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Han Solo is 2!!! UPDATED with photos

Mom in High Heels

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Adorable Hans Solo and cute cake too!!! Is that you helping him blow out the candles?


Yes, that's me!


I'm not sure that is possible. Wasn't he just born? :lol: Where does time go? Anyway, he is super cute, and so is his cake!


I know! It does seem like I just had him.


Your boys are so cute! Happy Birthday to Hans Solo.


How did you keep the frosting off the sock monkey?


I frosted the cake, and let the icing dry for a while before putting the monkey on. It didn't get any icing on it. Yay.

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The best part came later though. We got to skype with James Bond! Yay!!! We haven't been able to skype in about a month and a half, so we were really excited to do so today. The minute JB popped up on the screen, HS pointed to it and said "Daddy!" I thought JB was going to cry. HS showed him his presents, which means he held them right in front of the camera, so close you couldn't see what they were. It was sweet.

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