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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!


-put chili in the crockpot

-make cornbread

-put my oldest on a vitamin regimen

-watch my three kids hang out

-clean downstairs bathroom

-clean something else

-try to quit staring at my oldest

-continue getting on my knees and thanking God


Eta: give my little guy extra attention

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Happy Saturday!


We have a fixit guy coming today (unless he doesn't show up as often happens).  Luckily for me, I am out of the house already.

  • Kids' horse riding lessons.
  • Kids' basketball game.
  • Might have lunch out with the girls.  Maybe let them do some shopping to spend their allowance money.
  • Home - kids do reading / lit discussion / homework / chores while I work.
  • I'd like to do a science project with the girls.
  • Work work work.
  • Some housework and laundry.
  • A little reading and exercise.
  • Hopefully start new read-aloud.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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I was totally going to tackle Saturday.  I had a list:


grocery shopping

museum day

drop things off at the thrift store/library

yard work



But, um....it's rainy and cold and I don't wanna! :001_tt2:


So I'm inside, drinking coffee, heating up a delicious potato soup I froze a while back, the teen did the laundry, and I'm spending the day knitting the tiniest pair of booties you can imagine out of a soft, laceweight wool that feels like butter in my hands. :001_wub:   My friend's new baby has such little feet that nothing is staying on, so I'm sure she'll appreciate these on those bitty toes tomorrow!

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Done: big breakfast, plan seven dinners, make grocery list and shop, start chili and corn muffins.


Doesn't seem like I've done much.


Still to do:

Church treasurer work (reconcile bank accounts, set up 2017 offering counters schedule.) finish dinner, oversee children bathing and fold a mountain of laundry.


I'm gonna go have some coffee.



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It's cold and rainy and all my out and around stuff is done. Haven't started on the house. 

Just not up for cleaning bathrooms right now, but I might fold some laundry and do some general tidying.


Next up: a cup of tea and relax a bit. 

Dinner is leftovers, so not much work there. I think I can reheat and make garlic toast. 

Maybe watch a movie tonight with Dh and Ds. 




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