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  1. And not what you asked, but I'm going to stick my 2 cents in anyway, set her loose on Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief. My kids loved the series.
  2. My daughter is using Derek Owens for Algebra 1. I have worked problem #3 on 7.9 more than 3 times, and I "think" the answer key is incorrect. Does anyone here know if there is an errata sheet available? Is anyone willing to work the problem and tell me what you get for an answer? TIA ps. I get 2 over x cubed y cubed.
  3. Early Decision (ED) An option to submit an application to your first-choice college before the regular deadline. When you apply early decision, you get an admission decision earlier than usual. Early decision plans are binding. You agree to enroll in the college immediately if admitted and offered a financial aid package that meets your needs. Agreeing to ED may increase your student's chances at a school that may be a stretch for them. HTH
  4. My youngest dd appreciates Hitchcock; my youngest son does not. Rear Window is her favorite with mine being Psycho or The Birds.
  5. It's the dang "blue card" that I am having trouble getting for my daughter. I have the verification from the state that says she completed the 30 hours of driver , but I am having a hard time finding anyone up here who will do the REQUIRED by law 6 hours of behind the wheel. I'm with the others who are saying it is probably easiest and most efficient to get the social security cards replaced. Sorry for the frustration. I would definitely contact HSLDA, but I get annoyed with bureaucrats who over-step their authority and don't really know the laws they are quoting. Good luck!
  6. Halt and Catch Fire - Definitely NOT for children. More sex/passion than romance. Great characters both men and women.
  7. Cabin Lessons by Spike Carlsen - I haven't read it, so I do not know if it is appropriate, but it is on my to-be-read list.
  8. I could NOT think on Topamax. I couldn't stay on it long enough to see if it would help with my migraines. (Horrible, awful, lost-in-a-fog feeling. I couldn't even make a doctor's appointment on my own. My dh had to help me. Normally, I pay all the bills and schedule all the appointments for our family.)
  9. Dawn dish soap to help remove the dye, but use lots of conditioner afterward. (And if you use lots of cheap conditioner that should help strip the dye too.)
  10. I think I have 2 super-star students, 2 average students, and 2 struggling students. Each have their own set of issues! All of my children (and me) need to work on diligence. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to help my formerly struggling student find the right path now that he's graduated. I wish I had really helped him before now, but it was such a challenge to get him through the basics, I don't know what else we could have done. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone!
  11. - I don't know about the quality, but lots of dresses and sizes.
  12. Tired and do NOT want to think about school for this year.

    1. 8FillTheHeart


      I finally bought planners today. (I usually buy them in Mar or Apr!) I also pulled out Foerster's pre-cal and MUS's alg/geo. They only made it to a stack, but hey, it is progress!

    2. MicheleinMN


      I finally ordered planners a week or two ago. I now need to find them. :)


  13. I did my pinkies and liked them okay, but then they started catching when I washed my hair...that made me nuts. The plus side is that they don't smell like nail polish. I can't stand the smell of nail polish. I love the colors and designs, but my dd had NO luck keeping them on her nails for more than a day or two. I haven't tried them on my toes yet, but that's next.
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