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Letting go of the daffodils.

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It's February.

The first daffodils are up--and as I just found out a moment ago, some are in bud.

My son, my son that I love, plucked them and brought them to me to show me that they were about to bloom.

It gave him so much joy to rip them and break them out from the plant, probably more joy than it would have given me to watch them blossom from the window. This is what I am telling myself. :001_smile:

I am sure that someday I will be an old lady who will want children to come and pick all my daffodils.


Do you know what I mean?

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That's so sweet! So much nicer than the little boy (not my own) who once thought it would be fun to come and pick all my not-yet-ripe tomatoes off the vines. :glare: (Yeah it was a long time ago, but I *still* remember that kid! He was not sweet. :P)

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I don't know if they grow out of it. I met Dh during an unusually warm January when he was 17 & I was 16. The day after our first date he surprised me at school with an armload of daffodils, all different kinds. Apparently he had denuded his mother's flower bed of anything blooming. I wonder why she didn't dislike me on the spot!


Amber in SJ

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I had some beautiful day lillies at one house.


Both boys at one time in their toddler hood days plucked every single flower, sort of the he loves me he loves me not fashion.


both times it took years for them to bloom again.

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