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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Walk new arrival to bus stop


Jogged back home to take twins to preschool


In town bumped into another permanent care parent. Was nice to get some stuff off my chest.


Home to teach ds 13 - he was on strike.


In to town for a team meeting at the school


Do kid swap with dh - he took twins to river for swim while I did the team meeting. Then he took new arrival to swimming lessons while I took twins home to cook tea.


It was very hot today 38oC came home to a upset dd as dh had said he was taking her surfing. Ds13 was still on strike. Once again running around after new arrival's needs has negatively impacted on my own biological children.

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  • Been up working in the wee hours.

Get a little sleep - though I should be doing more work ....

Kids off to school.

More work.

A little reading, housework, exercise.

Pick up kids at 3:00ish and take to library for book discussion.  Work at library.

Kids' homework at library.

Kids to scout field trip.

Finish whatever kids' work is left.

Kids to bed.


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We have snow. We also had a late night last night.  Lessons will be delayed to allow boys to sleep in and then play in the snow.  Most winters we are tired of snow by February.  This year, we've had almost no snow.


Shovel sidewalks and driveway

Take trash and recycling bins to curb


Bring in trash and recycling bins

Boys to swimming

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Daughter to school

Day 2 of testing for youngest

Clean kitchen

Youngest to enrichment


Pick up youngest, take oldest to work, pick up daughter (all in one trip! Weeeeeeeeee)



Freeze all day because it is in the high 30's today after being in the 60's.....


Have a good day everyone!

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Good morning! Fairly regular day here. Dd2 off to school, about to leave to take ds3, and get ds2 up for his big school workday. There was a great article in the local paper about dd2 so that was nice. State starts tomorrow for her.


To do:

take ds3 to school

home for a little bit

dentist for me

daily chores


pick up ds3

take dd2 to hs practice

take ds3 to pratice

pick up in reverse order


Have a great day!

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Thursday!  This week has been so tough.  


pick up photos from Walgreens and deliver to friend

send work email

go workout

get cleaned up

go sew!! (and I mean it)

lunch with dh

finish sewing

pick up tickets for choir concert

get home and tidy up

violin lesson

pick up dd and ds

help ds get ready 

go to service


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~ thaw meat for dinner!
~ shower

~ schoolwork with kiddos
~ start dinner in crockpot
~ one load each of towels and sheets
~ order new tablecloths

~ write out next weeks schoolwork checklists for kids
~ bathe youngest
~ exercise
~ clean kitchen and bathroom
~ bake bread
~ start flower seeds with girls
~ tonight after dh gets home: Walmart for growlight and nephew birthday gift

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human care done though I still need to take a shower sometime.

pet care done

medical care done

school in progress

kitchen clean

garbage situation taken care of as best as I can with two weeks worth of garbage piling up (snow meant that the trucks couldn't get through)

ds at work

dd at babysitting

took care of a local political thing

took care of paying two bills


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