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  1. http://www.inc.com/larry-kim/nine-places-to-learn-public-speaking-for-free.html (List of places to learn public speaking for free) Also, How Conversation Works via The Great Courses. This blog has a few tips, but there are others out there with similar information: http://bostonspeaks.com/
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/idlehandsdev/five-dollar-fidget-spinner
  3. I teach my children to deal with bullies not through training them to endure but by encouraging them to protest. Only by standing against wrongs can we hope to stop them. OP, in your case, I probably would withdraw my child and make sure everyone knew why. Either the behavior will be stopped or you will know that it is tacitly endorsed by the administration. Try to use neutral language when explaining the situation. Don't use buzzwords normally associated with one's political leanings. Instead, look for neutral language and avoid emotion and hyperbole. Go higher.
  4. Democracy Dies in Darkness. When fact becomes opinion, and opinion becomes taboo, ignorance prevails.

    1. swimmermom3


      I would think that when opinion becomes "fact," ignorance prevails?

    2. chiguirre


      That swings both ways. You can state opinion and treat them as though they are facts (and hope you fool inattentive people) or you can devalue facts by saying they're just someone else's opinion.

  5. It is supposed to allow you to watch ad-free. I think it rolled out in October, but I don't go to YouTube often so I missed it.
  6. My DD at 13 is old enough to recognize the benefit of producing commercial work. She also understands that some pieces are prepared to be sold and others to be treasured. With any luck, the two will be the same and she will have works that are both productions from the soul and also marketable. I know she wants to be self-supporting as an artist so we discuss how to make that happen. But, it is her choice. I encourage her by showing her examples of other artists who bridge the divide. (Book illustrators, people who sell prints and greeting cards, graphics design, etc.) I foster her skills by letting her take online classes (live and video) from professionals. They have the talent to show her what she needs to know and give her tips and tricks. Plus, fellow artists speak and explain things in a way that she gets. They are her people. I know enough to recognize that her skills will need to be nurtured by someone well beyond my abilities as she matures. When the time comes, we'll seek those people out. She used to show us all her art, now she keeps a sketchbook and only shows us those that meet her standards for display. She will practice the same line or idea over and over again. I don't say things like, "If you are going to be an artist you need to do X." (Which actually, since I'm not a successful artist or a professional art instructor or art historian- how would I know anyway? That would be like me giving a rodeo rider advice!) I say, "I'm willing to purchase X (tool, equipment, lessons) for you if you are committed to using it." Watching art lessons or practicing then becomes part of her daily schoolwork. I do the same for my coder son. The child chooses whether to commit to the goal and then I help him or her achieve it.
  7. At 10, I'd prefer to encourage my child to pursue her dreams not learn to be a good little employee. There's plenty of time to become a cog in someone else's machine later.
  8. Here are some new entries in the market (new apps are sometimes less expensive). People I work for use Trello or Asana, but I don't know what either costs. You might try a simple contact manager and then use Google Docs to share maps, etc. These apps seem heavy on project management over contact management, but might be worth a look: http://blog.capterra.com/free-open-source-project-management-software/
  9. I think you've received some good advice from people who understand how to nurture a creative soul and some advice on how to crush that soul. I'm team nurture.
  10. Enter an income and age to adjust: http://kff.org/interactive/tax-credits-under-the-affordable-care-act-vs-replacement-proposal-interactive-map/ (I'm not making any commentary. Our region appears to be unaffected.)
  11. Browse through some of the TedTalks or solicit recommendations for podcasts. You may find all new interests by hearing about what others enjoy. If you want to gain more expertise, consider a magazine subscription about something that interests you. (I don't know any good auto mags, you're on your own finding those!)
  12. I have a child who has no known LD but struggles mightily with math. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. In some instances, it is an LD; other times it may be the teaching approach. In still other instances it may be that not everyone can be at the top of the class in every subject. There's room for everyone in the world. : )
  13. My Dd is a professional artist- meaning people have purchased her works. Not friends and family- strangers. My son is a coder. He hasn't sold a game yet, but he has put materials out in the public realm and received reviews. I don't see any reason to dump on a child's dreams and dedication. And if an adult wants to pursue a career in a chosen field, the market will determine whether they succeed or not. Often, it is the person with less talent but more ability to sell that succeeds.
  14. If they really thought you were making things up, they wouldn't leave a child in your care. I'm so sorry you are dealing with people who won't do their jobs. And, as others have said, you have to see to your mental health. :grouphug:
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