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PSA to nursing mothers

lavender's green

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I never noticed that one! Lol. Mine would have been, if you eat black beans, you DC wills scream his head off for two days.

This is something that has always perplexed me. Bean discomfort is caused by indigestible stuff, right? So, if you can't digest it, how would it end up in breast milk? (My nurslings were never bothered by beans or, thankfully, any peculiar diet-related flavorings)
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I hate serving asparagus because it makes everybody's pee stink (I had 3 in diapers until recently, now I just have 2). Nasty! I had no idea it made breastmilk stink too, blech!


Of topic, but kinda' funny.......  We live in a house with a septic system. As far as I knew, it was in good working order, but sometimes, I would smell an'off' smell that I assumed was gas from the plumbing backing up in the house. I kept mentioning it to DH and he would get around to checking it but never noticed the odor or any trouble. But, darn it!, something smelled funny.   


It finally occurred to me that I was only noticing it in the day or two after I made asparagus for dinner. I make it because I love it but no one else is a real fan. So, I end up eating almost the entire bunch. No wonder no one else noticed the smelly 'plumbing smell'!

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