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  1. Ah Coming back to this, his team won the NCAA DIV 2 Championship. The team was only 4 years old. They took down Druy which had a 10 year run. He did not get to swim but since he is part of the team he is part of it all. Very exciting times there.
  2. THis is what we used for both of my boys, They have both done great in College English.
  3. And we went to watch our freshman son compete in his college Conference championship. The team is only 4 years old. THEY WON!!!!! It was a very exciting time. He did some best times so that was also good and he scored points for the team. They are also second in the nation, and the number one team has a Dive team so they probably can't make it to number one. he isn't going to the NCAA championship but the team is hoping to win there too. We shall see.
  4. we never sacrificed school for swimming but my youngest did not do much in the other activities, partially it was his personality and then also he was busy with swimming. But I do know other children that were very involved in many other things and did swimming. It is a balance.
  5. I'm sorry I missed this been busy with life beyond hsing AS scary as it is. I have a hard time saying what my son did, his coaches are the ones that prepared him. If your child's coaches aren't--- and I would talk to them about it and ask what they are going to do for her to prepare. Approach it from the end that you do feel they know what is best but you just want to know what it means and entails. Since she has the para coach too ask him what she should be doing. and beyond that I would read up on tapering-- I know that my son felt better at his college big meet here and that he felt the taper was just right for him. So it becomes a bit of an individual thing depending on the events they swim, the distances, and the sex boys and girls are a bit different. And then check out USA swimming.org and see what they say about how to do it.
  6. HEAV also has a FB page you might ask there.
  7. Check out the HEAV.org page for groups. I also knew someone who did the Harvester group.
  8. SO MUCH FUN to read the swim stuff. I miss those days of age group swimming. My son was on the smoking relay as a 7-8 yo they were unbeatable. Thanks for sharing it all. Enjoy it moms!!! they grow up so fast. my baby is now in college swimming. It is tough work, he has to stay at school late , won't get home till Dec 21st and leave again on the 29th. He has had a pretty good season as a freshman. Cheer for the other swimmers, be happy for the other guys great times, rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.
  9. I did Use Sonlight. I'd have to look back and see exactly how I did word it But I do think I listed it as Sonlight Core 100, and also put the Instructor's Guide as part of the materials. I did list the books, honestly I didn't list them all, I listed main ones. As other's have said they are looking for the main part, did you do a high school level quality course. We did do a coop class, I didn't list where the class took place just that this was the course, the text book, and that I was the teacher giving the grade. Except for the CC classes it wouldn't be worth the hoop jumping you would have to do for it. We also used Thinkwell for precal and it was accepted. I did list over the number of classes that they wanted, I didn't want to have to go back and add in more. I think I did 18 or so. I do think I made 2 transcripts I can't remember now.
  10. What are you doing for grades? Honestly I worked toward mastery for my boys. Yes your child will be competing against other students. I'm not saying give an inflated grade but what all are you grading for your child?
  11. I live in the area. Feb can be horribly miserable. June can be hot but never that hot, for the most part. I work hard to not turn my ac on until June 18th. There are hs discounts available at other times of year. Also you can walk around CW for free, and see some of the things too.
  12. I'm so sorry. I don't have lots of advice. Is it just the 2 siblings left? or do you have other siblings? I would say you can just say no to the gift exchange. I hate those thinge anyway. Say geez mom we all have too much why don't we use that money to give to charity. Christmas should be about family and the kids. We were never really close enough to family to worry about holidays at home. We did our own thing at our house. we did go when my youngest was 10 since we had never been at family at the holidays, it was not the WALTONS, we did not do it again, until my dad's health started going down and we did it a few years in a row but then the boys finally asked to stay home so we did. they were teens then.
  13. I did the NCAA for my swimmer boy. I do know the rules are changing so pay attention to that. I wouldn't pay anything until his junior year though. we used Sonlight curriculum, Apologia for Science, Abeka for LA and a few things of Thinkwell. I do think you need to be the grading teacher unless it is a Community College class, that makes it easier.
  14. I've only read one Not sure of the name and no it is not appropriate for children.
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