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  1. Flip the tables: "Why aren't you homeschooling then?" ;) One day I may try that one on family.. :P
  2. I've dropped CWP an email about it, but I'm unlikely to hear back before tomorrow due to the time differences so I thought I'd ask here. We have access to the Cloud Videos, and the student pack arrived today. There is no teacher manual included in this, or am I over looking it? Do I need the teacher manual? I know we needed it a few times over with Cover Story, & step one with Byline was to read info in the Teacher Manual.. which we don't have..
  3. They are numerous. The book is basically a retelling of OT times sprinkled with occasional history. He uses the Bible to back himself up, but even the Bible disagrees with him. Here's a smattering: Claims the Tower of Babel was built because the people feared another "deluge". That's not what the Bible says at all, and if the people feared another deluge because they knew what had previously happened wouldn't they also know the WHY of it happening? The author claims these horribly sinful people were terrified of a deluge due to their sins so they build the tower. That makes 0 sense, if they were afraid of being wiped out due to their sins wouldn't they have just repented? Not to mention that's not at all what Genesis 11 says about the situation. He opts to quote Genesis 12:1 {God's command to Abram} prior to Genesis 11:31 {when Terah chose to leave the land of Ur} and says that Terah heard God's command to Abram and took up the challenge to move the family. Yet, one sentence prior he accuses Abram's family of being moon worshipers {no joke!} Further when God gave Abram that command Terah was dead, so there's no way Terah heard a command for Abram and acted upon it. He claims Sarai would have preferred life in a harem over life in a tent. His reasoning? She'd have maidservant and not have to attended to wifely duties. There are so many problems with that statement it makes my head spin. The woman wanted a child, there's only one way that was gonna happen. Avoiding wifely duties wasn't gonna help her odds. Further, she already had maidservants, Abram wasn't a poor peasant. In fact, we know of at least one of her maidservants, Hagar, whom Sarai offered up to Abram in an attempt to jump the gun on God's promise to Abram. How well did it workout when she allowed someone else to fulfil her wifely duties? Pretty sure Genesis 16 tells that story. He makes the non-stop accusation/argument that Abram palmed off his wife in Egypt because his faith was weak, without once mentioning what the Bible says which is that Abram feared for is life. Now, I'm not arguing that Abram's faith might have also been weak when he opted to go with the story that she was his sister, which wasn't a lie but the author argues over and over that it's a half lie which makes it a lie. Yet, if this weak faith and lie offended God so much why did he protect not only Sarai but also Abram and further, why did he multiply their possessions while they were in Egypt? (See Genesis 12) Yet, when Hagar was offered up to him there's no mention of how Abram failed to seek council from God on the matter. A bit odd, dontcha think? My list could go on and on. I'm frustrated that the author of HOD chose this book considering for years she's encouraged and guided children to refute things with scriptures. Now she's chosen a book that uses Scripture to defend it's position, but when you look up the scripture it actually refutes the false teachings. Point in case. The man claims that Esau was called Edom because he was born red and hairy. He defends himself with Genesis 25:30 which, in every version I looked through yesterday actually says that Esau asked for a bowl of lentil stew and that upon eating it his face was red and thus he was called Edom. With footnotes that explain that Edom means red {or some variation of that footnote.} I did hear back from the company, but that was to inform me the email was received but the author was away due to an emergency, so I guess I'll have to wait to hear the reasoning for this book. Unfortunately, so far into the programme each Monday the student is responsible for a 3-5 paragraph narration on the information provided in this book.
