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Science experiment warning

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When an experiment calls for putting a few drops of extract into a balloon, do NOT use essential oil. It is not the same as a food grade extract and will cause the balloon to pop violently in your face and splash essential oil in your eye. It will burn.


Note to self: buy safety goggles as eye glasses did nothing to protect eye.

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My boys may have acquired new vocabulary words while my eye was burning in its socket.


It feels better now, and I have learned my lesson. Follow instructions exactly and do not substitute.



I'm glad that it feels better. My kids learned those same vocabulary words when I microwaved a slightly undone hardboiled egg. It exploded in my face when I bit into it. I had a burned lip and that area under my nose.

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Which oil did you use? I sincerely hope it was the least caustic one in your cabinet! How did you rinse it? Oil (olive, canola, whatever) and milk work best - if you haven't done it yet, you still might consider it, just to be sure you get all the residual oil out. BTDT with ds once - it was the single scariest thing I've experienced as a mom. I hope you are doing better now! :grouphug:

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