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What "machine" do you think needs to be improved?


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DS has an assignment for a class where he has to work with a team to identify a weakness in a machine or electronic equipment and propose how they would improve it.


It can be a cell phone or computer, but I think most of the groups will use that. What's a creative one they could use?


I thought about a coffee pot that would grind, brew, and pour the coffee right into my mouth after traveling upstairs to my bedroom. Alas, I think it has to be within the realm of possibility.




ETA: I think it could be a piece of equipment, not necessarily electronic.

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Most portable dehumidifiers have impossible to clean water capture buckets. We currently have to remove three screws and another part to clean the bucket. The bucket must be cleaned regularly, though, or a biofilm develops. I think, structurally, that a flap lid could be created for the bucket enabling you to do both a controlled dump or accumulated water AND access the bucket for easy cleaning.

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A diagnostic  machine for doctors/midwives to check on the functioning of a woman's reproductive organs that is minimally invasive and way more comfortable than the current pelvic exam & Pap test. It ALWAYS hurts like the Dickens and makes me bleed, even though there is nothing wrong with me. And it's not just a matter of having a bad doctor because I've seen a ton of different gynecologists, midwives, and family practice physicians over the years and every single one has left me in sore and bleeding afterwards.

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Unfortunately the snow plow problem is user error in the part of the operator, I think.


In our house we could use a dishwasher that would just go ahead and clean the dishes that are stacked on top. It would save me a fair amount of hounding people.


Drawing a blank on things that could exist in reality.

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Water filtration for refrigerators. Water filters for pools. 

Hot tubs. I don't know what they'd improve, but they could have fun trying to.

Hair dryers. I used mine the other day and when I pulled the plug out, a couple seconds later I accidently grabbed the metal part of the plug and it burnt my fingers.

The light bulb. Make it safer for the environment and safer for humans.



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