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how much would you ask??

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We live in rural Nebraska. We have a queen sized mattress and box springs to sell. We have owned it for probably about 10 years, however, it has been a guest bed all 10 of those years has has hardly been slept on. It is a pillow top and is a nice mattress. I don't remember what we paid for it, but now we want to sell it...we hardly use it and we can make other arrangements when we do have company. But I don't know how much to ask...what would you be willing to pay...or what sort of price tag would you put on these? thanks for your input.

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As I understand, you usually cannot formally list a used mattress to sell anymore. However, we know people who have sold one informally, word-of-mouth, to friends or friends of friends. Maybe amongst "friends" -- at an agreed-on price, and from someone who somehow knows the buyer personally (so they can trust the state of the mattress) -- it's okay?


But even in that case, I really don't think you could ask more than $50, and if the buyer came and carried it out, they'd be doing you a favor. :) We just brought an old mattress to the dump and it cost $20 just to dump it!


I'd guess that most new mattress delivery places will pick up your old mattress.


Also, I do know of shelters, group homes, etc., that have been able to take used mattresses. You could perhaps donate it to a place like that.

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I wouldn't buy a used mattress.


Me either. Unless it was from a friend that I trusted to not have bed bugs!


I would suggest you put the word out to your friends....as far as price...I would pay $100 for a used set in good condition. dh and I just priced mattresses for his apartment and you can't get a decent set for less than about $400.

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I don't think it is flat-out illegal to sell a used mattress in any state. But, some states *do* require that used mattresses and bedding be sterilized before you sell it.


In NC, you actually have to be licensed to sell used mattresses, as it's not just sterlization (ie spray some Lysol on it) but they cook them at a very high heat apparently.


Not to say people don't still sell them at garage sales, perhaps even Craigslist. I would never buy one though...no telling the history on it (not yours specifically, but in general).


Personally, if I didn't really NEED the $$, I would just give it away. There's plenty of families that would really appreciate a good mattress, and just don't have the extra funds for it, especially this time of year. Good samaritan, and all, :).

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