  4. If you are doing this level are you using Unveiling The Kings Of Israel or have you replaced it? We are using it, but it's laden with problems, big problems. I'm looking to replace this book, but I'm not sure what with and am looking for ideas. :)
  5. If you're using this can I ask how you planned out the unit booklets? We're very new. ;) I am aware they are meant to be finished over 2 weeks. Did you work through them in order, skip around? Use a specific plan? It's my only draw, I'd love for it to be scheduled out from the get-go. ;)
  6. We're using World History with two this year. We're not far in as our school year has really on just begun {S. Hemisphere} We are only using the History, Living Library, & Fine Arts credit. We're using other options for math, science, and Lit. We've used World Geography before with one of mine and he hated it. There were various reasons for that, but the other one will likely enjoy it so I've held onto it for now. We are currently using the World Religions And Cultures portion of that for Bible this year with the high schoolers. :)
  7. My son is using them.. They are not essential if you're keen to read the textbook. If you'd rather have the lesson taught to you with visuals then the videos are the way to go. It's the same material in the book but Dr H goes on about it a bit more. The same with biology. We enjoyed the Biology, and are using Chemistry this year. :)
  8. Crazy story, but my parcel arrived at my front door yesterday. I wasn't expecting that, had I gotten a shipping notification I would have never contacted them or started this post. For me, I expected it to take a couple of weeks to get t me, which is why I was so stressed it hadn't been posted yet. Or rather, I presumed it had no as I never got a shipping notification about it. On the upside it's here, and I get to pour over it today!
  9. So, I finally spoke with someone else through the company. I'm not sure why I didn't get an email to say it had shipped, nor am I sure why the last person I spoke with gave me such a song and dance. In fact, everything she told me about my parcel is just mind boggling because the woman I spoke with today informed me that my parcel left their facility on the 9th and is already in my country. Mystery solved. Not sure why the last lady didn't tell me that.
  10. Good gracious, I'm very aware of how international parcels work! My items have not shipped, it's as simple as that. IF my items are on back order that is NOT what the company has told me. I did, when the items hadn't shipped after the first 5 days. I got a song and dance about how the company ships in 1-3 days and isn't open on Saturday. I thought that was a bizarre answer since I ordered on USA Tuesday time and, yes it was Saturday USA time that I was asking but didn't explain why the 4 previous days my parcel hadn't gone out. I was informed that I would be notified via email when it went out and would recieve a tracking number, and another song and dance about how it can take a whole week for that tracking number to get updated due to the distance between 2 US cities. Then I was told that the warehouse was up to snuff on the orders and mine would likely go out on Monday. It is now Thursday where I live. It has been more than a week since my order was place. I still have no tracking number. No email confirming shipping. I will be contacting them again, but I feel frustrated because their "help" wasn't at all helpful the first time.
  11. Thanks, I wonder if because the parcel is going out internationally it make a difference, I can't imagine it would. I'm just frustrated I need the items or I wouldn't have ordered them and the waiting just to know my package is in the mail is actually very upsetting. A week seems a long time for my package to be posted in.
  12. Can anyone tell me how long it generally takes this company to ship out their physical products? I've been waiting a week and have already contacted them and got a song and dance about not being open weekends which is understandable, but at that point it had already been 5 days so I didn't understand why the order hadn't shipped before they closed for the weekend. Their websites states they ship in 48 hours. I don't want to cut my nose off despite my face, but my husband is getting antsy and talking about claiming a refund through paypal.
  13. Years ago I participated annually in NaNo, and then due to the complications of life I took time off, fell out of the habit of writing and watched wistfully from the sidelines. This year I'm back at it, but when I went to pull up Scrivner I couldn't find it on my computer. It was one of those "Sponsor" writing tools that was being sold for 50% off to winners way back in the day, I see it's on the list again at a 20% discount for participants, and 50% for winners. You'll get codes in December, presumably before the sale ends. However, I see this year they also have Dabble. I'm 100% unfamiliar with Dabble, but that's not saying much. I didn't fully explore Scrivner before life's circumstances pulled me away from writing. I do recall many of it's features which I loved, and some that I probably hadn't learned to use well so they annoyed me a tiny bit. I loved the ability to organise things, include photos {which I used for describing purposes}, etc. Before I purchase it again {if my computer geek of a hubby can't find my copy in a backup somewhere} I'm curious what Dabble offers. Can anyone compare the two? Pros, cons? Which you prefer and why? Best functions, etc? I really only need one programme, obviously, and would rather master one programme well. ;) Thanks for any input you can offer. :)
  14. Thank you so much for that, I'd had a hard time digging up reviews! :)
  15. While putting together our homeschool order for 2019 & looking for a solid lit programme for my upcoming Freshman who isn't big on reading I stumbled upon Implications Of Literature over at Timberdoodle. They have 4 levels to carry you all the way through high school, & a few minor samples {think TOC.} Has anyone used this?
