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  1. Knowledge Box also has an Olympics lap book study that is available on Currclick for $1. Sorry, I can't link it on the iPad.

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    I am looking for the following things for the Fall. Please let me know if you have any of these that you are willing to part with, condition, price with shipping, and forms of payment accepted. Photos would be a plus! Lessons in Responsibility for Boys, volume 2 (Volume 1 is pending!) Life in Ancient Greece coloring book (Dover) Life in Ancient Rome coloring book (Dover) Logic Countdown Logic Safari Book 1 Lollipop Logic Book 2 Rod and Staff Spelling Student book, Grade 4 IEW Structure and Style Overview DVD Christian Light Education (CLE) Math Lightunits 101-110 (pending) CLE My Counting Book CLE Laminated Counting Chart Student Clock with Gears CLE Elementary Reference Chart, Grades 2-6, (or other higher grades as well) CLE Multiplication and Division Cards Thanks!


  3. I love these and can't share them enough (I hope the author doesn't mind that I share the link to her blog. She is just FABULOUS to share them all with us!): SOTW 2 timeline and other goodies
  4. I am also interested. I have asked others in the past, and I get blank stares from locals. I explain, and then run for the hills! Anyhoo, let me know...
  5. K12 literature? Not sure if that is in the vein of what you are looking for. I will be using it for fourth grade next year. I think the mom on here (i think her real name is Chelli) with the Planted Trees blog could tell you more about it. I remember her saying that she and her DD have really enjoyed it for 3rd grade. Sorry, I just don't know her screen name on here. If interested in it, do a k12 literature search on the K-8 forum.
  6. ok, not to be a thread hogger... The link in her blog to download them is to 4shared. You click on the download link (to the left of Share With Friends) in the rectangle that houses the picture of the first card. Then another window comes through and you click on the Free Download that is under a square that says Waiting Time 20 seconds. You will have to now sign up for a free account with 4shared, but I have never gotten any spam from them. I hope this makes sense. I don't know how to do screen shots to show what I am trying to explain on clicking on. PM me if you need help, or I co
  7. The Lizards and Ladybugs blog was shut down and the same nice lady has a new blog that I linked: Tending Our Lords Garden. She is WONDERFUL to share her hard work with us all!
  8. Here That could be what you are looking for. I linked SOTW1, but she has 2 and 3 done as well.
  9. Another vote for the inexpensive Scotch Laminator. Been using it for three years now and going strong!
  10. Not sure if this website will help or not... http://www.k12reader.com/first-grade-spelling-words/
  11. There is the Story of the USA, but it is more comprehension based with questions. The chapters are short and there are only four books. They are in workbook format. Might not be what you are looking for, but I thought I would mention it. ETA:There are teacher guides to these as well.
  12. We had a great year last year with it! Hoping to do. With DD when she is in second grade!
  13. exodusbooks.com homeschoolclassifieds.com amazon.com half.com abebooks.com vegsource.com/homeschool ebay.com craigslist homeschoolbooksforless.com homeeducatorsresource.com I will add more as I remember them. betterworldbooks.com For a while now, they have a 3/$10 for bargain books. Each additional book is $3 more. Must be in the bargain bin though. They once sent me a book that was not in the condition stated, and they promptly refunded me my money for that book. Great customer service!
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