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38 wks pregnant and maxed out on Tylenol

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I've had a bad, bad headache off and on for 20 hours or so and I've already had my 4000 mg of Tylenol and according to the bottle can't have any more until 6 pm. Any ideas?? I've also been vomiting and had light sensitivity.


I had my husband take my blood pressure a couple of times and it was all normal, a little higher than it usually is but still within normal range. I was hypertensive with my first pregnancy.

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Sounds like you have a migraine-- Tylenol does not work on my migraines!


Call your OB-- he/she should be able to prescribe something that is safer than a max level of Tylenol.


I had one of these that lasted for 3 days during my last pregnancy. I wish I would have called in for a script sooner and I'm not one to take RXs unless absolutely necessary!


((hugs)) Keep an eye on your blood pressure reading and put a call into your Dr. or midwife.

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Avoid chocolate and cheese or any other dairy. Sit up in a dark room, do not lay flat! Drink somee caffeine. And try to relax. It is hard when you have other kids, but you really need a.dark quiet room with a comfy chair.


A good back and shoulder massage is good too. I always have knots in my shoulders and upper back. DH gives good massages, but it hurts before it gets better. The knots are.generally very sensitive. I cry for a minute and then relief! You can also do a heating pad on your upper back and neck to relax the muscles.

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I would go to the ER immediately. With nausea, headache and light sensitivity, I would worry about pre-eclampsia. I don't want to scare you, but I have heard of too many full blown eclampsia stories not ending well.


It could turn out to be nothing, but I think you need to go now just to be sure.


:iagree: and :grouphug:

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sorry--forgot to update!


They said it was not preeclampsia. Her heart rate looked good and my BP was all borderline high. No swelling or weight gain and only trace amount of protein so they gave me some Reglan through IV and sent me home. It still took until 4 pm today to totally get rid of the headache though! Must have been a bad migraine.

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