Any other toys that are both constructive (ie you build it) and interactive? Especially something with buttons? Any blocks that you can connect together in different ways to do different things?


We already have Duplo, Magnatiles, Brackitz, Tegu blocks, Rolka blocks, and 2 types of snap circuits, the basic and one with lights. 

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I guess I was the favorite toy because boy howdy did this kid like to push MY buttons.  :0)




lol, yeah, that did come to mind. 


He's a bit old for cash register type thing. I ended up looking at zoob toys that can turn into various vehicles. Which isn't pressing buttons, but should keep him busy.


I've totally got this idea for a building plus button toy, where changing the configuration of the blocks would change what happened when you hit a button. But I guess that means it would be computerised . . . I'll have to invent it with a raspberry pi one day, when I have spare time, haha. 

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I've been wanting to make a quiz board to mount in the hallway for my kids.  You know those things they have at museums sometimes where you push a button that is next to a question, and when you push the button that is next to the answer, a light bulb comes on?  I want to be able to switch the wires on the back so I can connect different buttons together, so I can change out the questions.

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Button-pushing toys:
Alphabet toys -- Batta, or Leap Frog Learning Tablet, or Leap Frog Leaptop
VTech Click & Count Remote
Toiing Memorytoi (looks like a pre-school version of Simon)
Toy piano or keyboard

Construction fidgets:
Construction pegboard building set
Marble Run set
Wikki Stix

Farther afield ideas:
Multilink cubes + activity book?
Geoboards + task cards/activity book?
Pattern Blocks + task cards/activity book?

ETA -- aarrgghhh -- caught by the zombie 🧟‍♂️

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