  16. We've used a mixture of DuoLingo & RS which compliment each other nicely. If you use the Homeschool version of RS there's worksheets that can be printed out for use.. also if you opt to go that path check their FB page for GREAT discounts. We scored Levels 1-5 for $139 including international shipping which felt like a steal.
  17. Has anyone used it who'd like to pipe up with pros & cons of using it with 1 student in your home. I have looked at the samples, but I'd still love to hear first hand experiences. Also, anyplace besides RR who sells it? I haven't shopped with RR in 10 years because their international shipping is excessively high & incredibly slow considering what they charge..
  18. We're using a few of these guides for the final half of our school year, & I'm curious how others may use them. Do you read the whole book first & then do the guide? Work on vocab, then read the chapter, then the other activities? I'm really regretting now purchasing the Lightning Lit I'd intended to purchase at the start of the year. ;)
  19. We're considered year round because we are currently living in AU.. we do 4 terms of 10 weeks each, although our final term is often only 9. We start in January & we aim to finish the second to last week of November. We take 2 weeks off between terms. We go away for the final week of November {& sometimes I count it as school depending on where we go.. when we did the historical tours for 3 days, I counted it..} We have a longer break over December first portion of January which is also summer here. :)
  20. Thanks.. We ended up slipping back into MUS. I opted to have a student go back & review a few previous lessons to see where things had gone astray & we'll see how things go from there.
  21. Short story long, we've been long time MUS users. We love it, we love Mr Demme. However, I can't teach the higher levels of math, so hubs does that. Hubs work schedule changed & while it was happening it wasn't happening as it should have. Hubs looked at the few suggestions of math curriculum available & moved the kids to TT. While my kids are scoring well on it, my eldest {reasonably strong at math} is utterly frustrated with it. His math knowledge is above where we've placed him because he had a few weak areas we wanted to strengthen, but the real problem is the lax lectures, explanations, solving videos, & the grating voice. Now, the grating voice isn't anything we can deal with, he just feels like the person speaking is talking as though he's speaking to a young child. ;) Who knows. The other are legitimate complaints. Yesterday's lecture showed him how to do something, but then said, "We aren't actually going to solve this problem in today's lesson." Mm, okay so why not pick a different problem to show the kids? We had 3 solving videos this week that were.. pathetic. I hate saying that, but I'm at a lack for other words. 2 were on the Algebra level & I asked hubs to view them incase it was "just me", math is not my strong suit. Hubs was floored & asked where the mathematical rules or information was in regards to helping the child know how to solve the problem. Don't even get me started on the LCM video my youngest watched today. :glare: The LCM video pushed me over the edge enough I couldn't even think straight to explain it properly, I ended up googling it & the Khan Academy video came up which was actually amazingly well done. I put it on for my kid who was like, "Oh, that makes so much more sense & reminds me now of what Mr Demme said.." I'm curious if anyone has ever matched up MUS lectures with TT or Khan Academy lectures with TT. I'm open to other suggestions, but I'm semi-limited on what I need. Maybe we just need time to adjust, we spent 6 years with MUS & really loved it. Our move was merely because our eldest needed a bit more help with lessons & it wasn't something I could offer him, hubs doesn't get in until 7pm some nights & you can imagine what doing math at that hour is like. ;)
  22. I had a child who couldn't read much at 9, it was 10 when he was diagnosed with Scotopic Sensitivity Disorder. The difference in his writing/reading was remarkable after that. You could use the free short/long test online {or your friend could} to decide if it might be worth looking into. What about checking at the library? We found 100 Easy Lessons at our library way back in the day..
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