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  1. swelling of lower extremities without shortness of breath could be kidney issues but you mention intestinal issues if you had a large hernia/mass or something preventing adequate circulation in you legs then swelling would be a symptom My concern is the shortness of breath and swelling is almost always a cardiovascular issues. The aorta is in the abdominal region so if your intestinal issues are putting pressure on the aorta this could be leading to the shortness of breath and swelling. I would contact your surgeon most likely they would want to do a cardio work up before surgery i
  2. I have a facebook with NO friends. I am part of several fitness women health groups. I follow all types of news, local events stuff like that. So I have a big news feed. I use my real name but ZERO other information. I have gotten no friends request. I occasionally will get friend recommendations from my groups. I'm pretty much anonymous as I want to be. I guess I could of used a fake name LOL I had a real facebook with friends and didn't like the brag, gossip, and general high school "look how great my life is or I'm so passive aggressively begging you to pay attendtion to m
  3. It depends on the relationship. 45 min is nothing to rural folks I drive that one way to work. I take care of my mom but we are not best friends and have nothing in common. I go see her once a month and she is 45 min away. She actually lives close to my work. She is a extrovert, hyper girly and i'm introvert, nerdy, remodels houses. Yeah guy stuff LOL. She has never done anything masculine kwim. . I hate everything she likes LOL. She is more like my sister. My sister lives 15 min from her but I actually see mom more than her. My sister and her are alike except sister is selfish narci
  4. I'm not sure how young you are but usually peoples income and lifestyle move up as they age. I know the recession and other stuff can change that but normally we get more finically stable as we age. In my 20's I'm sure I could relate to you more but a rural version of poor. I got married at 20. We grew our own vegetable, my dh hunted deer and fished for our meats. We lived in a trailer. I didn't go ta movie, go on vacation, go out to eat. I had to count quarters just to get a McDonald 6 nugget meal. all our clothes came from a thrift store or I made stuff from Walmart fabric. W
  5. I did the same last year when my dad died. I live in the southeast and a granite double size for both parents with both names /birth and my dads death and also a etched church road scene cost 1300.00. There were less expensive option but my mom was adamant she wanted this for her and dad. Sorry for your families loss.
  6. My dh has had the short beard for 20 years cause I like it. Plus he is the type of guy that had to shave twice a day for clean cut. The first 10 years we were together he had the 80's mustache. He would not get rid of the dang thing. The beard is a wonderful improvement LOL I do not like the now popular full bushing long beard that looks like pelvic hair. It just looks unkempt nasty. As for women hairless bikini areas it seems to me the generation around 10 years younger than me. I'm 48 and been seeing the bare ladies young teen now almost 40 in the hospital. The generation has age
  7. the switch was during the election year for the first Obama administration. Lots of drama ugly politics. I actually like talking politics but people on here had thin skins everyone was reporting everyone else's post so Susan ban on political talk. It was a very smooth transition to this forum. the following link shows you the old board Nov 30 07 https://web.archive.org/web/20071202171901/http://wtmboards.com:80/HSboardNov202007/
  8. I've had a front load large capacity whirlpool duet for a decade. I live on farm/lake lots of red clay and muddy kids and it got it all clean. Now the same washer cleans clothes of a mechanic, firefighter and our farms dirt. I also love the sanitizing cycle for my scrubs. I'm also on hard well water. I found that its the detergent that does the cleaning. I use a powder detergent and add Clorox to white and a Clorox 2 to all color loads. The fire clothes sometimes have to be washed twice but that's expected. The traditional washer have a hard time getting out smoke smells The mac
  9. I totally understand your apprehension.. I'm like this regarding a endoscopy and colonoscopy. The are uncomfortable, embarrassing, invasive procedures. My dad died of colon cancer last year and my mom had stomach cancer 6 years ago. So with the history its time for preventative looks. I've been trying to motivate myself up for it but keep putting it off. So I totally understand .
  10. nm I'm sorry about your dh's charges. I spend quite a few nights along and worried with young kids when my dh was manic. I'm wish I had great words of wisdom.
  11. http://fox4kc.com/2018/02/06/mom-says-teens-hair-was-chopped-off-as-punishment-2-firefighters-under-investigation/ A local news source says video is being investigated. They tried to contact the mom with no response A professional hairdresser not the one doing the cut comment that it looked like a bad cut and a 3rd party was involved in this "who ever cut the hair" was at fault also.
  12. Your mom was a piece or work I'm so sorry. She a naracisitic control person. I can't imagine a professional gving a haircut to someoon crying unless its a toddler. My youngest son hated haircuts and after a few disaster at salon. I started cutting at home. Just sorry. I chose a short cut one time in 4th grade and then cried I hated it. Hugs!! those childhood triggers. I've got a few of my own
  13. if its true and not a divorce mom getting using daughter for revenge the dad/stepmom. It not consider abuse but very humiliating. I'm a long hair women and would be devastated to have short hair unless it was saving my life (like chemo treatment) So I hope it was the girls decision although honestly it doesn't look any haircut a teen girl would choose so there is a case that the father did order the haircut and the step mom did the haircut. I can't imagine a professional cutting a girls hair against her will
  14. I've walk the journey you and your husband are on with my own dh. My dh has been in remission 20 years now. So prayers and encouragement!! I had young children when my dh was sick so I know the extra stress and how scared you both are. I just wanted to give you hope. We had good weeks and bad. There were scares and celebrations. then there was Peace and Healing. I pray that for your dh and family
  15. I was raised boiling it. pan full of water with a large red diamond tea bag, then put in pitcher and fill with 1 cup sugar and tap water. My MIL still makes it that way. My mother was from Miami when she moved hear in 1968 and my grandma taught her this method. My mom would leave the tea bag in. yes her tea of potent LOL Its a very strong bitter tea compared to other methods. Once I started making money and trying different in southern restaurant I went to the this method bring pan of water to boil/pour over tea bags, seep tea bags for 5 min, add cup of sugar and water. I
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