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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I don't think I have posted all week!  Wow, time flew so fast!  It has been a very busy week!  I won't go into detail but I am TGIF!


Anyway, today:

Watch religion video

do a bit of Latin with teens (sorely neglected this subject this week)

15 yo finish up math homework

mass at noon

lunch (Chipotle?)

15 yo to math tutor

I may have to watch some kids for a couple of hours for mom facing crisis illness with her dh.  It's very sad.  What to do with 3 rambunctious children on a too-cold-to-be-outside day???  Indoor playground at chick fil a????

I think 15 yo is going out tonight (social butterfly that she is.  Meanwhile, 18 yo will feel gloomy because he isn't going out, but the truth is he really doesn't want to anyway, lol)

Dinner?  No idea

Evening plans - read a lot.


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Friday, yay!


•housework (dust,bathrooms,kitchen floor)

•put away laundry

•maybe run to walmart for a few things

•office work (bills)


•make sure ds has everything he needs for ACT tomorrow


•dinner=homemade pizza

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Had a fight with case manager. :mellow: Spent rest of day on the verge of tears :crying:

Awwwww, I'm sorry :(



Last day of testing youngest

Oldest to eye exam

Daughter to follow up on a job application

Must go to Sam's

Oldest to work

Clean kitchen


Put away clean laundry


Begin planning and prepping for school

Arggo just remembered dinner tonight let sigh

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First day of state today. Dd2 is already off on the bus. Dh and ds3 went out to play tennis, but it just got really windy. I have an abbreviated day, as most of it will be spent at state prelims.


To do: 


clean kitchen

get ds2 working

ds3 working

off to watch swimming


decent dinner of some kind



Have a great day!

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  • Slept like a normal person.  Yay!

Got the kids off to the school bus.

Slept a little more.

Had boss bite my head off for not being done with everything that's due in the next month.  Great attitude booster!

Got the house to myself for maybe an hour.  Cleaned the kitchen.  Did some self-care, including a little yoga.


Pay some bills.

A little reading, exercise, housework.

Later we'll go out to dinner and enjoy a couple shows on the boob toob.

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I should be working on reports, instead I am here, yawning.

Didn't sleep very well.

Need to:


  • Move on with academic reading
  • Do reports for tomorrow
  • Exercise / Yoga stretches
  • If a break in the rain, take dog for walk
  • Prep some kind of dinner


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Laundry    first load drying, second load in the washer
Make dinner - spaghetti, salad and garlic bread  almost done
Budget     done!
Watch a movie?   chick flick tonight, I think,  instead of a movie for the kids


Pour a glass of wine     done! we need an emoji with a wine glass.

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