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Look at this, a jar of pure evil...

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You know what's really evil? Nutella sent me free samples in the mail. What can you do when it shows up in the mail? I figured anything I did with it at that point was not my fault.


:smilielol5: That would never even make it into the house around here. And I would probably find myself wandering down the street poking my hands into other people's mailboxes to see if they had any too!


You know, I had broken myself of the Nutella habit because it's too expensive in the regular grocery stores, and I cannot and will not buy the very economically sized giant double pack in Costco. But now, Jif has gone and capitalized on my last weakness (especially since I can't actually drink coffee anymore), AND it's in every grocery store. It's definitely a problem.

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Interesting... There's no coffee listed on the ingredients label...


I know! I'm thinking it's hidden in the "natural flavors." From what I've read, it seems that natural flavors in salty/savory things are hidden MSG. In sweet things, they're extracts/flavorings that the company wants to keep proprietary. I wouldn't be surprised if there was no actual coffee in it, but I will say that any evening that I've had some of that stuff, I've been up well into the wee hours—like last night, when I was watching Autumn give birth and cleaning out the linen closet :lol:

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