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Favorite apps for your iPad

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Thank you so much!


I have Angry Birds on my Palm Pixi so dh already had that one downloaded onto my iPad when he gave it to me. My 5yo is almost better at it than I am.;)


I have a free day tomorrow and I will be curled up cruising all of these suggestions on my new toy.:D

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Ronette, if you need to read PDFs (a lot of Google Books and educational materials come in this format) the app called "Goodreader" is a "must have."


iBooks now supports PDFs (and it is free) but for 99 cents Goodreader is way better.


On that topic, WTM member "Stripe" has linked to the PDFs of the national textbooks put out by the Indian Government, I believe it is "NCERT". These files are at Note Monk and there is also an NCERT site, but the last time I downloaded there the files were "watermarked."


Anyway, I find the math and English books very charming, and they look smashing on the iPad. The whole kit-and-caboodle is there through High School:Physics, Economics, etc.



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