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  1. I don't feel like I need to provide a solution to a young woman who is demanding sani products for all for free because she is afraid she might at some point in the future accidentally be found without sanitary products and feels like it is her right to have them. I feel like that woman needs counseling at most and at best she should be politely ignored. Let us all forgive her for such asinine statements and hope that as the years go by she will mature into a woman who can take care of herself and her family. When asked by someone who was in need of tampons (either because of povert
  2. I've used W&R this year. We are getting writing instruction done. I like the content. I evaluate curriculum based on how clear it is, does it accomplish what I intend to teach, and the big plus comes if it makes me a better teacher. If it accomplishes those three things AND the children don't cry, cry, cry over it, it's a win. W&R books 1-2 are a win for us.
  3. After giving birth to my fourth child, I asked for tylenol. It was the weekend. I was told that they were out at the nurses station because the nurses had used it all for themselves and they couldn't get more because it was the weekend. All that to say, that when there is a supply of something, people take it thoughtlessly. That's what people do. It's free, it must be for me.
  4. You all need to go and read the students' letter. In the letter, they call the things they are asking for "demands." "The following pages detail our collective Demands, as well as Demands specific to each of our Centers and demographics. It is important to note that these are Demands, not simply requests or suggestions. These represent thoughtful, meaningful reforms that are necessary in order to affirm the expectation of safety and real life equity. Should these demands not be met or properly negotiated to our standards, we will mobilize our students.Additionally, we will inform prosp
  5. I read the article. If someone was making the argument saying, "Look, students here are struggling to make ends meet and providing tampons will not cost us a lot of money but can help a definite number of these students," that seems fine. I'm honestly struggling with the whole, "it's a right," thing. I went to a state park yesterday. Some of the bathrooms had toilet paper. Some didn't. Honest to betsy, I didn't feel like I had a right to toilet paper. I didn't even feel like I had the right to demand a kleenex from the pack-everything-extra friend who accompanied me. Howe
  6. I probably would have agreed that providing tampons for free should not be done, but when I hear Sparkly Unicorn's story, I am tempted to rethink. I've read a lot of her posts on the boards over the years and when someone who usually writes in a very even tempered way suddenly expresses great emotion about a personal life story, it's time to sit up and pay attention. I've had a person stop at my house and ask for help. I asked the lady what she wanted, and she said she wanted tampons. I gave her mine and we drove to the grocery store and got some other things. I haven't panicked ove
  7. When our school room was our dining room, I kept our larger flat items stored behind furniture--the large magnetic white board for instance. I also purchased a big laminated map that could be folded up. I found a book shelf with a glass door that allowed me storage, but didn't make things look cluttered. We kept the globe on top of it and I thought it looked nice. We also turned an old tv cabinet into school storage. The main thing you need to decide is if you want to see your school stuff or not. I didn't want to see it when our school room was our dining room. When we turned a be
  8. I look at the Brave Writer website and get really, really confused. I don't think I'm stupid, but I've been on it 4 times recently and just can't figure out what the deal is, why it costs so much, what to use for whom, etc. I'm in the same boat as the OP. We're finishing book 2 of Writing and Rhetoric this week and I need something for the rest of the year.
  9. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/588290-history-textbook-after-sotw/
  10. I've been using MUS with kids for 7 years with 6 kids. I feel like it has a lot of review. We've used it from Alpha to Algebra 2. I also throw in other math books for fun. There is one area that I supplement with some Math Mammoth, but overall, I feel like MUS has been a good. I think it's good to sit down and ask oneself if switching to a different style of curriculum is going to really be the thing that will help a kid remember certain algorithms or certain skills like telling time. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've explained area and perimeter. It's not the scop
  11. here's the deal about education--all one district or one state has to say to their constituents is, "Hey,SmartBrain Town is doing it. We better get on board too so we aren't left behind by the travails of the 21st century economy!!!!!!" And boom. It's done.
  12. I'm glad! So, because my husband is very short with a very short inseam, what I've found is that if I would shorten his pants they would still never look good on him because the proportions of the hips-knees would be off. Once we were able to find pants with short inseams and designed with better proportions for short guys, he looked so much better. Particularly for a professional cause, I think that anything that can be done to get that guy proportional pants is going to help him look better--and that can make a difference in confidence for a person. At any rate, it's been a po
  13. You should email them and ask for the actual waist measurement on the pants you want to order for your guy
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