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  1. I haven't even been lurking much lately. My dd and I have decided that this is her last year homeschooling. She's going to do cyber school next year.

  2. Problems with the holster was mentioned a lot in the Amazon reviews I read. I'm not sure I would actually use that part, but it's good to know it doesn't have to be the issue it was made out to be.
  3. Thanks for the link! I did just a little looking around, but I like it. My dh, on the other hand, probably won't. :001_smile:
  4. I just got this on Saturday (and love it so far). But I'm having trouble finding a case. All the ones on Amazon I've looked at seem to have major flaws/issues on the S4, even the Otterbox ones. So does anyone with a S4 have a particular case you could recommend? I'm looking mainly for protection, but something available in purple would be a bonus! :D
  5. My dd wants to be a child psychologist. She has a strong interest in the entire field and is fascinated by the human mind. We've already started trying to figure out which universities have the best undergraduate psychology programs so she can investigate their websites and narrow down the list.
  6. Dd is starting her 9th year of dance after Labor Day. For her it's strictly recreational. She loves to dance, but her career plans are in another direction. This year she taking her usuals: ballet, jazz, and lyrical. She wants to do pointe as well, but we don't know yet if there are enough for the class. She's not worried about it, though. If not this year than she'll do it next year. She is planning to be a student helper this year; she wants to work with the little ones just starting out in ballet and jazz. She gets a credit for each hour worked toward her own classes, which will certainly help out! .
  7. My dd learned to write cursive using HWT. She could read that because the letters were, as she put it, "clearer" to her. She cannot read most other cursive, though, because she has synesthesia and the colors blend together, making it difficult or impossible for her to decipher them. We didn't even know she had it until just 2 years ago. Little things she'd said over the years finally started adding up and we made the connection. Our situation makes me wonder if other kids who can't read cursive could have similar issues.
  8. Purple, most shades, really, but my absolute favorite is a true purple, with equal amounts of red and blue.
  9. I'm not telling my dd about that cutout...she might start getting ideas! I don't think your dd will be disappointed at all, it was a wonderful show and TS is so down to earth and friendly. Though I do hope TS doesn't have any mishaps at your show. She chipped a tooth at ours during the "I Knew You Were Trouble" song.
  10. :hurray: :w00t: :D Thank you!!!!!
  11. Someone has probably already posted about this, but why can't I format my posts or add smileys?
  12. My dd would have loved to have been that close. Alas, the budget couldn't handle the price. :sad: Maybe on her next tour.
  13. We went to the Taylor Swift Red Tour in Pittsburgh last night. It was amazing! She puts on a great show. I know there are plenty of people who don't like her, but my dd loves her music and was giddy through the whole concert.
  14. We just finished AoA earlier this month and there really isn't anything overtly non-secular. There were a couple of examples that made my dd and I cringe a little due to some slight bias, but they did lead to some great discussions. :D The basic information on the fallacies was quite good and we learned a lot!
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