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My DH worked 12 hour shifts, overnight three says in a row (Fri, Sat, Sun). Umm, to sum it up, it was work for me too. The poor man would come home between shifts, say hi to the kids and I and then eat and go to bed. I tried to keep the kids quiet when we were home so he could sleep. It didn't help that the only bathroom is right next to the master bedroom. When he felt he had enought rest, he would try to come out and play with the kids before eating and going to work. The upshot was he had the other days off the hang with us and he did this for three weeks on, one week off. So, he had 9 days off in a row once a month. He got a new job in Sept, with "normal" hours and spends more time away from us. Even he wishes that he could go back.

We aren't exactly lovign this new job, but we are trusting God to lead us.

Good luck!

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My dh works 3rd shift (and has worked it on and off the better part of the last 10 years) with his current job he works 3rd shift 3-4 nights a week and he works 1-2 days 3 to 11. Its honestly not a bad set up. He goes to the gym sometimes after his shift and gets home around 9am then (the gym is at his work)


Our plan is he gets home between 8am-9am and he can supervise the kids getting up, making beds, eating breakfast etc. then we will do a family bible lesson then he goes up stairs and goes to bed around 10:30 and he rejoins us at dinner time. He is off Thursday & Friday so we will use those days to hit the hard subjects that he is good with (like grammar which I stink at) and to do some fun science experiments and such.


It's not ideal by any means but it works out well,I am not a morning person at all an its nice knowing that he can get the kids going on routines while I slowly get up.


I am not currently schooling but I have schooled my oldest when he was on this shift and it was really great at that time he would stay up until noon and do more than 1/2 of her schooling with her while I ran errands or did household chores.


Good luck to you guys :001_smile:


ETA: as far as keep the kids quite once my dh has been asleep for about 1/2 hour he is out aside from an explosion or me slapping the crud out of him nothing wakes him up. The master bedroom is on the 1st floor so he sleeps in the one of the kids rooms so we dont have to worry too much.

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My DH works 3rd shift, but his hours a bit different than your DH, and he has over an hour commute each way (for now anyway).


If he had the hours and commute yours has, I see that as perfectly really.


He is working while your children are in bed (I assume), so if you are up, that is YOUR time. Otherwise you get to go to bed too. So it's not like you are missing him then. If he is home then, wouldn't he be sleeping too?


Then during the day, he's sleeping while you are homeschooling, running to activities, doing whatever you would normally do if he was working a normal hour job. He can get up at 3 or 4p, and have the whole afternoon early evening with you guys. That is alot more time than many families get with DH.

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I work on call 7 on 7off from 4:30pm - 8:00 am. My kids when younger did school in the afternoon with me when I woke up.


They are now teens and do their own thing.


As far as family stuff I will come in a sleep a few hours and still go to church or afternoon hiking with my family.


The shift doesn't have to take away from family togetherness. You will have to change your expectations and reschedule your time


I can tell you with my situation. I chose the shift so I would be home during official school hours. I didn't want our home school questioned. This may of happen if I worked a day schedule and my teens were left at home without an adult.


Now my dh has a job where he is also on call 24/7 matter a fact he was called out of town at 3:00 am sunday morning and I haven't even heard from him since except a few word text:tongue_smilie:


We just look at our jobs as blessing and work family time around them

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Not quite the same, but for a time dh had a job where he worked 4 10-hour shifts a week. He worked close to home, but his hours were something like 3:30 am - 2 pm (30 min lunch). It was tough on him because even though he's a morning person 3 am is still night IYKWIM. And on his work days he had very little time to be with the kids before he had to go to bed. Thankfully for us it lasted only 6 months.


Back in college I had a summer job where I worked 3rd shift. One woman on my shift purposely chose to work 3rd shift so she could sleep while the kids were in school and be up when they came home. Then she worked while they slept. This eliminated their need for childcare as her dh worked 1st shift, and they were able to be together during those evening hours.


I hope your family finds a good flow to your days that works for you.

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Not familiar with the schedule you are going to have to deal with, but I would be crying tears of joy if my dh got a job he loved even it meant horrible hours, low pay, etc. He has been working at the USPS for over 25 years and they've pretty much sapped the life right out of him. He hates his job but never complains and in my book he is a hero because he faithfully works there day in, day out without whining just so he can take care of us. After he leaves that job, he spends the next 5-6 hours cleaning doctors' offices and gets home each night between 9-10. The stress of his job now is so high, I fear for his health big time. I'd be overjoyed just to know that he had a job he didn't dread going to and honestly, I wouldn't care what the hours were.


Sorry, I'm no help, am I? My advice is to just wait until it is actually upon you and then see how it goes. Try not to worry too much ahead of time - it doesn't accomplish anything but does cause you unnecessary stress. I bet once you get into the swing of it, it won't be as bad as you imagine.


My bil worked the 3-11 shift for GPO and they homeschooled. Not the same shift, I know, but it was out of kilter with everyone else they knew. Still, I think he got to spend more time with his kids that way. Maybe it will work for your advantage to have odd hours.

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:grouphug: At least it's a steady shift? My dh's job is swing shift. One week he works day (7-3), the next is night (11-7), and the next is afternoon (3-11). Then the whole thing starts over again. It's a bit of a pain, but he really likes this job and it's way less stressful than his last one. Plus the pay is better and there are more chances for advancement. So we're dealing with it and enjoying the time we have with him.

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Sleeping with the little tiny earplugs may help, then it would block out some of the noise and you guys would not have to be as quiet. They take a while to get used to, but they are really helpful once you get used to falling asleep with them.


It sounds like it will be better for everyone once you figure out how to work things out around the new schedule.

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When my husband had a job that kept him from home A LOT, I finally had to "pretend" that I was a single mom until he was home and able to help. That actually really helped my sanity. Your husband needs your encouragement, my friend. And NONE of us, husbands or wives, wants to stay in a job we loathe. Two years seems like a long time to you right now but it's really not. Think about what's happened in your life in the last two years. And how fast the time really went.


You said he'd had 3rd shift before but it was a different time in your life. I'm thinking that other than this job time shift, other things are better in your life right now, including housing? Keep that in mind, too.


I completely understand your husbands desire for this job and his willingness to take "whatever he can get". I've been trying for a couple of years now to get some sort of DoD or federal job, to no avail. I don't blame your husband for being thrilled about getting his "foot in the door." I'd be ecstatic!



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So, does anyone have recommendations for where to get noise reducing curtains?


We had some friends who wanted to reduce the sound level coming from their basement. The just taped a foam pad to the inside of the basement door. I think it was the thick kind used for cushions, maybe about 2" thick. Or was it insulation? Now I'm not sure. It did make a difference, though.

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BTDT --- it is not as bad as it seems.


Walmart sells some black out curtains that are $11-28. Those help alot.


Also you could make some draft stoppers for the door. Just sew a long "tube" and fill with rice. Put this down at the bottom of the door. Helps block out a little more sound coming from under the door.


A box fan in the room will help drown out some noise too.

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