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Getting a white iphone 5s for Christmas-is there a case I can get to make it look more updated (like the iphone 7)?


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No clue about phones-always had a Tracfone til now! I'm fine with getting an iphone 5s as far as features, but is there any kind of a case I could get to make it look newer or updated like an iphone 7? (see edited comment below!)


Is there a kind of case that is considered "cool" or "desirable"? ;)


Also getting one for 16 yr old dd, so I'd appreciate input for cases I can get for both of us!


ETA: I see there are a lot of "rose gold" case options-is that a fad that has passed, or is it still good?


I'm also editing to add-I didn't mean make it look exactly like an iphone 7 in the fact that it would fool someone into thinking it is one-lol! I probably should have written it: what kind of case could at least make an iphone 5s seem not so dated. For a hypothetical example, if "rose gold" is the in thing everyone is doing lately, maybe a rose gold case might make the older iphone seem more "in style", if that makes sense! :)



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For a teen, cute is more important than "makes the phone indestructible" - you know your teen best so you'll know how to strike this balance.  
I second the etsy option, but you can also look around at local stores (and take a sly look at local teens' phones).  
There's everything from glitter to cats to Batman to designer (Kate Spade, etc.), to leather, to folio styles with a little pocket for a couple of bills and a drivers' license.  
Think about how she will use it - you wouldn't want a heavily blinged out phone stuffed in the pocket of running tights to provide tunes for the run - the rhinestones could tear the fabric.  Ditto for an Otterbox case or a folio style - a bit bulky for using while exercising.  But if she's a minimal purse kinda gal, a folio style might be perfect to double as a carrier for ID and cab fare.
Teens sometimes change out their cases, too, when they get bored with the old one.  Think hard before spending a lot of money on one that might not be a good fit, personality-wise.

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No advice, just chiming in to say BabyBaby inherited Diamond's 5s, and we use it as a tracfone. I just replaced an old $5 Tracfone with a 5s, I have some case with Keith Haring artwork that DH got in a bundle with whatever BabyBaby wanted on eBay...


But among SweetChild's friends, who seem to be a more "stylish" crowd with updated phones, they have a little of everything as far as cases and just use what they like, or need, like an Otterbox for the perpetual phone-wreckers.

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I'd suggest letting the teen pick out the case. 




I have an iphone 5s. I use this case: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FQMM3RU/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1


I have a cuter case, but it felt a lot less safe. The UAG case has volume buttons that make handling it so much easier than fooling with the actual iphone buttons. I know it's not a fun, flashy case, but I have dropped my phone many times and no cracks. I dropped it on it's face last night. The woman next to me gasped and I was like, "oh, it's probably fine."


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I have this case and it's amazing - and way cheaper than otterbox. I have a 5s - it's been going strong for 2 1/2 years now and I'm not replacing it until it dies. 


I have:


Dropped my phone into a swimming pool and had to wait until the lifeguard fished it out (I was fully dressed)


Dropped my phone from my pocket to the driveway at least a dozen times while getting into my car


Dropped my phone from the counter to the tile floor in our house, also a good dozen times


Dropped my phone more times than I can count on various floors of coffee shops, stores, supermarkets, etc. 


This case is a rock star. My phone has never even gotten a scratch. If I pop it out of the case, it looks brand new.

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My dh s work uses iPhones with otterboxes. A worker dropped his phone off a 30 ft tall reservoir. It didn't even lose the call the guy was on at the time.


My otter box isn't cute but it really does the job of protecting the phone. If you're a phone killer I'd consider an otterbox



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As tempting as cute covers are, I wouldn't put anything on my iPhone other than an Otterbox, unless the phone was really inexpensive and you are okay with replacing if needed.


I drop my phone daily and the Otterbox has saved my phone more times than I can count. The warranty and customer service are top notch as well. I also like the Otterbox because it gives my phone some traction in my pocket...anything else is way too slick and more prone to falls. 

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