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  1. You are in a tough spot if you want to maintain good relations with your neighbors, and if they are also friends of yours. Without that pre-existing relationship, I would be tempted to tell you to just quit the job as it was not what you had been asked to do -- and leave them to either come home early or make other (more expensive) arrangements.
  2. Oh, OK -- I can understand that. I guess not all dogs enjoy group situations. But I have to think that the poor thing is very lonely and unhappy to be left completely alone all day to sit in its own messes.
  3. I haven't had a dog for a while, but I have never heard of just leaving one at the house alone all week -- even with someone coming in to check on it and change pee pads. I thought you were supposed to board your dog somewhere, have it stay at a friend's, or have the doggy daycare come and pick it up for the day. And with the added work of cleaning up every single "accident" on the floor? That is truly horrifying. I hope you are able to text right away and explain how that is not OK for you and your daughter, and how much the poor thing is suffering. They need to come back from vacation right away and attend to their dog. Um, and who is on a beach vacation these days anyway? I thought they were all closed ...
  4. We rented Trolls World Tour at the insistence of my younger daughter and because Rachel Bloom is fabulous and I really wanted to see her as the voice of a troll. It was visually interesting, psychedelic really . . . but really, really stupid. The six-year-old refused to watch it after a while, and even my daughter was unimpressed. Surely there have to be better family movies out there! We did rent Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and enjoyed that quite a bit.
  5. I hadn't thought of that - thank you. Maybe their assisted living place could help us out temporarily until we can find them just the right table.
  6. Thank you, everyone! We definitely need something sturdy and furniture-quality, as they are elderly and need to push off of it. The Amazon option looks great, although it doesn't show delivery to my area until Saturday. But that could work. I also located something on FB Marketplace at a location about an hour away that is another option.
  7. Can anyone recommend a small, sturdy dining table that might be available for pick-up at an "essential business" like Target, Wal-Mart, or a hardware store? Or possibly online with very fast shipping? We have had to move my grandparents into assisted living in the middle of all of this, and they need a small, space-saving dining table right away because they have to take all of their meals in their room for now. We are in NH (they are in MA), and all of the furniture stores are closed. The dining table from their old place was too large, and now they are using a small, tippy antique table that used to hold potted plants. I am searching through FB Marketplace and Craigslist, but trying to come up with a solution for them that I can thoroughly disinfect and deliver to their room. Any leads appreciated!
  8. That is lovely that you are happy for your cousin and would like to help celebrate. It sounds like a beautiful event, and a nice way to re-connect with your family. As many have advised, I wouldn't let clothing get in the way of that. That said, I am puzzled about the variety of interpretations of "cocktail attire." It absolutely means a dark suit for a man -- no tails, but certainly a nice suit. If your husband does not have one already, it would be a very useful thing for him to own, and can be found inexpensively at a thrift or consignment store. Just be sure to leave time to have it tailored. You could probably find something quite festive for yourself at a thrift or consignment store as well -- knee or tea-length (full-length would be "formal" and not "cocktail"), or borrow one from a friend. And if you can't find something just right, a simple black shift dress can be dressed up with sparkly jewelry and strappy sandals or dressy pumps. I would hesitate to wear pants unless they were in a more formal fabric like raw silk and paired with a very fancy blouse and heels. Coincidentally, I learned after our wedding that my husband's Great Uncle had a similar situation. He actually did not own a suit, and had thought about not going, but instead he picked one up for $5 at Goodwill. He looked wonderful, and had a great time.
  9. I just had another idea. I wonder if I can ask our librarian if I could leave a few boxes in the back for a week, and just direct local homeschooling friends to the library so that they can browse through at their leisure. The library is very supportive of homeschoolers and might be happy to do that.
  10. Thanks. I like the library idea, and wish we had something similar, but I don’t live in a very populated area, so there are only a few homeschooling families in town and I know all of them.
  11. If she would be happy just having a few streaks, and you don’t mind the expense, you can get colored hair extensions done at a salon. They are removable. Our stylist quoted around $40 for a few streaks for my daughter. We tried the colored sprays for my darker blonde-haired daughter. They looked really good, they made my daughter’s hair stiff and sticky, and rubbed off on sheets and towels.
  12. Thank you so much for all of the suggestions. I'm thinking I will list a few of the larger high-value things, like my Nancy Larson science kits, on Ebay -- and then maybe snap rough photos and list out the rest and send it to my homeschooling friends or put it on Facebook to give away -- giving everyone a week in which to pick things up. I don't want to bother pricing things and holding onto them for the curriculum sales this spring, but maybe I can see if a friend would like to take the rest and sell it along with her own things at a sale.
  13. I need to get rid of boxes and boxes of homeschooling materials in order to find my dining room, and am feeling overwhelmed by the task. I am not very concerned with getting a lot of money for them, but I do want them to go to families who know what they are and can use them. The easiest thing to do would be to donate it all to Goodwill, but I am concerned that it might just be discarded, and wouldn't actually get to homeschooling families. I have also heard that I could sell it on Ebay, but that sounds time-consuming, and January probably isn't the best time to sell. When does everyone start looking for new homeschooling materials? Are there still nonprofits that accept boxes of homeschooling materials and send them to families who need them? I also thought of inviting over all of my homeschooling friends to just take a look and take what they want (and then maybe I would feel better about donating the rest?), but everyone is so busy and it might be difficult to schedule something like this, and I want it all gone right away. If I listed everything and made a local Facebook post, I'm afraid it would take a lot of coordination to get the right things to the right people. Please let me know if there is an easy (but meaningful) way to get rid of everything!
  14. We are new to Cross Country, but are finding the same thing. My oldest DD started running as a 10-year-old last year and seemed to be unstoppable -- out-running all of the older girls, and placing at the top for her team. This year, she grew another 6 inches and is looking more like an adult, and is now not the fastest on her team. She is being out-run by a few of the younger girls (and her little brother!). It has been very discouraging for her, but we were just attributing it to a lack of training this summer. It is encouraging to know that maybe it isn't our fault.
  15. Thanks - I'll check that out. I don't do much with video, as I like to listen while doing other things. But that is a good idea to check out her YouTube content.
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