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  1. I learned "never eat shredded wheat," in small-town Midwest as a kid. The asking for north/south is also a rural Midwest thing. I've not heard it on the east coast, or south, and I think its because the midwest, north of Kentucky, is laid out in squares. Giving directions is almost as easy as those maps on a graph worksheets they do in first grade. Other places have roads that are too curvy and windy to just be referred to with cardinal directions.
  2. I really would like to be able to go for long walks at a good pace again, but my 2 youngest can't keep up at a pace that is workout level for me. My 5yo is about 45lbs and 45", and my 3yo is just a little smaller, and they don't seem comfortable in several of the strollers I've tried. Their legs hang off the ends, their shoulders are hunched or squished, or they tilt towards each other. I'd let them ride their bikes, but we don't have a place to walk that is safe from car traffic. I have about a $200 budget.
  3. We travel a lot, and live in a not-so-safe area. I will sometimes leave my kids alone in public places, but I much prefer to leave them with a buddy. I'd let my 10 and 12 year old stay there, or my 10 and 9. I'd also let my 5yo stay with any of the older ones. My 7yo, however, always must be in my line of sight. Because she's SO unpredictable, lol.
  4. I'd give my NT child that age some ultimatums. 1. Wear your jacket, or don't go to camp. 2. Wear your jacket without complaint when sister picks you up, or you wear a sweater to school. 3. If you truly need help, fine, but no more giving sister trouble. And, if you want to go to camp and truly can't remember, then mom or sister goes. Basically, I'd tell her this was non negotiable. If she cant, then she has to accept help, and humbly. The ball is in her court at that point.
  5. A bruise from an unknown origin that is the size of a dollar would concern me. Like a dollar bill? That's pretty big. If I couldn't think of a specific injury, I'd take her in. Actually, because of the location, I'd take her in for an injury, too.
  6. Have you taken his temperature? I'd want to rule out the idea of an infection.
  7. It is my understanding that the separation process takes a long time. First, he must be healed as much as he is going to be able to heal. Then, he will be assigned a nondeployable job somewhere while his medical retirement paperwork and meetings and etc are completed. I think it often takes a year or so after he is fully discharged from medical care before he would be completely done with the military.
  8. Good idea! Or, you could continue them. How many kids did Elizbeth and Darcy have, anyway?
  9. I don't know if you are a Christian, but I recite scripture I've memorized. Forcing myself to say the words over in my mind has gotten me through many a trying time. I also sing songs in my head to drown out other thoughts.
  10. I think it is messy because it seems those are items that an adult left behind. If the items strewn about were toys, and underneath the child clutter was tidy, I wouldn't think a thing of it.
  11. Gliotoxins are associated with aspergillus, which is black mold. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2043361/
  12. Someone talking, often more than 1 someone.
  13. Different stuff, but I had one like this, and felt the same way. I felt like starting each call with, "I promise I'm a responsible parent, it's just THIS kid..." She was just SO fast, and did crazy stuff when I was right there. We were walking around outside, and she just grabbed a bunch of unknown berry things off this plant and swallowed them, fast! I was there, like 2 steps away! She's calmer now, at 7, but I still caught her "practicing climbing" with a rope tied to the bunkbed yesterday. That doesn't sound so bad, but it was, trust me.
  14. It's been a busy day, but I really appreciate these responses. I'll look into things more tmrw night after the kids are in bed. Thanks so much.
  15. Thank you! I also started another thread about being a reading tutor. I think I may have found my new passion! Thank you for posting this today!
  16. I assume it isn't the same as teaching my homeschooled kids to read. What education and credentials do I need?
  17. That is an amazing idea. If a person wanted to really make a difference, it could be by being a reading tutor.
  18. Is the reverse true? That if you can teach a child to read, their likelihood of going to prision dramatically decreases? Or are there confounding factors?
  19. This is death for unschoolers, lol. My kids are all working above grade level, but until this year would have told you, "We don't do school." Exercise and extracurriculars? They are all in multiple sports, and some do music lessons, but if you asked them what they did yesterday, anyone under 10 (my kids) is going to give an unhelpful variation of "nothing," or "ate ice cream and watched tv." I think a yearly curriculum/portfolio review is enough. Oh, and I'd accept proctored testing.
  20. Yes, no difference. They drink milk some (most dairy comes from cheeses), and rarely (not even weekly) 100% juice. Other than that, my kids only drink water.
  21. I agree that lack of community is the problem. I'm still trying to figure out what that looks like, but I've been stepping up in a lot of ways I wouldn't have even 6 months ago. Maybe, probably, some of these extreme things could be avoided if we knew each other a little better, and intervened a little harder. Personally supporting families and each other before things got out of hand. I don't know. All I can do is what I can do.
  22. Definitely no blaming! She's only 5! I was just wondering if I could help her somehow. Super weird how your genetic history played out!
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