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Surgery in the morning and prayer request

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I have surgery in the morning to fix my very deviated septum. After a bad nosebleed last week and severe pain when they were trying to pack it, I'm having it fixed. It may not stop the nosebleeds I've had off and on for a few months, but at least they will actually be able to get in there to do something if they need to.


Please pray all goes well this week!

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I hope that everything goes smoothly and right on schedule. More importantly, I pray that your nosebleeds will STOP after this surgery. You poor thing! Our son was getting bad nosebleeds everyday. We found out he had Celiac and now they've stopped (we went gluten-free).


Hang in there and try not to worry! We'll be praying for you!!!

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Praying right now for success and comfort.


I had my deviated septum fixed (twice -- seemed like it got bent out of shape with pregnancy so after baby #2 and baby #4 I had the surgery -- and that was my last baby). It's not fun but it's not horrible either. Find some good pillows so you can prop up and relax and maybe get some movies to watch.


PRAYING that this is a great surgery for you in all ways.

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Thank you all for your prayers. The surgery went well, and the doctor found a mass in my right sinus cavity that he believed was the source of my bleeding. He biopsied it and I won't know until next week probably. He said that less than 10% of sinus masses/tumors are malignant, so I'm hopeful that all will be well. He could not get it all out because there were areas that it would have been dangerous to do so. I'll be able to find out more on Wednesday when I go back.


I had a hard time waking up and slept a lot this afternoon. I'm not really having much pain at all. So that is good.

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