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  1. When giving oral summaries, how close would you expect your child to come to the sample summaries? (An 8 year old). We are on week 20, Alexander the Great and his horse. Son included most of the information but left out "why" the horse was wild. Overall, I though his summary was good, and it included two compound sentences. How far do you push (edit/revise) to get the summary "just right?"
  2. I actually remembered my first order without looking it up...a purple eyelash curler...lol. But, I decided to check my account. I also ordered the devotional Night Light. This was 2005.
  3. Do you have any probiotics? I try to take probiotics regularly, but especially when I'm run down, feeling a cold coming on.
  4. Brussel sprouts, roasted broccoli, corn casserole
  5. The story is set up to be read on the first lesson of the week. So, in a perfect world, that means both kids would have their story on Monday. But because of life, my kids' stories are not on the same day and not on Mondays. The story takes between 5-10 minutes. My oldest could read the story for himself, but I read the story to both kids. I always do a bit of review and teaching. The answers are in the back of the book, although I think a level or two may have downloadable answers.
  6. Last thought, take the placement test. Your child's level may not match their grade. Master Books recommends Level 1 for 1st grade, but I started my youngest in Level 1 at age 5.5 and he has been fine.
  7. MLFLE does provide a thorough explanation. From the time MLFLE introduces the number 10 (in level 1) it explains place value thoroughly, that the number 23 is 2 groups of ten and 3 ones. MLFLE then takes that strong knowledge of place value and shows why we borrow and carry (starting in level 2, I believe). MLFLE has shown us the relationship between multiplication, division, and fractions (in level 3). I know, at first glance, people may think the pages look too simple, but I love how MLFLE teaches why we solve problems in a certain way and not just how we solve problems in a certain way. ETA: The lessons are short but not to the point of being ineffective. There are hands on activities. ETA2: Other concepts are being taught in those levels, not just place value, double digit addition/subtraction, multiplication.
  8. I have two math-minded kids, and they both do well with MLFLE. I cannot compare it to Horizons because we have not used Hoizons.
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