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  1. There is no fee for the charity if they donate through PayPal Giving. We are a 501c(3). **edited to add** There is no fee for either party.
  2. Can anyone tell me about Dr Chen that will be teaching Honors Biology? I think it will be her second year.
  3. She is taking Alg 2 at WH concurrently. She had A's in Alg 1/Geo. And currently has an A in Alg 2. I think your daughter would be fine. Mine had Honors Physics last year and she wanted to take the summer Honors Chem prep class since her Physics wasn't at WH. I don't think she really needed it though.
  4. The class is 3 hours a week and I'm guessing she spends about 3-4 hours a week on homework. It's been challenging but not a burden. She does love math so she doesn't mind the work. The teacher does open and close with prayer, but the classes themselves have been mostly secular. Nothing has stood out to me at least.
  5. My daughter is in Honors Chem at WH and loves her teacher. Bailey. From the classes I've heard the teacher is great. Well organized, responsive, encouraging.
  6. My daughter just had surgery (in April) to remove a loose body from her knee and a repair to the MPFL. Hers was done at a surgery center (outpatient). Waaaaaaay cheaper. Our ortho office was great about getting everything pre-approved. I'm surprised yours isn't dealing with the anesthesiologist, too. We've had a lot of PT as well. If she just had to get back to a functional level we would have been done a long time ago. And if your son is just having a loose body removed I think the recovery is closer to 6 weeks. But if cost is an issue, that might be something else you want to check on.
  7. I was excited to see The Closer on Prine also. Madam Secretary is also there now. It looks like there was a lot of stuff added recently.
  8. Following..... I am looking for WHA sets but really don't know where to look. Few people locally do WH so my FB groups don't help much.
  9. Bananas, bars (I hate to rely on these, but I need to know she has something she will eat fast if needed), apples, oranges, pasta salads (she loves one with chicken/ranch), turkey sams, cheese/pretzels, taco soup is something she loves in a thermos. I let her eat on campus about once a week.
  10. That's good to know! Thanks, RootAnn. I wish they had a forum for questions/buy/sell!
  11. I'm posting this here since the WHA high school math courses use this. We just bought new iPad and Apple pencil so I'm trying to figure out if it can be used instead of the Wacom tablet that WHA recommends. How would I test it? See? I barely know enough tech stuff to even ask the question. But someone out there can help me...I'm sure I'm not the first to not want another tablet if it can be avoided.
  12. You (OP) sound exactly like me. My allergies seem to be getting worse but I just can not take typical meds. Even the Neti Pot...I ended up with an infection because it didn’t quite go right. Though I loved how I felt after the Neti but before infection! ? Anyway, I’ll be watching this thread but wanted to say that a tiny dose of phenegren (rx required but my dr will make it for regular dosing so it lasts forever) has actually worked for me. Like, a quarter of a dose. Small. (Else, the allergies wouldn’t matter because I’d be out like a light!) Good luck!!
  13. Mine got Silver on Latin II. She uses Cambridge Latin at her co-op.
  14. I'm trying to tiptoe into letting my teen use imessage, but I really want to be able to monitor it a good bit right now. Is it possible for me to see when they send iMs from their iPad on my phone, without them seeing all the texts from my phone? I know I can (and will) just physically check the device from time to time, but I'd like to know if she 1) sends iMs when she isn't supposed to, or 2) deletes messages. And of course I want to see what she is saying. Mostly because it's new and I don't know that she won't try to get around rules even though she knows the hammer would come down. I just can't see to find a way to see her stuff without her seeing all of mine. Help!!
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