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Update on me!

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i took a bit of a board break while quitting smoking (breaking my morning smoke routine) and that went well for over a month.


then came custody issues, including CPS involvement. So back to smoking. :glare:

my caseworker is pretty great, and paperwork should be finished quickly, though I hate that it will only read "unsubstantiated". :glare::glare:

Still, my oldest will be living with his father and going to school, basically repeating a year since high school is so emotional. @@ But this is what he wants... for now! i figure it's better to give him the experience now rather than cross this bridge in the middle of high school. Of course I'm devistated, but staying strong!


In the midst of that, I was diagnosed with "mild" fibromyalgia and simply told to sleep well and reduce stress. Uh huh. i do have a rheumatologist appointment for further investigation... in January. :glare:


Also, the baby has learned to walk. And run. So nothing's really easy 'round here, lol.


But now it's time to get myself back together, refocus on the girls' schooling, re-kick these cigarettes, and put my head and heart back together.


i hope to spend more time here while getting school back on track, but we'll see how things go! :)

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Glad to hear that you are hanging in there! :grouphug:


P.s. Side note... Are you going to try to go to the book sale next week? Let me know what day and maybe we can meet up. It is a crazy week for us and my daughter and I tend to not talk to many that week though because we have a system that we follow for the sale:001_smile:

Take care,


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