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  1. And not what you asked, but I'm going to stick my 2 cents in anyway, set her loose on Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief. My kids loved the series.
  2. My daughter is using Derek Owens for Algebra 1. I have worked problem #3 on 7.9 more than 3 times, and I "think" the answer key is incorrect. Does anyone here know if there is an errata sheet available? Is anyone willing to work the problem and tell me what you get for an answer? TIA ps. I get 2 over x cubed y cubed.
  3. I think I have 2 super-star students, 2 average students, and 2 struggling students. Each have their own set of issues! All of my children (and me) need to work on diligence. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to help my formerly struggling student find the right path now that he's graduated. I wish I had really helped him before now, but it was such a challenge to get him through the basics, I don't know what else we could have done. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone!
  4. - I don't know about the quality, but lots of dresses and sizes.
  5. Tired and do NOT want to think about school for this year.

    1. 8FillTheHeart


      I finally bought planners today. (I usually buy them in Mar or Apr!) I also pulled out Foerster's pre-cal and MUS's alg/geo. They only made it to a stack, but hey, it is progress!

    2. MicheleinMN


      I finally ordered planners a week or two ago. I now need to find them. :)


  6. I did my pinkies and liked them okay, but then they started catching when I washed my hair...that made me nuts. The plus side is that they don't smell like nail polish. I can't stand the smell of nail polish. I love the colors and designs, but my dd had NO luck keeping them on her nails for more than a day or two. I haven't tried them on my toes yet, but that's next.

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    Barton Reading & Spelling Level 3 Complete Set - $248.00 including shipping and insurance. NOW $235.00 Paypal or Post Office Money Order please. Please email me directly at



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    Cleaning off my shelves. Most of these are older editions. Prices do NOT include shipping. I prefer Paypal, but will accept a post office money order. Please contact me directly at - my paypal address is Apologia Science: Exploring Creation with Biology 1st Edition - $25.00 for the set plus shipping (heavy book) with Solutions and Tests Book (clean) also included are Daily Lesson Plans by Lynn Ericson for 1st Edition Exploring Creation with Physical Science 1st Edition - $20.00 for the set plus shipping with Solutions and Tests Book (clean) Daily Lesson Plans by Lynn Ericson also includes Multimedia Companion CD (this is NOT the book on CD, but only a Companion Resource) Exploring Creation with General Science (1st Edition) - $8.00 plus shipping Included for free is a print out from the Donna Young website scheduling all 16 modules. Also included for free is a damaged Solutions and Tests Book. (Stained and missing the first 6 pages, but all answers and tests are still intact.) Exploring Creation with Botany copyright 2004 (same isbn as the one sold at Amazon and CBD - 9781932012491) - $15.00 plus shipping The Young Christian's Book of Astronomy by Jeannie Fulbright (This is the book that became Exploring Creation with Astronomy when Apologia picked up Jeannie's book.) It is the spiral bound edition $8.00 plus shipping Bob Jones Univ. Press: BJUP Earth Science second edition set $30.00 plus shipping includes: Teacher's Edition (spiral bound) for textbook Earth Science for Christian Schools hb student textbook Student Activities book new (never used) Teacher Edition (spiral bound) Student Activities book Tests (never used) Tests Answer Key (loose and 3 hole punched) Thanks. More science and math books to come later.



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    Please email Photos available upon request (serious inquiries only please) I prefer Paypal, but will also accept a post office money order. Exploring Government by Notgrass set $37.00 ppd Includes: Exploring Government textbook We Hold These Truths - document book Exploring Government Quiz and Exam Book (quiz #1 is missing and quizzes #2 and #3 are completed in pencil - all other tests and quizzes are intact and as new) Exploring Government Quiz and Exam Book Answer Key Barron's American History The Easy Way 3rd Edition $10.00 ppd Sold Oak Meadow History set - $25.00 ppd Includes: Oak Meadow United States History Syllabus copyright 2006 Glencoe The American Vision HB textbook copyright 2005 Oak Meadow US Government set $32.00 ppd Includes: Oak Meadow US Government syllabus copyright 2006 United States Government Democracy in Action copyright 2003 also included Performance Assessment Strategies and Activities Can be included for extra postage (heavy book) Teacher's Wraparound Edition United States Government Democracy in Action copyright 2002 Thanks for looking!


  10. MicheleinMN

    Mish Mash


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    Please email Photos available upon request (serious inquiries only please) I prefer Paypal, but will also accept a post office money order. Living Memory - $15.00 ppd House of Stairs - $ 5.00 ppd A Child's History of the World by Hillyer copyright 1951 (HB with some library tape inside) $17.00 ppd What Your 6th Grader Needs to Know - $6.00 ppd copyright 1995 Sold Rod & Staff English 3 - $17.00 ppd Beginning Wisely Student Text and Teacher's Manual Writing with Ease Workbook Level 1 - $15.00 ppd Horizons Math 5 Workbook 1 (only, but in new condition) - $12.00 ppd


  11. Could you try some colored transparency pages to set over the top of the page she's reading? Definitely less than $3600, and might help her be able to see the words more easily on the page. This was a very big help to one of my nieces. HTH
  12. Quote: We will also offer a special discount on the downloadable PDF version of Writing With Skill 2 (student and instructor), which will be available on our store for ten dollars less than the price of the print books, from July 29th until the print books arrive.
  13. I'm watching the TC Writing dvd set - (I forget the correct name of it). And I just had a friend ask about doing some Spanish together. And I'm hoping to work through the A Workbook for Arguments book over the summer with a different friend. Now to just get motivated enough to actually DO anything.
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