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  1. Thanks on the blog compliment... and big congrats to your son on National Merit. Is he looking at schools that offer bigger National Merit offers. For general information I don't suggest College Confidential, but I'm agreeing with Creekland that it is a good place to look for info about Questbridge and be sure to check out the threads on major scholarships for National Merit Finalists. There are some dedicated people really maintaining that information. I always think it is tricky "from the outside" (not knowing the student's full profile) for anyone to offer a lot of specific advice.
  2. Not a scam at all. Yes, only a small minority get the full match scholarship. but that is a huge award - including travel and books. Free applications and the chance to apply to a lot of selective schools is worth a lot. Being able to multiple schools on ED for free is also a huge benefit. As you compare admission stats keep in mind overall stats for the applicant pool may be very different than average admissions rates for low income students. That's true even at need blind schools. It is harder for low income students to be as competitive on paper and Questbridge is one way for stud
  3. Some resources that worked well for us - not free but your library may have some of these (and some of the others you can probably get older editions for pretty cheap). Books by Martin Gardner and Ian Stewart. Teaching Company courses. - Joy of Mathematics is good and there are many others. Thinkwell courses with Dr. Burger (he's on some of the TC courses too). This book http://www.amazon.com/Crossing-River-Dogs-Problem-Students/dp/1931914141 Yes, it is supposed to be a college level book but there are problem solving portions that would certainly be appropriate for middl
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