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s/o - Can you save wash cloths that have a sour smell?


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The sheets thread brought this to mind...


I have a few wash cloths that never smell fresh, even after washing with hot water and such.  Have you ever been able to save a wash cloth that has gotten that sour smell that remains, even after washing?  I have several that I'm considering tossing or relegating to cleaning rags, but I'm wondering if I can save them...


(Same question with a few towels.  Maybe it's from dropping them in the dirty clothes basket damp, and they sit a day or so before washing?)

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Try soaking them in white vinegar overnight before washing in hot water with no detergent. (Yes - no detergent! Detergent can actually exacerbate this issue of stinkiness, so don't use it and definitely don't use fabric softener.) Then rewash immediately in hot water with only a small amount of detergent - the ideal amount is usually about half of what the box/jug recommends.


If that doesn't work, then soak with baking soda and then wash in hot water with just baking soda. I usually have success with vinegar, but where vinegar doesn't work, baking soda is sure to and vice versa.


And yes, I suspect it's because you're putting them in the dirty clothes hamper while damp and letting them sit there before washing. That will do it every time. If you're not willing to change this habit, start putting some vinegar in every load.

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