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  1. Does this mean that if a students raise their score by a few points each exam over time that they are less likely to be flagged. I am meaning for students who already took test for first time and didn't get great scores, but want to take test prep to increase scores.
  2. My son has been homeschooled since 1st grade. He is wanting to enroll in school next year for high school. I am in a slight panic to make sure he is not deficient in some areas. He used Math-U-See from Alpha-Pre-Algebra. This year he is using Jacob's Algebra. He is doing fine, but after looking at some papers that are being used in our current 8th grade public school, I think we haven't covered intro to Geometry enough. He would start in High School Geometry next year, and would most likely learn everything he needs to know. I am just wondering if there is anything I could use to make h
  3. I dont live in Fayetteville area, but go there often as we live an hour and half away. If your husband is going to work in Bentonville, I would find a house in that area. I have drove from Fayetteville to Rogers during high traffic times and wouldnt want to go from Fayetteville to Bentonville ever day.
  4. We have a speedqueen washer and gas dryer. My husband chose electronic for same reason as your husband. I kind of wanted manual for reasons others stated, but the reality is my husband works on our appliances so he chose for us. We have gas dryer, and have for the past 22 years. A load is done in less than 30 minutes on most loads in the Speedqueen. I have always been told the gas uses less money, but I dont know for sure since I have not owned an electric. But the gas is faster than electric. I know this by using electric at relatives houses. I would ask about electronic vs manual knob
  5. Following. I am planning on using half- price option this year.
  6. I requested mine the day I heard the recall on the news last year some time, and still haven't received anything yet. I called and they told me it would be end on June. Basically I have a broken food processor since I can't use it. :(
  7. Thanks for all the replies, this gives me a much better picture of how program works.
  8. Thank you! This is what I was thinking from reading the website, and looking at the syllabus. I just wanted to ask before I went forward. I tend to spend too much time deciding what to use, but this year I have no funds to make a mistake.
  9. I got my hands on a Derek Owens workbook to look at to try and confirm that this is the program I want to use next year. I have a question about the way the program works. I see that student have pages to take notes while watching videos. The workbook also has practice pages with answers in the back of book. Is the practice problems the homework or are there other pages to download for homework, and do you download tests from website also? I am a concrete thinker, and I need to know how the program works in my head before I can commit. I am planning on using the half price option next ye
  10. Well, I went ahead an emailed Derek Owens. He recommended finishing Foerster book trig chapters included. He said he had another student recently that did what I was wanting do, skip end chapters, and the student really struggled. We will just work through as long as it takes, and may just have to start Precalculus later.
  11. I am not sure of our plans, but this is what I have so far. Math: Jacobs Algebra. (also have Foester's and used it with my twins, so will decide for sure after we start.) History/Geography: Sonlight Core G and H combo Science: Apologia Physical Science English: Wordly wise, Advanced Winston Grammar, some writing resource I have on self. Readers from Sonlight. Duolingo for spanish
  12. You don't have to cover the trig stuff if you don't have time. DO will intro it as if you've never seen it. It might help to have seen it before, but you don't have to finish the Alg 2 book (trig sections) since you'll be covering it with DO's course. In Alg 2, DO covers some of this in his Alg 2 class, but he won't assume you already saw it. Some kids will have forgotten all of it anyway. This is what I was needing to hear. At least if I decide to skip chapters, the material will covered as if they might not had gone over material before.
  13. I am trying to let my kids do precalculus next year. We will use Derek Owen. We are not going to finish Foerster Algebra and Trig before the beginning of school. We started it in January, and are through chapter 6. We are going to work all summer. The reason this is such a problem is because my son wants to take Calculus year after next (his senior year) to make sure he has some exposure before college. He is wanting to go into mechanical engineering. My question is do most of you recommend skipping chapters 13-15 or doing them. I have search forums and seen suggestions for both, but w
  14. My twins will be taking Apologia Physics next year, and I am wondering if a Dvd series would help them. They are taking Chemistry this year and my daughter is often frustrated with the math although she does figure it out. I am wondering if watching a video would make it a little easier for her to grasp. I cannot afford a online class. We are going to take DO precalculus next year, and that is already going to be a serious financial burden. Does anyone have any thoughts as to if the Apologia Dvds or Physics 101 dvd are very helpful? Thanks.
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