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Freaking out (just a little - maybe TMI)

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And really in a good "OMG, I can't think about it or I might become too excited" sort of way.


Took a pregnancy test this morning. I chart and standard operating procedure around here is to take a test at 11 dpo because, generally speaking, I have a short luteal phase. (Needed vitamin B and vitex supplements to balance things out enough to get pg with DS2).


Well, I think said test was positive - very, very faintly. Faint enough that I would be pretty sure I was seeing things except for the line never moved. (It took us a while to get pg with DS1... by the end I had to have DH read the tests because I wanted to be pg so bad that I'd see two lines, period, though the place of the second one would always shift).


Thought about taking a picture to see if anyone else could see it, but by the time that occurred to me the test had passed its "readable results" window. :glare:


I've got plenty of tests, but I've always had rotten luck with getting results with anything other than morning pee. So I'll wait for tomorrow.


Trying to not get my hopes up. We all had fairly nasty sinus infections during the time I would have ovulated so there was no teA going on... the closest brewing would have been 3 or 4 days before ovulation (which is technically possible, but still...) Not to mention that I've only been back to taking vitex for three weeks, and it took two cycles pre-DS2 before it corrected my hormone imbalance...


Yup. Definitely going to go crazy.:svengo:

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I remember the days when I was much like you :)




Now, to tell the hubby???



DH is crazy observant. He knew with both of the boys that I was pg days before it was possible to get a positive test. I figured that between the fact that he has been out of town off and on for the past week and that we weren't officially trying yet that I might actually get to surprise him...


And I did. :D


(Mostly - apparently he has noticed me complaining of weird/strong smells more in the past several days, but he's been busy enough that he didn't give "the facts" - as he put it - the mental power they deserved :lol: )

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