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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

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Good morning everyone!



-drive oldest to school

-stop at Publix for things he needs for Spanish class Cinco de Mayo party tomorrow

-school with youngest

-exercise (total body weights)


-pick up oldest from school

-baseball for oldest

-dinner (no ideas at this point).


ETA:  youngest's friends are all texting him asking why he isn't at the end of year co-op party.  Sigh.  I don't feel like socializing today but I'm off to the co-op party

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She's home!!! Dd made it home safely last night. I'm so glad to have her home for a long summer break. She actually has a doctor's appointment this morning to go over results of some blood work she had done at an appointment when she was home earlier. Prayers for nothing serious would be appreciated!




breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats



To Do:


go with dd to appointment

ds' school

take a set of books to the post office if I receive payment today

labeling and packing up items for a yard sale at a different location (if the weather is going to be good)




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Good morning!


Prayers that all goes well at your dd's appointment, mom31257!


•I am hoping for a quiet, productive day at home. The last few days have been too hectic and have left me feeling like I've been run over by a truck.  :svengo:


•Dd needs to have an online speaking appt. with her Japanese instructor, so hopefully our internet will cooperate and not be horribly slow

•office work (deal with the beginning-of-the-month avalanche of bills)

•farrier appointment this afternoon (I have had a vet or farrier appt. every single day this week. *Sigh* $$$)

•dinner: fish and chips

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Colonoscopy day.  I'm sorry if it's annoying that I keep mentioning this.  It's kind of at the top of my mind.


That, and I'm missing my morning coffee!


I should be doing a bunch of reports which are late, since I am not touching work for at least the rest of the day after my procedure.  I'm worried about what the drugs will do to my brain.  However, I don't seem to be able to concentrate.  I have about 1 more hour before I have to leave.  :/


Got the kids off to school.  Though Miss A forgot her track shoes, so I promised to try dropping them off on the way to the hospital.

Confirmed rides to & from hospital and for my kids to get home from track.

Should do some work.

Need to make myself decent and try to leave a bit early for a change.

After that, whatever ....  Seems like a good day to catch up on my sleep.

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Good morning! dh and ds3 left early for tennis and I assume, taking ds3 directly to enrichment day. It is his second to last one (missing the last class for a trip to DC with his grandmother). Ds1 and ds2 are still sleeping and dd2 is off to school. Not completely sure what the day holds, probably unpleasant surprises or frustrations with ds1. 


To do:

finish coffee

get ds2 up and sorted with school (nearing the end...cc final on Monday, work for me due 15th)

try to re-assert control over my life by cleaning

emails I didn't get to yesterday

weed a little, if allergies aren't too bad

jen things, if able

PM practices swim/swim

dh and ds2 to opera tonight, I think


Have a great day!

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Dd and I went to the appointment together. They say she has mild PCOS. One of the antigens (not sure if I'm right on that word) was off. For some reason they didn't test her testosterone level, so they drew blood. I also asked that they do a full panel on her thyroid instead of just the main two. Once they see the testosterone level, that will show how much she should consider going on the pill. 


They told her to eat a lower carb diet and get more exercise to help with the insulin resistance that can come with it. Her A1C was good, so she's not diabetic yet. 





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