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  1. Democracy Dies in Darkness. When fact becomes opinion, and opinion becomes taboo, ignorance prevails.

    1. swimmermom3


      I would think that when opinion becomes "fact," ignorance prevails?

    2. chiguirre


      That swings both ways. You can state opinion and treat them as though they are facts (and hope you fool inattentive people) or you can devalue facts by saying they're just someone else's opinion.

  2. New resources posted at hwtk.net

  3. I like the first HWT workbook and reading Rebus books at that age. Also, all my kids loved Starfall.com when they were younger.
  4. Adding another name to follow for travel stuff on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dailytraveltip This guy operates a crowdsourced review site. Your son might be able to become a contributor.
  5. Re: Travel accounts on Twitter I like GlobalGaz, BonVoyagers, Nature Pro Gallery, Travel2Next, Life on Earth and BBCEarth. But there are many others. Some focus on geographic regions, others or particular types of travel or sport.
  6. I follow some amazing travel bloggers on Twitter. Earth Pics, Nat Geo and several other organizations all have websites and social media accounts focused on travel. The Virtual Teacher offers a full range of art lessons. There are ways to feed his existing interests. FWIW, some folks are making lots of $ creating Minecraft based learning modules and I know lots of adults who play Pokemon Go. Everyone had different interests. It sounds like your son has interests, they just don't seem interesting to you or DH. LOL
  7. They may not be perfect, but after he writes his citations you can check them against and online citation builder. Here's one, but there are others: http://www.citationmachine.net/ You enter your information and style and the app puts it into correct form. Viewing published research articles online is also a good way to 'learn by example.' You just have to choose one with the correct format. I work with an editor who reviews my citations for me when I need to use them in an article. She's very good at telling my what I did wrong so I can learn.
  8. With our system, anything you can view on your PC from instructional disks to webpages to pdf files can be thrown up on the big screen. In the classroom, I use the computer to put up a large image of any worksheet or text page we are working on together. I also use the large screen for videos that go along with our lessons. If I am helping a child with an individual lesson that has an online component I sometimes use the big screen so we can both view the lesson comfortably. In the family room, we stream Netflix, Discovery Education, The Great Courses and sometimes Coursera.
  9. Dh has a cable running from the computer to the TV and then runs some sort of program on the computer that makes it happen. The computer is the primary controller and the TV just serves as a large monitor though we can still use it for non-computer linked viewing as well. We actually have this set up upstairs and down (classroom TV, family room TV) and he uses two different methods. I'll ask him what they are when I get a chance.
  10. I tried using Plato's high school biology with DS but he didn't like it. Now we are using this: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/biology/7-01sc-fundamentals-of-biology-fall-2011/
  11. Perhaps we could consider this a learning experience/teachable moment. I know some of us have children who will produce original works someday. SWB herself has copyrighted works that she would not want to see used without her permission and/or out of context. I imagine we have at least a few professional photographers here, maybe even an artist or two. Do we want to learn the laws, obey them and work to change the ones that we believe are unworkable in the internet age or do we want to complain that laws spoil our fun? I wouldn't be very happy if my DD lost the right to control her art ju
  12. In general, if you don't own it, don't have permission to publish it and it doesn't fall under fair use doctrine then you shouldn't post it. Whether FB gets by with it or the company should be flattered that you are promoting their product doesn't matter. Not everybody gets caught speeding but those who do end up paying the fine. With regard to the unfairness of a free to users board asking users to give back a little, I doubt if SWB is expecting anyone to go through decades of posts. In fact, I think the main gist of the initial request was to stop all future posting that might result
  13. A friend of mine shared this list of resources with me several years ago: 1. For written language assignments, Co:Writer Solo Edition. It includes "flexible spelling and the capability to load topic dictionaries from the site or from, say, Wikipedia. So, if you're writing a paper on Italy, you can load from an online source a "dictionary" of terms/cities, etc., you might need. http://www.donjohnston.com 2. For math, we use the Efofex MathPack and SciencePack. This is free with a documented disability. This is to completely lift off any stress of handwriting for advanced math proble
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